Welcome to the New PPM!

I’ve taken a well-needed 8 months away from PPM. That period was preceded by, and partly overlapped with, easily the darkest year of my life — marked by constant personal, emotional and spiritual crisis, and from which, at many points, I was sure I would never return.

However, the last few months have seen in me a chrysalis-like emergence into a new spiritual paradigm. During this time I have acquired an entirely new personal direction, mindset, emotional baseline and sense of purpose. I have had true happiness in a way I do not remember experiencing before. The new site is here to reflect that change. I also wrote everything down during the change, in note form, which I have developed into techs and principles and which will soon become brand new e-books and tons of free articles here on this site. These new writings will supersede most of what I’ve written before.

The Old and the New

My old writings, on the blog and the forum, could be said to be characterized by a spirit of fear and urgency. They took the format of identifying a “problem” (often hastily postulated, but written entirely convincingly) followed by a “solution”, ordinarily of the quick-fix, magic-bullet variety. This wasn’t all bad; often, my analysis of an issue did yield strong new insights, many of which I have been able to refine and keep in my new models. The main problem was the quick-fix element. I would often deploy a solution after only days of testing. Fear tends to drag one’s thoughts temporally into the present moment and immediate future. Thus, the bigger picture gets neglected. Yet the mindset underlying fears can only be examined and changed under respect of time.

We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.

–Albert Einstein

Your bigger picture is the higher level of thinking which controls your perceptions (and thus emotions) in the immediate moment. It operates over longer time spans.

The new site therefore focuses on long-term mindset changes by creating a new bigger picture, while paying full respect to the time it takes to emerge into that new paradigm. (Fascinatingly, though, some change does appear to happen lightning fast — but this is possibly due to a point of “critical mass” being reached following accumulation of experiences and insights over time.)

My chosen paradigm is one of love and giving. I will be operating from that paradigm on this website by sharing everything I learn about the human experience, in order to help increase understanding of those principles on a global level. I hope ultimately that my work will help encourage shifts in thinking and approach across many fields, but particularly in medicine and psychology. (The teaser here is that these fields are still mostly “machine model”-based, an approach which has had relative (yet still limited) success in treating overt physical ailments, but which has had disastrous results in treating mental health issues. The other major problem in these fields is mind/body duality — modelling the body and mind as two distinct “things” — for which I intend to develop an easily understandable model uniting the two).

New Format and Content

I mainly used to share my ideas via writing posts on forums. Now however I will mainly be blogging, and adding articles to the new section, Principles, over time. Discussion will mostly take place in the comments section of those posts.

However, I will endeavour to check the forum and reply to posts once per week. The reason I am drastically reducing forum time is that I found it very addictive before, and getting fast gratification for my replies also partly fuelled my quick-fix culture. I also derived some of my social life from the forum, which sounds harmless enough, but posting and reading text on a screen is no substitute for real-life contact with people. Finally, I noticed quickly after leaving the forum 8 months ago that my head was a lot clearer. Taking on others’ thoughts and problems every day was definitely not healthy for me.

The branding is going to change. I’ve got rid of the creepy hand/eye logo, as hilarious as it was, and am definitely moving away from the other cultish aspects of the site (for example the jargon, which is going to be used only when absolutely necessary, going forward, e.g. when I make a genuinely new concept). Admittedly, the cult aspect of the site started off as a joke — but, as jokes often do, it quickly got out of hand. 🙂 I’ll soon be making a new logo, and the forum will get a new lick of paint too. I’m going to change “Welcome to the Dawn” (another joke), too, but haven’t decided what to change it to yet.

The old blog is archived at its old address, https://www.personalpowermeditation.com/blog. Comments will be closed.

I am also currently writing two new e-books. My e-books, going forward, will be the same price on the website as they are on Amazon Kindle. The End of Social Anxiety has been reduced to $4.99 to reflect this new policy.

Skype Coaching is available again. Here is a review of a recent session I took with forum member eager_to_learn. Booking a Skype session with me is also the quickest way to get my new techs, if you cannot wait the few months for the articles and e-books to be written.

Onwards and Upwards…

If you’re an existing member/reader, thanks for sticking around. If you’re new to the site, welcome. 🙂 I hope you enjoy what is going to become a valuable and exciting project.

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  1. Vysotsky says:

    I ‘ve been reading the forum for a few months. I’m glad you’re back, waiting for the new articles.

    Greetings from Hungary! 🙂

  2. floopbaby says:

    Just caught on to the move… thank you and welcome back. Very much looking forward to what’s coming!

  3. Daniel says:

    Hey man, good to have you back. I had thought you were gone for good! Looking forward to seeing some new stuff up here.

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