The End of Social Anxiety [E-book]

The End of Social Anxiety

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The End of Social Anxiety [E-book]

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The End of Social Anxiety is an e-book about overcoming social anxiety by improving your awareness of the processes which create it. It is not a book about how to improve social skills or make friends directly. The book addresses the more fundamental layer of consciousness beneath those actions. The book starts off by describing my own experience of social anxiety, and where I’m at now. That section also talks about setting sensible goals.

“This is an amazing book. I wish I had it years ago. It’s amazing that I have done all of those things you write about myself. I know this stuff will work so I am not sceptical. The most surprising chapter for me was the ‘What do you want from this book?’ chapter – something I’ve never seen in a self-help book. It’s really refreshing to see such honesty.” —PPM Forum User

Next, I talk about how the mind creates rules based on past experiences, mainly in childhood and adolescence, and how those rules then become a lens through which you view the world. Anxious experiences create an anxious lens. I talk about how the mind actually does this — by inserting auditory, visual and emotional “edits” into your present moment experience, which I call “overlays”. Mindfulness meditation exercises are provided to help you become aware of those overlays and let them go. Finally, I talk more broadly about how societal conditioning affects our self-image by imposing an impossible set of “conditions” upon our own personal happiness, and how to let that go. 

Chapter Listing

“The e-book is phenomenal! Really filled in some of the holes I had from putting together everything you’ve been saying the past few months. I’m in a terrific mood today using what I learned from the book. Keep it up.” —PPM Forum User

  • About me
  • Introduction
  • What is social anxiety?
    • What causes social anxiety
    • What social anxiety looked like for me
  • What do you want from this book?
    • False goals
    • What life actually looks like now
  • Why your doctor probably can’t help you
    • The nature of your experience of reality
  • Step 1: Choosing to experience your anxiety
    • The opponent response
    • Functioning in spite of anxiety
    • Potential objections
    • The cold shower approach
  • Step 2: Seeing your mind’s overlays on your perception of reality
    • Why overlays?
    • Changing the overlays
    • Living in the present moment
    • Seeing through overlays
      • Meditation 1: Observing overlays
      • Meditation 2: Presence walks
    • Two commands to keep you present
    • Keep doing it the new way
  • Step 3: Cultivating equanimity
      • Meditation 3: Observing emotions with equanimity
    • Potential objections
  • Step 4: Happiness
    • The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems
      • A quick note on addictions
    • Activating the PSNS
      • Breathing and the SNS
      • Meditation 5: Breathing correctly
    • Why aren’t we happy anyway?
      • The conditional happiness worldview
      • The unconditional happiness worldview
      • Asking yourself the right questions
      • Meditation 6: Unconditional happiness
    • Potential objections
  • When things go wrong
    • What if bad things keep happening?
  • About Personal Power Meditation

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