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I offer Skype coaching covering most of the topics covered on this site. Examples include meditation training, esoteric chat, setting life goals, improving self-talk etc.

We can do video, audio, or text only.

The price of Skype coaching is $200 USD per hour.

How It Works

  1. You get in touch with me via the contact form below, and send me an outline of the issue(s) you wish to discuss.
  2. I make a coaching plan and get back to you with an estimate of how much time is required for the session. It usually takes around an hour per issue.
  3. When we’ve agreed the session length, we set a date and time for the session, and you give me your PayPal email address. 15 minutes before the session, I will send you a PayPal money request. When that’s paid, we can start!

We can also do a couple of follow-up emails after the session, included in the price, if you require them.

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