Temporal Reflectivity

We’re told that time works like this:


It’s unidirectional. You have memories of the past because those events have already happened. You don’t have any memories of the future, because those events haven’t happened yet.


But what if imagination is memories of the future?

You can imagine lots of possibilities, so the diagram now looks like this:


All well and good. There are possible future paths. But how does the past fit into all this? When events have happened, they’ve been and gone, right? They’re set in stone.

It’s a Matter of Perspective

But the past can change entirely. You remember pain now, but when you reach the next level, that pain is transformed to growth. The memories change. Hatred becomes appreciation. Otherwise confusing, random or senseless events become understood as integral parts of a Grand Plan.

What underwrites your experience of the past is the perspective through which you view it. The same as how your perspective now underwrites your experience of the future.

In this universe, all is reflective. Everything is analogous of everything else. “As above, so below.” So let’s put the reflectivity into the diagram:



The Whole

And this is how we make the leap from left-brain linearity, to right-brain oneness.

Your experience is a whole. Your perspective now, right this minute, defines your experience of the past and future. They are not separate.



“You” are just a perspective. And your experience is an extrapolation of that perspective, extending infinitely in all directions.

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