The Golden Jhana

During meditation, do you ever get the sensation of energy rising up inside you?

Zoom in on that exact spot where it’s rising and try and let it rise up – slowly as high as it can, letting it follow its own path (it will turn and things on its way up, but will always go up eventually). When it reaches your eye-level it may seem to stop – this is because we are so used to our eyes being “us” that the nerves around there are kind of wired quite solid. However, with continued focus – actually it’s kind of more like relaxing that area – you can let it pass the eyes.

Then you need to let it pass upward into the crown, the highest part of your head (this is also quite hard but continue just trying to let it pass up). This will probably make you crazy blissful. For me, it makes the light behind my closed eyes turn gold – hence Golden Jhana.

You might get shakes every time you have to help it past a “stuck” or “tight” bit. When you get shakes, just try and relax the body area that is shaking, just a little bit – relax it just enough for the energy pattern you are locked onto to keep climbing upwards. Keep your main focus on the energy pattern that is rising while you relax the other body area. The aim is to get the energy pattern to climb as highly into the top of your head as possible, not to get distracted by shakes.

You can have an energy pattern climb all the way to the crown even from somewhere as low as your legs. Just pick whichever pattern seems most prominent at the time. But stick with that single energy pattern till it’s at the top! When you think it’s reached the top, try and get it to go up even further.

Repeat this exercise on the next most prominent rising energy pattern you notice. And then again.

Now go practise.

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  1. Random fan says:

    Illumi, have you ever considered that the gut brain might have visual thinking capability?

    My main source of negative thoughts is my gut brain – they come in the form of image flashes and feelings of terror/panic in the stomach region.

    Thoughts on how to deal with this?

    • Illuminatus says:

      I think the only thing that has vision is the universe itself. Different body parts “tune in” different experiences. The gut seems to tune in “danger” both pre- and post-cognitively. The visuals are more likely tuning in via the right amygdala — the area of the brain responsible for zombie, vampire and other terror archetypes (and which schizophrenics unfortunately have wired “on” all the time).

      Yes, I have the cure. I have cured myself from a permanent terror state. The purpose of my most recent poll, regarding whether one is more or less comfortable with eyes open or closed, was to determine if they have right amygdala ON / terror scripts running. In that case, eyes open will feel more uncomfortable than eyes closed.

      You can reimprint all of this. I’ve started a series of posts on how to do this. I’m halfway through the first article. The guide, when followed to completion, results in enlightenment. And it is all about everyday things like your question is about, and exactly what to do about them. It could be a world game-changer.

      • Illuminatus says:

        Oh, in the meantime, you “drink from the pain of the discomfort”. So, invoke the feeling you are describing. Now, imagine you can drink from it which, slowly, over time, lessens it. It’s like draining a large bathtub. This is what any kind of meditation which attends to feelings actually achieves. It can appear like nothing is happening for a long time because it’s a really big bathtub for some people. But as the bathtub narrows, progress becomes more noticeable.

        So: invoke terror gut feeling -> access the pain in your mind and “drink from it” (literally imagine it is draining into your throat area, like you are drinking it, as you breathe in).

        You can use this to cure literally any accumulated pain (formations).

  2. James says:

    I am / was the same way and here is what helped me:

    Massage any muscle knots out of your stomach

    Eat cleaner.

    Do the yoga technique Breath of fire.

    Also, is this Golden Jhana basically a deep 1st jhana? I did the “golden” jhana sometime last year. I did a bunch of breath of fire then felt the energy rising and my vision was filled with golden light and I was getting a bliss state, but I had to cut it short.

    • Illuminatus says:

      I just make up names for stuff; I don’t know if “golden jhana” was already taken or if that’s what you’re even saying here; don’t worry about the labelling. I just happened to get gold light when I did it.

      Breath of fire releases fascia in the abdomen which has distorted into fear or sadness “grips”. Breath of fire is a “Flex & Release” for the internals (remember my post, Flex & Rotate? Same thing).

      Whether my Golden Jhana is just a deep 1st jhana or whatever — I don’t know and don’t care. I “do jhana” and how it manifests is different practically every time. Have you ever actually met two people who agree on what “1st jhana” even is? I prefer “do jhana”.

      Recently I’m giving people things to DO for concentration meditation because I am convinced many of them are just STARING. The mindset being, concentration = just staring at an object. But in the meditation in this post I am giving you something to keep your mind extremely occupied with… and ABSORBED. Feeling that energy pattern slowly rise all the way to the top, and helping it along when it needs it, is extremely absorbing. You are literally doing concentration meditation while doing that. So I’m giving people things to do rather than having them “watch things”. That’s how we’re going to break the Facebook Generation into meditation.

      • Vick says:

        It just clicked with one of your emails. This isn’t about energy work, even though it’s great on itself.

        You’re right, while watching things other things come into awareness with all sorts of comments from your mind.

        When completely focused and absorbed that thing is the only thing there is, and other sensations can be easily ignored.
        This particular thing takes a high amount of focus to keep track off and to keep it going so absorption comes easier.

        • Illuminatus says:

          *Likes your comment* Exactly. Concentration meditation was always an active process. And it purifies your soul exactly how you described. Just do this for quite a long time and all will be okay. You get serious insight, the beginnings of which you just discovered, by doing concentration.

  3. Rigz says:

    Your recent posts on concentration meditation are brilliant. I agree with you that calling it “concentration” meditation is a terrible name. Absorption meditation is much better. Why anyone decided to call it concentration meditation is beyond me. It’s such a misleading term. This led me to just staring and furrowing my brow, trying desperately to keep the object in my focus but ultimately failing and then getting frustrated. I’ve done a few sessions of the sine wave breathing meditation you posted about the other day and I am already getting the benefits from it. After controlling the muscles to control the breath, they spontaneously began to relax and feel pleasurable, which made each breath more and more pleasurable. By the end of the 30 minute session I had full on visual effects in my eyes corresponding to the waves of pleasure I was feeling with each breath. I was giddy for hours after and my body awareness was much better than it normally is. I was still slipping back into thoughts quite a bit but at least now I see a way forward. Thank you, I had become despondent with meditation recently due to the pitfalls of the staring approach that you mentioned. I wonder how many other people have fallen down a similar path due to the conventional generic Buddhist advice of “just watch the breath”, and just given up completely.

    Considering how many Buddhist schools there are out there, their methods are surprisingly vague and shit. I’ve not seen the pleasure/absorption principle detailed anywhere but your site, yet it seems as if it is the first step towards the jhanas. Presumably every Buddhist has to go through this path yet none of them are capable of articulating this to others? I have been to numerous meditation workshops and not once have I been told by this principle.

    • Illuminatus says:

      What you got there was the jhana 🙂 Now work to cultivate that state. It can literally purify your soul, the more you go into it, and the longer you spend in it. Then you can get custom accesses to it for any situation. E.g. you can cultivate the state just by monitoring your proprioception while out. Hey presto, jhana AND perfect posture.

      I think Buddhism is a mess currently, especially how it is interpreted in the West. The languages are not very transferable between East and West. I’m going to sort that all out, don’t worry. Main thing I am going to do is reintroduce the body. My final method will be more like original yoga, with the body work a preparation for mind work and also part of the mind work. I’ll be a yogi rather than a Buddhist, like the Buddha was.

      • Illuminatus says:

        I just realized how horribly aggrandized that sounded. But oh well. 🙂

        • Rigz says:

          The Buddha was just a guy that meditated a lot a few thousand years ago. Its those that have raised his image up to that of a God or supernatural being who have the explaining to do.

          Btw, with this jhana practise, I start with the sine wave practise until I get the pleasure/absorption and the increasing pleasure on each breath. At that point it feels like I can just breathe and increase the pleasure without focusing on the sine wave task. Do you think that I should carry on at this point doing the sine wave task or is that just a shortcut to get into the pleasure/absorption state which is the true aim?

          • Illuminatus says:

            Once that pleasure/absorption state is achieved, I then focus on expanding it to fill as much of my consciousness as possible (i.e. my head, and my body, then beyond). So, with each breath, imagine pushing out that state to the very extremities of your head. It will begin to feel like you are “breathing in emptiness“. I only use the breath at this point to provide the sensations necessary to continue expanding this space. So, I do not particularly use an object per se but rather use the breath as a tool to expand the jhana.

            You can also choose to deepen that space with a specific point of focus, e.g. a sensation, at which point you are drifting into insight meditation territory. Or you can make the whole “space” deeper by trying to make it more refined, which will deepen the jhana (and keep you doing pure concentration meditation). So, let’s say I have that whole spacious state expanded everywhere. To deepen it now, I will try and look for the space within the space. So, I will refine the jhana even further to look between the atoms. These are very easy ways to get the formless realm jhanas, e.g. infinite space, infinite consciousness etc. They are quite spectacular. Just become absorbed in the most infinitely fine space between the space between the space. Knowing how easy these jhanas are actually takes a lot of the mystique out of them. You can train them quite quickly and it needn’t take years. Maybe some Buddhists like to maintain the belief that such jhanas take years to train because it therefore gives them more credit when they finally do achieve them. I say forget all that — just consistently take the widest, deepest jhana you can and don’t worry about naming the levels or anything. I think the levels system has had the negative impact of having students worry about “what jhana they’re in” WHILE doing jhana, which is just about the worst thing you can do in your practice, since when doing jhana you should only be doing jhana.

  4. Danny says:

    “considering how many Buddhist schools there are out there, their methods are surprisingly vague and shit.”
    Rigz there, summing up something I’ve felt for ages in one perfect sentence.
    Bravo Sir.

  5. Tobias says:

    I’m glad I found you,
    I’ve always disagreed with the rate of speeds some Buddhists speak about even the Tibetan rainbow body I believe can be achieved rapidly. All is now, match the frequency, subconscious flow state, tuning into the info and downloading/syncing. Lol

    When I was little around age 6 I downed a bottle of some prescribed cough syrup when I overheard them say side effects would cause hallucinations, I grabbed it and locked myself and my friend in my parents car, we drank it up and started tripping, when the effects kicked in I remember focusing to shrink myself to “ant size” because I liked the movies honey I shrunk the kids, and thought I could do it. Had some astral projection going on there as well, but my friend was freaking out and crying and running back and forth to the front seat and back seat, I just kept observing him and it started to affect me. I started to give into the panic I witnessed arise…I feel like I was also amplifying the anxiety to cry in hopes to make my friend not feel alone lol…Wanted to get sober again so I remembered my mom’s passionate words about chanting her Buddhist mantra, ”if you are 100% sincere-ious (broken English, she is Korean) any problem you can overcome”. You’ve probably heard of it lol: Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.
    I recalled her chanting in front of her scroll in the shrine so I visualized it all as if it was right in front me like VR and chanted desperately to get a completely sober reset.
    Not exactly sure if it was really robotussin (friend had mentioned it and it resonated as an “AHA”moment), but I remembered the state I was in helped me get an absolute one point of focus and as I was chanting and syncing in, I was desiring to become the chant itself, and within 5-10 minutes I was showered with what maybe a golden light, every molecule in my body vibrated with bliss, and joy starting from my crown going all the way down my body. My lower abdomen was convulsing and I had uncontrollable cathartic laughter. I feel like I was hearing music or gongs but everything sounded sparkly is what I can think of to best describe it lol As the laughter calmed I rushed to look out the front windshield to see what everything looked like especially the grass and I remembered the trees/grass having a vibrant golden tint to it.

    I never heard about the term Jhana til I found a reddit post from UN: Absolutus on Jhana meditation which described the similar state of feeling ecstasy and bliss.

    Also, I ran into a Buddhist scholar and he affirmed to me that Siddhartha eluded to using Jhanas for his enlightenment transition.

    – Also this feeling of bliss was very similar to the states I was in when, experience 1 (I think I died), experience 2, when I was sedated at the dentist then astral projected, wonder if it could have been a temporary death now though…Mom would feel something happening to me and come chant and then see me in astral form as well.

    “Pretty soon you will be living in the dream state, dreaming in the living state and you will understand that physical reality is but a dream” – Bashar

    – Researching new age stuff, the law of one, the whole theme of ascension, Then it seems Siddartha basically transcended to the next density which in the new age shit is about 5D.

    – Have you heard of Dan Winter? I have ran into him sometime ago seeking forms of science to enlightenment, a good mine of info to connect

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