Why Macs are Shit

I’ve been using computers since I was about six years old. My first was an Amiga 500+. I had a lot of fun on that machine, dying on Wing Commander then having to insert a new floppy disk in order to witness my own casket being blasted out into space as part of a futuristic funerary rite.

When PCs came along, they were great. I actually had to type stuff for anything to happen. On Windows 3.1, I remember using a combination of Windows Resource Toolkit and LView Pro to change all the backs of the Solitaire cards to images of Pamela Anderson’s vagina.

When Windows 95 came along, this was the turning point whereby anyone with an IQ lower than 110 could suddenly use computers. That was a bad idea, since making things easier for people necessarily lowers intelligence in the long run (just look at socialism as a prime example). The good news was that CD writers still cost about £300 each so, as the only middle-class kid at my school, and therefore the only person whose family could afford both a CD writer and a 56K modem, I was the only one who could download and distribute hardcore pornography — for a price.

In a short space of time, I became a PC “power user” — more time was spent on the keyboard than the mouse, as Windows has intuitive shortcut keys for practically every action imaginable. Using a PC was more akin to playing an instrument than operating a computer. Symphonies could be written and art practically built itself.

When I seriously asked “those in the know” (derision implied) why Macs were better, I tended to receive the following kinds of answers:

  • “Macs are more stable”
  • “Macs don’t crash”
  • “Macs can’t get viruses”
  • “Macs are better for design”

Knowing the first three were utter shite (no computer is particularly stable or resilient to viruses), I was nevertheless still intrigued by this idea that Macs were somehow better for design — yet nobody could tell me specifically why. I had been designing both graphics and websites very well on PCs up to that date and could not really see how some other computer, a Mac, could do a better job than the one I was already doing.

About two months ago I got a job as a web and graphic designer at a company where I have to use a Mac.

It is now two months in and, if things were going to get better, they already would have. I am a fast learner and one thing I can do above all else is create systems of efficiency in the use of devices. The fact that things have barely got better at all — and, in real terms, that my work rate has suffered significantly — suggests to me that Macs may have some real fundamental problems.

The first thing is the file system. You navigate around a Mac using an interface called “Finder”. Finder is bizarre. There are so many basic problems with Finder that I would have to sit here for an hour using it in order to begin documenting them, but I’d rather blow my own brains out. So here instead is a short list off the top of my head:

  • When a file is selected, hitting the Enter key does not open it — it renames it. Yes, you read that right. It renames it. To open the file, you have to hit Command+O. Remember, I am a power user. I expect things to work intuitively. Everything about a Mac seems to be my idea of intuitiveness, inverted.
  • You can copy a folder (Command+C) then paste it elsewhere (Command+V). However, there is no “cut”, so you have to go back and delete the original once the copy is complete.
  • If you have a window open in List view and are a few folders deep, then copy a file by hitting Command+C, Command+V, it will copy the new file to the top of the tree — i.e. not the folder you are currently working in. Example: Let’s say you are in List view and you have the following file selected: “Hard drive > lemonparty.org > old man 1 pics > enhanced genital view > erection-experimental-pixel-enhance1.jpg” and you hit Command+C, Command+V to duplicate it. Instead of duplicating in the folder the source file is in, it would put the new copy at the top of the tree (e.g. Hard drive). To get around this, you would have to right-click the source file and select Duplicate — which has no fucking shortcut key.

There are just some of the basic fuck-ups of Finder. I can quite honestly say that 90% of my most simple expectations when it comes to functionality in Finder are not implemented. Not only are they not implemented, but something bizarre will tend to happen instead.

Now, on to some other points about the Mac interface:

  • The screen is huge but gets cluttered easily. On Windows 7+, you can dock a window by dragging it to the far side of the monitor, where it will resize and stick. It’s a beautiful feature. On a Mac, you have to carefully put stuff where you think you might not end up shoving something on top of it later — which you almost certainly will. The result of using a Mac is that the screen could be the size of a football field but you’d still find a way to turn it into a Mongolian clusterfuck within a few minutes.
  • The windows system sucks. Let’s say I have a Chrome window open with 7 tabs, and another Chrome window open with 3 tabs. On a PC, you just Alt+Tab to the correct Chrome icon and find the window you want. On Mac, there is just one Chrome icon in the list. You land on that, then have to hit Command+~ to cycle through the Chrome windows. Everything on this operating system is geared for waste. If something takes 2 hot keys on Windows, it takes between 4 and 8 on a Mac. That’s the God’s honest truth. If you aren’t aware of this waste, you’re not a power user. And you probably think Macs are good, because you don’t have what it takes to be fast and efficient with your device.
  • Files get inexplicably locked. Want to delete something? “File X is still open” (even though it’s not). Sometimes only a reboot will fix that. At least on later versions of Windows the program using that file would be reported to you so you could deal with it.

Now let’s talk about Mac programs:

  • Received 8 file attachments in one email on Mac Outlook 10? Just select them all then drag them into a Finder window to save them, right? Wrong. Despite all files being selected in Outlook, mouse-dragging them will only actually drag the first file the mouse cursor is placed on. This is just one of those things that makes you think, Nothing works on Mac. Nothing works. You have to drag them all individually or do a Save All. If you do a Save All, finding your way through your computer’s directory structure is a massive nightmare — something I should have covered in the Finder section of this rant. On a PC, you can click onto the target window, copy the path from the address bar, then paste that into the save screen of the program whose files you are saving. You can’t do this with Mac. You have to manually click through shit to find your target save location. Nothing works.
  • Adobe Creative Suite seems to have been developed on a PC. If you look at each tool in the various programs, they have hotkeys written next to them. For example, in Photoshop, to get the canvas back to 100% size, you just have to press Ctrl+0. On the Mac, the advertised shortcut key for the same feature is just the “n” key. No. That doesn’t work. Instead you have to double-click the zoom tool. Then you are on the zoom tool and need to click back to the tool you actually wanted to use. Three steps instead of one. Nothing works. This is highly typical of Macs.
  • To take a screenshot on a PC, guess what the key is? You won’t believe it. 🙂 Man, it’s complex. Are you ready for this? Oh god, here it is: PrintScreen.
    Do you know what the same function is on a Mac? Oh, it’s a piece of a cake. You barely need to remember it at all. It’s just: Command + Ctrl + Shift + 3. That’s all there is to it! What were you worried about? Macs are so simple to use, didn’t you know!

This is just a handful, the first tranche of bullshit I could think of off the top of my head, which makes using Macs some sort of slow Sisyphean task.

Now let’s talk Mac OSX updates:

  • They release these quite frequently and you just click a button to install them. The latest one I believe is called El Capitan or something else “wacky”. The previous was called Yosemite. My colleague, a graphic designer, upgraded to El Capitan (since it hounds you to do so). It fucked up InDesign completely. The operating system itself absolutely destroyed a previously stable program. IT had to come down and reformat his machine and put it back to Yosemite. Thanks Mac, you’re so stable and robust! What would we do without you?

Let’s talk hardware:

  • Some paedophile provided myself and the other designers with the ultracondensed “elite” Mac keyboards. These things are about 8 inches wide and 4 inches high. They are also wireless, meaning they connect to other people’s machines unintentionally from time to time, because Mac’s philosophy is that “if it’s new, it’s better, even it’s a step back into the Dark Ages”. The batteries on these things last a couple of weeks and we have wall racks of chargers priming up new batteries for these colossal wastes of time. That’s not the worst thing. The worst thing is that these ultra-compact keyboard things that look like Michael J. Fox should be skating on them in Back to the Future 2 only have about 3 buttons on them apiece. There’s no Page Up or Page Down. There isn’t even a Delete key. To press Delete, you have to hold down the function button (“Fn”) while pressing Backspace. Archetypal new technology: One step forward (it looks cool, if you’re impressed by things getting smaller and more difficult to hold); two steps back (you literally have to press two keys in order to commit the same function of just one key on the previous model). These things remind me of iPhone keypads: you try and text, and no matter how carefully you press the buttons you still end up writing “siiiiihmsd” then relying on autocorrect to change it to “I want to rape you”.

I am now two months in to using a Mac on this job and, if things were going to have improved, they would have by now. Instead, progress has been minimal. For your average humanoid, this would not be surprising. They’d be loving their “cool, new Mac! Look how sleek it is!” However, this is coming from someone who can play the Sonata Pathétique (1st movement) from memory. Learning, efficiency, efficacy and flair are my calling cards. My conclusion is that Macs are shit — and that anyone who claims otherwise is simply not very good at using computers anyway. After all, this is humanity, and the bar is low.

To round it off, here is a video expressing some of my views on Macs:

And I will reiterate the key message of this post:

If someone thinks Macs are better than PCs, it’s because they aren’t very good at computers anyway.

Like politics, I believe you need to have reached a certain level of skill, maturity, understanding, and cognitive capacity before you are even allowed an opinion on whether X is better than Y. Until then, you can talk, but it’s best for everyone if you understand on some level that you’re talking crap.

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71 Responses

  1. Nick says:

    Apple are masters at marketing. It really is extraordinary, how customers are prepared to pay so much for such over hyped equipment. Several years ago, the new iPhone had a design fault. Holding the phone in the normal fashion, prevented the phone picking up a signal. Apple quickly came up with a fix, which they charged for!!!!! For most home use I’d rather use a Chromebook. Likewise I’ve always stuck with PC’s.

  2. Vick says:

    It’s almost like Apple are trolling.
    Releasing shitty overpriced products while claiming they are luxurious and top of the line, and then sitting and watching people rave about how superior their macs and iphones are.

    I tried using an iphone a few times and always got annoyed by the interface, it just feels wrong.

    • Matt Turner says:

      I can’t even begin to describe how true this article is. Im a graphic designer who prefers the efficiency and cost effective power of a PC. I’ve been forced to use a MAC this week and the ridiculousness of some of their decisions for even the most fundamental things are laughable. I’m thinking “how can they think that is OK?!” alot.

  3. Bliss says:

    I agree with the general sentiment of over hype of apple products. You can do pretty much everything on a PC that you can do on a Mac and PCs are more customisable (which has it’s downfalls too). The four marketing points (that I believe we’re even advertised by Apple at one point) are misleading:





    But a lot of the rest of this is factually incorrect or biased. It’s definitely annoying to not have things where you expect them and I agree with the fact that pressing two or three shortcut keys instead of one can be annoying. However, I do think that your 20 plus years of using Windows skews your views on how intuitive something is. For instance the list of problems you have with finder are all incorrect you can cut, duplicate and there are several other types of screenshot that are better than a single hotkey.

    To cut simply copy with command + c as usual but then hold alt + command + v when pasting and it “moves the folder” rather than copying.

    Duplicate is command + d last time
    I checked

    And instead of print screen (shift + command + 3) there are other time saving print screens like shift + command + 4 which takes a screenshot of a selection of the screen.

    There are also a lot of hot keys for navigating Windows too. Command and tab is like alt tab then there are other ways to cycle through windows of a particular application, which I can’t remember off of the top of my head.

    After spending a little time getting used to the customs and standards of macs you will find that the hot keys are often intuitive without looking them up, which is a learning curve you probably went through with Windows back in the day. In fact when I go back to my Windows laptop rather than my Mac computers I find them more difficult to operate now (even though I grew up using Windows all the time).

    • Illuminatus says:

      Command+D reformats the hard drive and pressing spacebar engages the cloaking device so it can never be found.

      You’ve made a powerful enemy today.

  4. Blink says:

    Why is being able to memorize Beethoven special?

    • Illuminatus says:

      Well it’s thousands of notes memorized and played in rapid succession using ten fingers. I guess it depends on your threshold for “special”.

      I was in a rather facetious mood when writing this article anyway; I wouldn’t pay too much attention to it. 🙂

  5. O'Brien says:

    It’s quite special.

  6. Johannes Bols says:

    For ONCE I can remain silent! What needed to be said has been said and that’s that. A friend has the same experience as you, he’s forced to work on a Mac and says the exact same thing. I’m not an actuary, but I’ve not heard one good word from Mac users for years. So, what this tells me is that Mac, once the shining star of hope, has cracked, is fading, & will turn cold. Exactly when the Blessed Event happens, your guess is as good as mine. But like a child who looks forward to Christmas morning all the year, I await Mac’s entry into Chapter 11 w⁄the same sweet fervour.

  7. MacSucksgoatBalls says:

    “If someone thinks Macs are better than PCs, it’s because they aren’t very good at computers anyway.”

    This deserves a slow clapp .gif!

  8. Don says:

    Every year or two, I go back and try an IOS/Mac device for a week or two… I think to myself… it will be like Linux, except with better software support… (I’ve been off of Windows for a few years now as I am a PHP developer) …While I still wish I had official versions of MS Office/Skype for Business on my Linux computers, that is one of the very few advantages. I really hate it’s UI/UX. Here is my list of whats better on a Mac vs Linux.
    1. MS Office App support
    2. Touchpad Getures
    3. Admittedly the iMessage/Facetime integrations with an iPhone are pretty nice.
    4. DRM content all plays nice in a browser (PS Vue, etc).
    5. iTunes (If you’re in that ecosystem)

    What’s worse? Well… EVERYTHING else. Mac’s are not good. I’d much rather use a Linux, Windows, or Chromebook machine.

  9. Mike Stroven says:

    Clueless sacks. I’ve been a PC hardware developer, BIOS developer, OS Kernel driver developer, and video hardware driver developer. I have used Unix, OS 2, Novell, and every flavor of windows. I prefer the Android OS to iOS, but there is simply no comparison between windows and Mac OS X. The fact that it is BSD Unix under the hood makes it all the more desireable for a stability stand-point. Get a clue fanboys.

  10. Martok says:

    Yeahhhh. Was forced into a touch-bar Mac Book Pro for work. I’m coming from a Linux background, mostly Ubuntu. Virtually, all the same issues you note, but a few more.

    * I rely on the terminal and weird keyboard commands to use tools like ‘screen’ and ‘vim’. The Mac keyboard suffers from a similar problem of Lenovo laptop keyboards where ‘fn’, and ‘control’ are reversed. In the Lenovo, you can enter the BIOS and fix this easily. On the Mac, Ha!
    * ‘Command-C’, ‘Command-V’ is super physically awkward for my hands to type. I have to lift my hands off the keyboard, away from home run to accomplish this. ‘Ctrl-C’, ‘Ctrl-V’ (when ctrl is in the proper far left position), I barely move my hand from home-row. Conclusion: Mac’s are geared towards ‘hunt-and-peck’ typists.
    * The Mac Book Pro is a nice hefty laptop with a nice screen, but the keyboard is utter garbage. I’ve had this laptop for 3 weeks and the ‘u’ key no longer responds properly, requiring twice the force of other keys and leading to mis-types. I expect that level of quality from a sub $200 acer, not a plus $2000 ultimate piece of computing hardware.
    * I’ve been force-fed crappy Windows laptops and asked to perform real-work in the past. Solution: dual-boot or HDD swap and drop on a real dev environment, aka Linux. Touch bar Mac is not Linux compatible.
    * Furthermore, the HDD is literally soldered onto the motherboard. Forced obsolesence at it’s best here.
    * USB-C only means DONGLES DONGLES everywhere.

    My solution: I went on ebay, bought a $400 2 year old Dell Latitude 14″ that has the same processor specs, same amount of RAM, superior keyboard, and ever so slightly larger screen. It fits into a $20 docking station where I can run 3 screens, keys are in the right locations, I can run whatever OS I want, and it even works with all my peripherals with no dongles!


  11. Arthur Askey says:

    I’m with Illuminatus – I’ve had an old G3 and an iMac – both seductive pieces of kit, but I got so frustrated with A) crashes using Cubase with the first one and B) the growing realisation that the whole interface and navigation was shit, that now I will stick with PCs till I rot.
    Little things like cutting a file from one folder (I prefer Ctrl-X but perfectly happy with Right click and down) then going to a folder where you want it – but THEN realising ah, I need a sub-folder here, so what do you do? Right-click and New Folder – in you go with your Ctrl-V – job done.
    Try that on a Mac.
    And I have to use an iPhone for work, but always go for Samsung for my personal phone. Why the arse doesn’t IOS know how to ‘swipe text’?
    And where’s the fucking back-button?
    Set of cunts.
    Print screen? Best thing ever. Open up Fastone Viewer or other open-source photo app ,ctrl-V, return – voila: within three clicks you’ve gone from one screen, to editing it in a different screen.
    I work for a magazine and the editorial and design guys need their Macs, which I wouldn’t deny – but for average user-experience – bollocks to Apple:)

  12. Toby Stewart says:

    This issue has been changing over the years, as the various competitors innovated their products. I’m an old man who bought his first computer in 1991 (a mac) and who has programmed for the mac, for PC, for Android and various unix based micro controller environments.

    It has been like this:

    In the early days you needed a mac if you couldn’t work from the command line. Apple had the WYSIWYG interface first.

    Then came windows. Suddenly, you could have your WISYWYG and actually use some variety of software at the same time. As windows dominated, the efficiencies of scale in widespread production meant the bang for buck in component performance massively outstripped Apple. Exeunt Steve Jobs stage left, to go work at Pixar and devise the NEXT platform. At this time (when I bought my first mac) you just had to get a PC or you were a fool.

    Then came the virus revolution, where restarting your PC every 12 minutes was normal. Suddenly, Macs were hugely productive simply because they worked. You still needed a PC if you used any software beyond word processing, but macs had a place. With Next and the Unix kernel, they were without doubt a superior design, conception and product. Steve Jobs could make a product, yo.

    Then Steve Jobs died and the company went bad. Current macs are pathetic machines. They don’t work, they crash, they complain, they tell you what to do. From great height. They work for the CIA and LGBT political fringe. Meanwhile, PCs have sorted their issues and you can build amazingly capable machines for very little money. They are great again.

    Soon unix will dominate as software vendors realize that platform is now a genuine choice, and folks like choice.

    • Illuminatus says:

      Can I ask how people are finding this article? Despite being a meditation site this is one of my most trafficked.

      Google Analytics is frustratingly sparse on sources, with something like “not provided” showing for most keywords.

      While we’re on that topic, does anyone know their way around Analytics? I don’t use it very much, and since they changed it all up a few years ago I find it fairly incomprehensible. E.g. how would I go about these two tasks?

      1) Find out how people are finding this article, https://www.personalpowermeditation.com/why-macs-are-shit/

      2) I had a spike in traffic on 1st September. How do I find out why? There used to be something called “Intelligence Events” that would shoot up a load of data about that day but I can’t find that anywhere. What I would really like is a feature that just says, “You got more traffic on this day and here is why”.

      Am I the only one who thinks Google totally screwed up Analytics? I used to find my way around just fine for the most part.

      • JLynne says:

        Don’t know if this helps. Perhaps you can glean something from an everyday user. I use multiple search engines to find the results I’m after an no specific search operators to narrow results other than date ranges.

        I found this article from Startpage (mostly google based, I hear) by typing “APPLE OS X SUCKS” with caps on. Your article was about 7th down in results. I use ad blockers, Privacy Badger consistently but nothing too complicated. If a site cock blocks my ad blocker I reload and quickly extract it with a reader if possible.

        Regarding Google searches; most of my web searches involve science, how to, history, product reviews and pricing. These days pure Google results are 99% commercial and useless for research purposes.

        Recently I was in the market for a portable jump starter. I found better information about product reliability by searching from within specific forums; auto towing companies, camping, van dwellers, how to repair, etc… The majority of Google product review sites were obviously compiled directly from Amazon’s statistical trash and designed to imply some independent thought was involved.

        BTW I’m using a Macbook that was given to me over 10 years ago. Before that I was a windows user and still spend more time researching how to accomplish a task on the Mac.

        It might be easier if I used some cloud based interfaces or vendor specific applications. But I refuse to risk having Google or Apple drop a platform and force an inferior upgrade my still functioning system can’t handle. I use older desktop software or freeware and will continue until my printers or computers can’t be repaired. I’m using a 2006, 64bit 13” Intel Macbook white with maxed out ram. Hanging on by a thread!

      • TT says:

        I googled “macs are shit” after an update caused Jupyter notebook to stop working. This was the first hit

      • dustinechoes849 says:

        Under ‘Related Subreddits’ on r/thinkpad:
        /r/MacBook <– if you like that sort of thing

        it links to this article

  13. Arthur Askey says:

    Can’t help you with the Analytics question, but I found you by Googling something like: Macs are shit (!) – but to make sure, I just Googled ‘macs are…’ and it auto-complete with ‘crap’, among other things.
    Click on that and there you are.
    Good work Sir.
    (My initial motive was pure frustration at the smug sanctimony of most Mac users; I thought that someone else must feel my pain!)

  14. Kautilya says:

    Just some thoughts:

    * ‘macs are shit’ or something similar – there are only a few using that phrase – simple as that

    * pc vs mac as well

    * comments here contain all sort of technical shit (DRM, PS Vue, WISIWYG, Ubuntu etc.) type that in plus mention a mac …..

    * Maybe the fact that hardly anything else here is on computers makes google show it up to see if perhaps that’s more relevant

    * This could answer the ‘why?’: Apple events are usually in September – I think most people know this and start searching stuff on habitually as soon as September hits

    At this risk of making a ‘powerful enemy’ today I am gonna get the 10th Anniversary iPhone to see if they do pull it off….BUT – if they don’t I’m joining the Samsung crew next year!

  15. wanker says:

    Screenshot a window to clipboard on Mac:

    CMD+CTRL+SHFT+4+” “+click on window

    On Windows:


    This is why a Mac desktop gets cluttered with screenshots.

  16. Alex says:

    Next is :
    to describe why the damned “escape” key on excel for mac reduces the full screen instead of escaping from the cell formula like in windows
    To explain us why draftsigh (sort of autocad) crashes at every update of OS, and why the command and property bar are not attached to the main screen
    To screams on auto-hiding function of the menu bar on maximized screen. When you need to open file, you wait 1/2 second the menu bar appears. On the contrary, When your mouse goes too close from the top, the menu bar appears while you don’t want
    The same comment with auto hide of the dock. Change sheet in excel will make the doc appear
    After that you decide et install windows 7 on you MBPro, because at least the hardware is good. And then you cry again, because I have never found a driver for the keyboard…

  17. Mel says:

    Started with yamacha msx5 computer in 1986
    upgaded to atari f in 1987
    At 1988 had my atari e
    1989 i hade my first 386 pc
    Writting programs in pascal with dos
    1990 started delphi 3 client server with win 3.11
    I agree with eyerything you say but everything
    Iwill also add the textedit functions shift+delete and insert not exist
    Real men doit with keyboard only

    Good article

  18. S.K says:

    Can we talk about how unusable they are as laptops? You know, as in, a computer that you can use on your lap?
    This thing is so thin and flimsy, the trackpad click is noisy as shit (try using it next to your sleeping wife and see how she feels about it).

    The damned fn button is a killer for productivity, and despite having found add-ons and keyswitchers and all kinds of programs to make the OS behave somewhat more naturally (enter to open, swap ctrl and cmd, see window previews when hovering the dashboard), it’s a shame that you’d have to customize everything to make it work the way nature intended.

    To answer your question, I found this article by googling “mac laptops suck”. I needed to be validated in my current lack of productivity for having to work from home with this piece of shit.

  19. Yep, macOS is in parts quite a usability fuckup. It’s a bit of a shame because in contrast, I think iOS is actually a pretty decent OS (or “front-end” to an OS, if you will).

    Other stuff that I can think of off the top of my head from my part-time Windows 7 to macOS (err, OS X) transition:

    – Focusing windows is unpredictable: Clicking on some parts of a window will focus it, but NOT actually pass on the click, while on certain other parts (which is up to the developer of the software) it WILL click through. Madness.
    – On the same hardware, macOS is at least 3 times slower than Windows 7, both with absolutely stock installs and obviously no malware
    – You can’t maximize windows (PLEASE, are you SERIOUS?)
    – The implementation of networked file systems is seriously buggy. For example, I can’t work with XCode projects over the network. I have to first copy the entire XCode project folder to the Mac’s local hard disk. If I don’t, I’ll get random “recompile misses” (the app just doesn’t change its behaviour even though I changed the code!).

    It’s a shame again because I think mac HARDWARE is actually really decent. I have a 2012 Mac Mini which has travelled thousands and thousands of miles in a mini compartment the size of a shoebox in a caravan, with temperatures ranging from zero to 60 degrees Celsius (measured!), bumps, being turned on while on the road (mechanical hard disk), etc., and it shows absolutely no sign of a problem.

  20. Kirby says:

    Can we talk about how annoying it is to switch from PC to the Mac OSX? My PC went to the repair shop for 2 damn weeks, and I was reduced to using my sister’s Mac OSX for homework. WHY IS THERE A CTRL FUNCTION BUT IT’S NOT EVEN USED FOR ANY OF THE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS? Plus, the format of the Mac OSX is so annoying. When using Chrome, I can’t even figure out how to switch tabs on the keyboard. It is even worse, to attempt to get to the taskbar. I mean, if you’re typing, and you move your mouse down to get to the taskbar, it sucks because it literally takes forever to actually pop up. And then you have the Files button. WHY IS IT A SMILEY FACE??? CAN YOU NOT BE SIMPLE MINDED PEOPLE AND JUST MAKE IT A FOLDER TO AVOID CONFUSION? And why, oh why, can you not minimize a window WHEN IT IS DAMN MAXIMIZED? WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE? ALSO, WHY IS THE KEYBOARD SO SMALL? I bet it’s as small as the designers’ d***s… But the hardware and graphics are okay, for the most part. It’s really a waste. Fortnite runs so smoothly on this computer!!!! Video quality is amazing on Youtube. (I know it’s more about Wi-Fi, but don’t give me that crap, because the Mac isn’t anywhere near our Wi-Fi router. In fact, it’s literally in this enclosed room with the crappiest Wi-Fi in the house.) It’s a shame that such good hardware goes to waste like this.

  21. Zelda says:

    “Macs don’t crash”

    This is too total BS! I work as a designer in one company. IT CRASHED A LOT! And it’s super slow whenever I need to open photoshop and illustrator in the same time. I don’t know why the company said MAC is the best for design. NO!! Windows are better than this overprice useless piece of garbage. Mac is not good for hard programs like adobe. Heck, Mac even can’t start my opera browser properly and it crashed so i need to re install it again after the update.
    I really think mac is just for ppl who like to show off.

  22. Bob Rospole says:

    Oh yes, you said it my friend!
    Mac’s are SHIT.
    Over the years I’ve been dating women, some of them have had Macs… and I’m the guy who always has to sort them out.
    Every single thing it takes me seconds to do on a Windows PC takes me minutes on a Mac.
    Things which are intuitive once you (quickly) get the hang of them on a PC, you never get the hang of on a Mac.
    Women seem to like the design.. one woman I knew had one of those all-in-one-TV Macs. I used to refer to it as ‘the soap dish’ – because that’s what it looked like: a big plastic bathroom accessory.
    I can praise Macs only in one area : they USED TO BE well built.
    Not even that now, they’e just cheap chinesium shit sold to customers in their ‘special’ shops for way more than they are worth.
    (Apple refers to customers as ‘marks’.)
    And now they’re removing headphone jacks and USB sockets, and they DELIBERATELY break the OS with updates that turn a physically functioning machine into a ‘nicely designed’ brick. (True of phones and iPads also.)
    I have Windows XP machines that still work, still connect online, still do exactly whatever they were doing 18 years ago!
    If you really, really like your Mac – ask yourself what you could have done with the leftover money if you’d bought a PC instead.
    I’d say you could have bought three more PCs for the same money, and all the family could have one each.
    Being a Mac owner is like being a religious NUTJOB: you cling to your belief despite every piece of evidence that tells you you are wrong.
    Being a PC owner is like being an atheist: you ain’t anybody’s fool.

  23. Daniel Sawyer says:

    The religious nutjob example is perfect, that is literally how they act with also a little bit of the “I paid $3k for this thing, I’m going to act like it was a good decision” type attitude. I have a buddy who is also a CS PhD student, and he constantly has to use my Linux PC systems (which I built all of them) for gpgpu/cuda/machine learning/deep learning bc he has a PoS Mac. Well guess what, he wants to buy a 2015 Mac lmfao, pay top dollar for a 4 year old laptop with no gpu when you are a data scientist….. Just like a religious nutjob to stick to something that doesn’t work. I told his dumb ass if he spends $2k+ on a 4 year old piece of junk, don’t ask to use my gpus anymore, when razer sells a much better laptop, with a good gpu, FOR CHEAPER. The razer 15 is also brand new(came out 2018) compared to a 4 year old PoS…. smh 🙁

  24. PCsucks says:

    A bunch of losers here. Why ‘d you be jealous for someone using Macs? No one here forces you to use one. People use Macs for a reason

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Why do you call us losers? Just because we do not enjoy using a disabled, buggy, cheesy, complicated OS? It’s fine for you, if you have the time and muse to drag, drop and click 10 times more, fiddle your windows around the whole day just to copy files from A to B and enjoy watching time consuming animations just to switch tasks/windows, that sorts the thumbnails’ position randomly every time you open Mission Control…

      If you prefer to do all operations with dragging, dropping and clicking your mouse (or touchpad) unnecessarily often until Tendonitis than just doing it with the stroke of a key or hitting Return/Enter, then MacOS is for you…

      The reasons why people use a Mac are flimsy! They use a Mac for style and ego boosting. People admire you sitting in the train or a café, pretending to be very busy with a glowing apple on your laptop… In my opinion Mac OS is just awkwardly cheesy and according to modern UX teachings it’s a big fail.

      Eg: The three dots for Window operations are very tiny and there is no “active area” around them (please refer to the Google Material Design Codex).

      Same with checkboxes. You have to exactly hit the checkbox to activate it. On Windows there is an invisible active radius around it and you can click the text line that’s beside the checkbox to activate it.

      Biggest UI pain on MacOS are Drop downs. You have to move the mouse, click once to open it, click another time to choose the entry, and repeat this every time you want to test another entry (like blend modes in Photoshop). On Windows you can just click the element “drop down” to make it active and scroll its values with the mouse wheel… This are just three examples of hundreds with Mac OS discomforts and UX fails!

      The finder has been invented and created at those times, when people had to organize a bunch of files and folders on their desktop and have been to stupid to distinguish two different buttons on the mouse. Today we have to organize thousands to millions of files and folders in multiple locations on different storage devices and sync backup folders. The finder is absolutely outdated trash and quite useless to manage the demands of modern data mangement. It’s just a fanboy’s nostalgia to stick to that crappy file manager.

      Damn that mouse with one button really was a hard fail! But all the blinded Apple victims celebrated Steve Jobs as a creative genius for that. With OSX (in 2002) the 2nd mouse button came back again. Everyone celebrated Steve Jobs as a hero… then there was the magic mouse, the mighty mouse and modern touchpads that are the most complex mice on the planet… just think about that… think about how easy and intuitive Mac OS is… not!

      And as long as there will be no reinvented, modern file manager in Mac OS with a split view (tree left, contents right) that separates folders and files (and does not list folders and files within the same hierarchy/treat folders like file types) to manage files and folders, this is wasting time because this is so essential in the daily workflow to keep your files and folders well organized.

      Objectively, there are just 3 things where a MacBook is unchallenged superior:

      1. The battery power duration
      2. The touchpad and mighty mouse
      3. The retina display

      Sometimes I think cutting with Final Cut offers more possibilities and flow. But I have to test that first before I can be sure to achieve more with Final Cut within less time. But still it might not be worth the time that you lose by using the inefficient and annoying UI of MacOS… by the way: I had more crashes, hang-ups, and odd behaviour using MacOS (Yosemite & ElCapitan) for one year, then ever in 20 years of using Windows! A Windows update nowadays works seamlessly without have to fear the loss of data. You cannot say that for the yearly MacOS updates! I see people praying for that to happen without the loss of their data…

      • Illuminatus says:

        > Damn that mouse with one button really was a hard fail! But all the blinded Apple victims celebrated Steve Jobs as a creative genius for that.

        You will no doubt enjoy this video then:


        • Thurgood Jenkins says:

          Thanks man! I really enjoy these persiflages on all the dumb Apple pseudo improvements! I mean, there is a reason why man has got two hands with 10 fingers and a brain. So there is a reason, why mice have two buttons. It’s for input and contextual options. That easy! 😀

  25. CrashOverride says:

    I’m a senior Unix sysadmin – going on 25 years now. I’ve worked on everything from HP-UX, Solaris, DEC Ultrix, Linux (Slackware was my first love), FreeBSD, OpenBSD, NetBSD, IRIX… you name it, I’ve spent time on it. Did some low-level Linux development for a startup doing tablet devices in Ottawa. Hacked Sony Vaio C1 Picturebook webcam drivers with Tridge at a Linux Conf, over beers, just for kicks.

    So yeah, I’ve got Unix geek cred. Moreso than most of the commenters here. What’s my primary machine you ask? A “shit” Mac.

    Why? Because I’m nearing my 50s and I want a Unix environment that generally Works, yet still plays nice with the desktop crud that gets sent my way from the marketing department. I spent too much time building custom kernels and tweaking device drivers to get Linux up and running on various laptops (except for Thinkpads – those handle Linux nicely) … and speaking of which, I don’t use a Thinkpad as my primary device because 1) while Linux runs nicely on them, battery life is important to me and Apple has them beat in that regard, and 2) Lenovo has been caught doing shady stuff with their consumer notebooks, that makes me disinclined to trust them in general.

    Do I run a Mac because I’m vain and want to wave my expensive laptop around? Please. I’m a unix sysadmin. Almost 50. With a degree in astrophysics. You can probably imagine what I look like. No, not *that* bad (I still have a little hair up top)… but I certainly don’t care about my appearance or what anybody thinks of the device that I carry around.

    I carry my Mac because it works well for what I need it for… and I’m old enough / mature enough to not give a flying fuck about the device you carry with you. So grow up kiddos. I read these posts and I can’t help but be transported back to the days of Amiga vs. Atari vs. IBM – it doesn’t matter. Use the hardware you want to use and don’t care what anyone else runs – it’s their business, not yours. If you think otherwise, then it’s *you* who has the problem, not the guy or girl carrying the MacBook.

    • Saturnus says:

      Yeah for real. A developer’s life gets so much easier once they switch to a Mac with UNIX terminal. Also you can’t find programs like Sketch and Framer on Windows. Mac is a developers’ and creators’ computer. It’s not about bragging about having a Mac. It’s about the conveniences a Mac brings into your professional life.

      • Arpan says:

        Exactly. I was “force-gifted” Mac by my father, and I hated it to no end as I was used to Windows. However, it is the Unix terminal, battery-life, hardware that gives consistent performance over years, combined with me growing out of the video-game phase and using my laptop almost solely for software development, that made me fall in love with the machine.

        Regarding the screenshot command: The correct key sequence does not contain the ctrl key as mentioned in the article(at least not on my machine). It is: Command+Shift+3 for full screen screenshot and Command+Shift+4 for a sniping tool allowing you to select portions of the screen.

  26. James says:

    Lets be real, the only reason people use a mac over a pc is because the two buttons on a pc mouse is too advanced for mac users

  27. tem says:

    This is written like a teenager from 2010 who never grew out of his “PC master race” phase. Why are you so rabid? You’ve got a few good points, but the rest is just minor quibbles. Seriously, when you were writing that Shift+Cmd+3 to take screenshots is too hard, you should have reevaluated the basis of your argument. I’ve been using macs for over 15 years and I ‘mastered’ the screenshot function in like the first week.

    I’m buying a ThinkPad next week, but it’s really off-putting to see this page linked on the r/ThinkPad subreddit. Not very mature.

    • James says:

      I mastered screenshotting with windows in all of 2 seconds with the “print screen” button. It took you a week?

      • tem says:

        Yeah, from starting to use Macs, to the first time I needed to take a screenshot, to the first time I had memorized the shortcut.

        But how long did it take Microsoft to teach its users that print screen only copies it to the clipboard and they have to paste it into Paint? I remember people having to be told that all the time when they were taking ‘screenshots’ with their digital cameras, up until a few years ago.

        At least on macOS it puts the screenshot right on your desktop right away, easy to drag it into an app or upload it. And the upside is that you don’t have a whole button on the keyboard dedicated to a function that most people use maybe 0.05% of the time.

        There’s always so many aspects to these things. It’s astounding that you don’t even stop to think for a moment that maybe you haven’t considered all of them, or simply don’t know the full picture because you never used a Mac and all you know about it comes from totally not presumptuous, totally not biased YouTubers.

        • rlcp says:

          While I agree with this, the point was that the shortcuts in the Mac are counter-intuitive. They don’t make sense. Windows now also has some more powerful (and longer) shortcuts for screenshots, e.g. like Win+Shift+S, but it still makes way more sense than Cmd+Shift+3/4. “S”creenshot. Easy to understand and remember.

  28. rlcp says:

    I’ve been using a MacBook Pro because of work for 15 months now. It’s indeed garbage. I thought I would get used to it given enough time, but at this point I have already given up. Everything is counter-intuitive.

    Regarding the issues mentioned, you can fix a few (always in a buggy way though). I’m using Contexts so I can switch between the opened windows, instead of apps. To properly resize and position windows using shortcuts, I’m using Magnet (and there are dozens of other softwares that do the same, but of course none of them would come pre-installed in the Mac).

  29. machater says:

    yes its a real piece of shit.. even not suitable for basic usages, let alone advances. was forced to use this crap due to some ios development requirements , but as long as this is a fair world with stupid apple fan boys like those who have commented, it will not leave the planet.

    • tem says:

      I’ve been using Windows 10 for the past few months and I honestly don’t understand how you think that Windows screenshotting is better than on mac. The Win+Shift+S is so buggy and doesn’t work sometimes, and when I press escape it switches out of fullscreen apps for no good reason. Cmd+Shift+4 is maybe slightly less intuitive of a shortcut but in all of 15 years it has never failed me or acted weird!

      To that I would add the fact that (to use your level of eloquence) text editing & navigation shortcuts are shit compared to mac (you don’t even know what I’m talking about because you’re so ignorant), trackpad drivers suck, scrollbar behavior is crap, you can’t search menubar items, and a slew of other little problems that have made switching to Windows feel like a sidegrade. It’s awesome though, because I can finally play all those cool games like Stormworks and Mirror’s Edge. But for doing work? Nah, I have to turn this into a hackintosh for that. Better yet, a triple-boot with macOS, Linux & Windows and be a true tech connoisseur – unlike you tribalistic peasants.

      • MOHAMED says:


  30. MOHAMED says:


  31. mallu says:

    tem is yet another apple fan bouy who even don’t know the usage of prntscr.. as long as these type of dumb people exists. apple will continue to survive

  32. mallu says:

    even if apple make a gold plated special print screen key or as such in their devices, its not gonna tolerate the crappiness of entire mac or the whooping prices they are charging for this total shit piece ..

    Its just a re branded linux marketed as a new os and being used for several years to fool fan bouys like those who commented supporting it over here

    macs are real shits.. tats the botom line

    • tem says:

      No, it’s not based on Linux, it’s based on NeXTSTEP and BSD, and yes, it *is* a different operating system that’s been used and evolved for decades, as evidenced by the numerous differences, and indeed advantages, compared to Windows AND Linux. Also let’s not forget that it was Microsoft who copied many designs from Mac OS, like the graphical window system, multitouch gestures and the system search bar, so being a mac user meant being on the leading edge of innovation (in the consumer space) for a long time. And it’s still a great alternative to Windows as I can now attest to, having both systems literally in front of me and able to directly compare every aspect. In conclusion, Windows just lacks a lot of useful everyday features and polish compared to macOS and this is plainly evident fact! Windows is still great, but not to the point that warrants your self-assured rage. You’re just laughably immature.

  33. mallu says:


    • tem says:

      I haven’t bought any Apple products in 5 years and I don’t celebrate their business model, so your stupid caricature just shows how delusional you are.

      MacOS is more than just a GUI. I mean it *is* a great GUI too, and even if it was *just that*, it’s absolutely moronic of you to act as if that’s an insignificant thing. Recall that it was macOS that invented the graphical windowing system. This and many other technologies were added to, pioneered on or improved by macOS over the last 35 years. If the GUI helps me work faster and more painlessly than some alternative, then that’s a valid reason to prefer that system. And I’m using a pretty broad definition of “GUI” here, to include things like searching capabilities (Spotlight), keyboard layout and text editing commands, and trackpad gestures, which I would argue are significantly better on macOS. (Fite me?)

  34. mallu says:

    Apple just announced a $5,000 computer screen that doesn’t come with a stand. Instead, the stand costs an extra $1,000.

    FAN BOUYS LIKE TEM WILL CELEBRATE IT NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. mallu says:

    Mac OS X is just basically just a special kernel (because Apple can lock down what hardware gets used so effectively, they can optimize without having to cater to myriad hardware) and a GUI pasted on top of UNIX. It’s also incredibly close to completely compatible with Linux technically except for the steps Apple has taken to keep open source away. It’s quite possible to drop a linux packaging system like apt-get into an OSX installation and have it work fine.

    typical example, when VLC actually sued them to remove the VLC Player from the App Store because they didn’t want to see them benefit financially by their “1-way” street of taking open code, changing it, and then locking it down.


  36. ScottA says:

    If someone thinks Macs are difficult, then they must have a learning disability. Several clueless people said in the comments there is Copy [ctrl-c], Paste[ctrl-v], but no Cut?? What? This shows how misleading the article is. Yeah, that’s the standard ctrl-X, for those of you not in the know. (everything CTRL on win is the “apple” ⌘ key on mac.) Just to make one point: everything Windows has ever done is a direct copy about 5 years late after Apple releases it. Every innovative feature in the 2 leading OS systems has been re-warmed over by the Microsoft people after we (mac people) forward thinkers test and perfect it, then enjoy how great it works. Yeah, a Mac will always cost more, because their [talking hardware] designs are best in the industry. Not cheap plastic and parts from lowest bidding companies. Paying for quality is still a thing 🙂

  37. P Eng says:

    You are an idiot. Electronics Engineer

  38. AGM_HF says:

    Software engineer here. Switched company a few months back and now forced to use MacBook. I feel like I’m being punished by… God, life, destiny, whatever. Didn’t realized this thing is soooo bad. And don’t get me started on the file system! It’s very funny when people try to show me some stuff they think it’s cool but had to press like 10 keys to make it happen and I just think to myself yeah, that would take one mouse click on a Windows. Yes, not much plastic parts but unless you use it as a home decor the argument is void.
    Gonna find a new job soon, not really happy with the company anyway, but I’ll be sure to ask the next employer do I get a normal, Windows hardware?

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Thank you, software engineer! I thought your belong to the heavily Mac infected species because of the native console…. any argument that you do not need the native console?

  39. Thurgood Jenkins says:

    Thank you very much for this article. I totally agree! File and folder management are essential for a smooth digital workflow as well as window and task management and this is hell of a crap on a Mac. I am a graphic designer and I always stuck with a PC. All my Windows and MS-DOS operating systems hardly crashed. I see more Apple users complaining about update routines and lost data than I ever heard of a PC user. The employed jobs that forced me to work with “Tendonitis OS” (window fiddling, dragging, dropping and clicking until it hurts) were like hell. Fashion hipsters! Toy riders! Marketing victims! Apple MacOS window and task managment and especially the Finder are crap like hell. No CUT+PASTE files?!? WTF?!? Your article really amused me 🙂

    • Illuminatus says:

      Before lockdown our new trainee graphic designer did a whole day’s work in PowerPoint on her Mac, but only pressed Save at 4:55pm. Mac said no. It had been connected to a network drive and had lost the connection. Reconnecting still didn’t let it save to that file. So we tried to save the file locally; Mac said no. All items on the menus are now greyed out. The work is there on the screen, but we can’t save it. I got a guide on recovering work from temporary files on Mac and stayed till 5:45pm trying to recover them. Mac had made no temporary files for PowerPoint. The work was in only in RAM, with all options greyed out. We had to shut it off and lose the work. Sure, Microsoft is to blame there as well (they haven’t been able to build a program for at least 10 years), but on PC I’d have had those temporary files recovered within a minute.

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