Social Anxiety Advice from Scott Adams

In the above video, starting at 30:43, Scott Adams gives a simple rules-based guide for overcoming social anxiety. The advice is pretty solid all round. Enjoy!

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8 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    Awesome video didn’t know that Scott talked about this even though I follow him and enjoy his work! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Illuminatus says:

    He saves various self-help-style stuff for the ends of his Periscopes. He doesn’t do them that often and you have to wait till the end of each Periscope to see if they’re going to happen. They are always good, though. He is one of the only YouTube guys I still listen to regularly, along with Jordan Peterson. This is mainly because he’s funny and intelligent and doesn’t have a dog in the race either way, which is refreshing.

  3. Saturnus says:

    The predominant theme around everything seems to be a focus on the external (the world, other persons, sensations – even ones arising from ones own body) rather than the conceptions of the internal (ego, “what impression should I make”, my problems and worries, etc.)

    • Illuminatus says:

      Yes. I think it’s good to get the external/method based side of the coin too. While the internal reconfiguration is the key to eventually resolving the issue, internal work cannot be done in the moment to achieve results. Jordan Peterson has similar outward-facing techs.

      Generally you want inward-facing work done at home (e.g. meditation) then be extremely outward-facing while out and about.

      • Saturnus says:

        I also think the inward-facing work should be done at certain times with intention and purpose. I find myself getting lost in thoughts about myself when alone, which I think is stressing and not productive, although I have gained some insight from them.

      • Saturnus says:

        Even the new meditations seem to be outward facing with techs such as “what is”. The seperation between the internal and external is getting very blurry for me.

        • Illuminatus says:

          I have always had an even mixture of outward- and inward-facing meditations. Check my posting history and e-book.

          There is also a distinction to be made between “inner work” (which can be outward-facing) and “outer work”.
          “Outer work” is like Scott Adams’ techniques above where you go and interact with the world in certain ways.
          “Inner work” is when you work on your internally but this can use both outward- and inward-facing techs. “What is” can look at both external and internal stimuli. However, it is a type of inner work since its goal is equanimity.

          • Saturnus says:

            Would you say inner work is working on things in relation to yourself, and outer work is relating to people or objects that you do not consider to be yourself?

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