Siddhi Update

So, I’ve continued my magickal gambling. I am currently £7500 up from the last 6 weeks.

Check out this bad boy from just now. This is the best symbol available, filling the entire screen, for a massive £1200 win from £2.40. The odds of this happening are about a billion to one.


Did you guess that I may have jhana’d that vision before it happened? 😉

Notes from these last weeks:

  • The siddhis are definitely real. To quote Blade Runner, “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”
  • After each of these mega-wins, I go to the bathroom for a well-earned slash. The walls are bulging with that “holographic” look, and my hands have completely visible tracers following them whenever I move them. Conclusion: The samatha jhanas are no different to LSD.

I don’t know what else to say. These last few weeks have been ENDLESSLY fun.

Do you want siddhis? Practise concentration meditation for eight years then enjoy the rewards. It’s a long slog, but it’s totally worth it.

Now here’s a treat: Daniel Ingram talks about the powers

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86 Responses

  1. Vick says:

    Dam son
    Eight years, you really gotta pay your dues.

    • Illuminatus says:

      Well, once you hit jhana, you’re unlikely to stop. I didn’t even know it was “jhana” for about 5 years of those, until I read MCTB.

      • Vick says:

        So there you go kids, don’t waste your time on college.
        A 4 year meditation retreat will pay off much quicker 😀

      • Mayath says:

        I find that trying to use Magick within Jhana actually increases the power of the Jhana. Today I used the the second Jhana to charge an intention and my intention coupled with the Jhana set up a positive feedback loop powering each other up. It was the strongest Jhana I’ve ever had. My intention, the visualisation and the happiness/excitement I would feel if what I desired came through strengthened the Jhana and sent it through the roof. I literally could not believe what I wanted to come through could not happen. Any doubt was eradicated.

        When I compare this to my old methods of magick it actually pathetic what I use to do. I used to wank to charge sigils and an orgasm doesn’t even compare to the power of Jhana to charge your intentions.

        Using Magick Even lead me to drop down to the third Jhana which never happened. At least I think it was the third Jhana. There was no energy or erratic joy left. Just complete and utter refreshing contentment :p.

        • Illuminatus says:

          “Today I used the the second Jhana to charge an intention and my intention coupled with the Jhana set up a positive feedback loop powering each other up. It was the strongest Jhana I’ve ever had. My intention, the visualisation and the happiness/excitement I would feel if what I desired came through strengthened the Jhana and sent it through the roof.”

          You are right. I do this all the time. On the game I screenshot above (Bier Haus) there is a special noise and animation sequence of coins and gems flying out the screen that play during a Big Win. My main method for a while has been as follows:

          1) Enter 1st jhana on breath.
          2) Visualize the noise coinciding with the start of the coins sequence (I can do this very vividly now as it is anchored strongly to my reward circuit).
          3) Allow this visual to take on a life of its own = more rapture = push over into the 2nd jhana (which is defined by phenomena appearing to happen by themselves). This also correlates with A&P.
          4) Cycle through to 3rd and 4th quickly and spend some time in 4th but not long.
          5) Exit, look at screen in totally equanimous/blissful/rapturous mood, where nothing can go wrong, intend forcefully for the Big Win sequence (never money; always the graphics/experience you wish to see); hit spin.

          If this sequence is followed exactly like that, the Big Win will arise within a few spins; usually on the first, truth be told.

          This sequence however cannot always be followed. So, I cannot just cultivate that sequence over and over. This is because it takes significant energy and mental resources, and requires a “cooling-off period” between attacks. The triggered A&P also causes cycling into the dukkha ñanas. It is during these that magick is very difficult, and where I lose some of the winnings (though I’m still massively up). I have only just started figuring out how to do magick during the dukkha ñanas (see comment below). It is its own beast, though, and very taxing on the system.

          But, yes, magick + jhana reinforce each other, trigger the A&P hardcore, and are one of the most addictive things imaginable.

      • francesco says:

        its only a try excuse me dear Illuminatus I wanted to see if it worked. 🙂

  2. Edenist Whackjob says:

    I want to use it for penis enlargement and raising my IQ – doable? 🙂

    • Illuminatus says:

      “I want to use it for penis enlargement”

      Definitely doable. You will however have to abandon any notion you have that the body is anything more than a projection of mind. Psychedelic drugs, combined with the intention to witness the body as a hologram, should help there.

      “and raising my IQ”

      IQ is essentially a measurement of your left brain’s ability to manipulate reality on the conceptual level. It doesn’t measure psi ability (though the two are almost certainly related).

      So, if IQ is the ability to work really well within established rules, then “PQ” (psychic quotient) is the ability to make your own rules. If you want to start doing really well on IQ tests, you can certainly intend that. But understand that that will not necessarily reflect an increase in intelligence.

      Stephen Fry probably has a very high IQ. Do you consider him intelligent?

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        Interesting. I said it mostly as a joke but now you need to tell me more 🙂

        Re: IQ. I mainly want to get “clearer” and “faster” in my cognition. And be able to hold more things in working memory.

        I don’t know much about Stephen Fry – is he one of those “clever sillies”?

        • Illuminatus says:

          “Re: IQ. I mainly want to get “clearer” and “faster” in my cognition. And be able to hold more things in working memory.”

          Concentration, concentration, concentration.

          My visual recall is now so good that memories kind of “hang there” in mid air in front of me. As an example, I was recently travelling in Berlin. I needed some information from a ticket in my bag. Rather than getting it out, I just willed it to appear in my visual field and it did. The time information I needed was present in the vision, and correct. The details my brain didn’t remember, it filled them in with incoherent squiggles. It’s only a matter of time and training before my recall is basically eidetic. Working with visuals in meditation improves all aspect of the visual system. Who knows what you could achieve with other conceptual systems like maths, if that interested you (it doesn’t me).

          “I don’t know much about Stephen Fry – is he one of those “clever sillies”?”

          Yes. I covered him in another comments thread, so hopefully you can search to find those comments.

          • Illuminatus says:

            By the way, the greatest nootropic for improving visual memory — bar none — is phenibut. I’m halfway through writing a complete review of that miracle drug.

            • Edenist Whackjob says:

              You have so many good ideas and innovative methods that you really ought to release a book soon!

            • Edenist Whackjob says:

              I saw some really interesting things (and sometimes they would be clear as day just behind my eyelid) and heard some awesome musical things when I was in Phenibut withdrawal. Wish I could recreate that without the horrible side-effects.

            • Rigz says:

              Do you have any ideas why there are phenibut responders and non-responders? It is highly strange that some people, including myself, were not affected at ALL by phenibut. Literally there was no difference, and I tried it multiple times. A few months after I bought it I then repurchased it from another supplier with great reviews on reddit, because I assumed I must have got a bad batch the first time, and still no effect.

              I doubt there are many other drugs that have such total effects on some but absolutely nothing for other people. I can’t imagine someone taking a large dose of MDMA or cocaine and feeling absolutely nothing, I’m not sure that’s even possible. It’s like drinking an entire litre of vodka and not being drunk, or even feeling anything. I felt nothing on tramadol or venlafaxine either. MDMA on the other hand was like becoming a totally different person.

              I’m trying to zero in on precisely what my genetic issue might be. At first I thought GABA B but then the non action of phenibut makes me doubt that. Then the extreme personality change brought by MDMA makes me think I could have a serotonin or dopamine deficiency.

              • Illuminatus says:

                I want to start with this:

                “Then the extreme personality change brought by MDMA makes me think I could have a serotonin or dopamine deficiency.”

                I don’t think such deficiencies exist in anyone. It’s bad thinking and you ought to nix it. I was stuck in that thinking for years, remember. It never got me anywhere. If your brain is being stingy with pleasure chemicals then that points to an existential issue rather than some flaw in biology, in my opinion.

                Also, MDMA is one of the most mind-bending drugs out there. It does all sorts of things. It ramps up the oxytocin system in ways no other drug does. You can’t make any judgments about your “regular life” based on your MDMA response.

                Re your non-response to phenibut, I have no idea. I’ve let more people try it since my initial assessment and it still seems to be about 20% responders, 80% non-responders.

                Tramadol tends to have SOME effect on everyone. Some just get tired. Others get the full pleasure whack. Making guesses about what’s going on there is largely pointless, in my experience.

                What you need to think about now is, what are you trying to do with drugs? And, also, if they aren’t working towards that end, is it time to move onto something else?

                Finally, have you tried LSD? Whether you try it or not would depend on what you’re trying to do with drugs.

                • Rigz says:

                  “If your brain is being stingy with pleasure chemicals then that points to an existential issue rather than some flaw in biology, in my opinion.”

                  That’s a possibility. And I can certainly see how self diagnosing chemical imbalances without an advanced understanding of biology or taking lab tests can just be total bullshit. So I’m not convinced or dogmatic about it. But at the same time an “existential issue” could just be a result of neurotransmitters. If something as severe as clinical depression (which I don’t have), where people are literally considering suicide and everything is totally bleak, can be “cured” by certain drugs, to the point that that person is now positive and enjoys life, then it does seem that the “taking drugs to revert to normal function” isn’t totally bullshit thinking.

                  So whether an “existential issue” causes sub par neurotransmitter function, or a neurotransmitter deficiency causes the “existential issue”, I’m not sure. But it remains a fact that taking a certain drug can result in a total personality replacement, to such an extent that entire modes of thinking are just obliterated and your entire perspective changes, at least while you’re on the drug.

                  “What you need to think about now is, what are you trying to do with drugs? And, also, if they aren’t working towards that end, is it time to move onto something else?”

                  My goal from drugs and meditation is to have things be as clear and easy as they are that first MDMA trip. I’m not chasing what I consider to be some unattainable nirvana. I’ve had that experience, and I want to be able to enter it at will. I just want to be in that state often.

                  I was always an anxious introvert who found socializing or doing anything involving other people hard (except with other anxious introverts), then I took MDMA and was literally just walking around talking to people with zero fear or doubt. My automatic behaviors changed. I went from an assumption of things not going well, to them going well. Everything was just automatically and intrinsically ok.

                  So what I want from drugs and meditation is that. To actually feel good and not be overcome with doubt or fear when it comes to socializing and connecting with other people. I know it is possible while on drugs, but MDMA is highly toxic and the comedowns are utterly brutal, so now I want to achieve that state either through some other less toxic drug that can be taken repeatedly without destroying my brain and internal organs, or through meditation. I have had glimpses of it through meditation, but nothing as intense or all consuming as that first MDMA trip.

                  “Finally, have you tried LSD?”

                  I’m not sure. I’ve taken what I was told was LSD, had a bad trip and sense of impending doom, and never tried it again after that. But I can’t be sure if it really was LSD. Often real LSD is very hard to find, what is often passed around as LSD blotter is really just some obscure research chemical or NBOME.

                  • Illuminatus says:

                    “If something as severe as clinical depression (which I don’t have), where people are literally considering suicide and everything is totally bleak, can be “cured” by certain drugs, to the point that that person is now positive and enjoys life,…”

                    Well, this is full of assumptions. Do people exist that go from “clinical depression, suicidal –> positive, enjoys life” from antidepressants? Sounds like a straw man or idealized case.

                    My impression is that it’s more like they go from “can’t get out of bed –> can get out of bed and function, but still with mood problems and massive side effects from the drugs”. But you’d need to find some stats.

                    In any case, you aren’t that (tiny minority) person, and who knows what’s really going on with such people?

                    “…then it does seem that the “taking drugs to revert to normal function” isn’t totally bullshit thinking.””

                    Yeah, but it’s not “normal function” (if such a thing even exists). They have major side effects from the drugs, and the person they were is essentially medicated out of existence.

                    For more “regular” cases, placebo success rates are almost as high as actual drugs. So this is one of many reasons why the neurotransmitter model is largely useless for trying to make Average Joe happy.

                    My view is that there is no such thing as “normal levels” of neurotransmitters — there is a huge amount of human biodiversity, massive differences in cognition and which “fuel” brains run on, as a result of genes. So no “normal baseline” can really be established. Any medication is creating a new state rather than “normalizing” the old one.

                    BTW, it has been shown that meditation increases dopamine by up to 65%:

                    Something to think about.

                    “My goal from drugs and meditation is to have things be as clear and easy as they are that first MDMA trip.”

                    Do you realize that that is why I started this site? To chase that dream. It has never happened in 9 years, with my trying every drug under the sun (plus myriad other methods).

                    Even taking MDMA does not rediscover the first MDMA trip!

                    Let me by your canary in the mine shaft: THIS IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

                    So, if you take that off the table, what are you left with?

                    BTW, something people don’t seem to consider is that the MDMA state is only optimal for certain contexts, e.g. socializing. Do you think you could perform the practical aspects of life in that state? Imagine trying to do everyday tasks while bombed out your brain. The likelihood is you’d end up going on some bender or going home to think about the universe and listen to Pink Floyd.

                    This is why meditation systems seek a release from suffering in all situations.

                    But I’ll tell you some things that can happen from high-level meditation:

                    1) Jhana bliss. Can either make you ecstatic and prosocial, or sedate, withdrawn and reflective. I think it depends on ratio of dopamine:opioids dumped during the meditation, and other contexts.

                    2) Arising & Passing Away (insight territory). The initial MDMA trip is essentially an A&P. A&Ps get triggered at various points the more you meditate. Each time this happens you do get something similar to the first MDMA trip. “Seeing the Matrix”, ultra-outgoing, seemingly controlling reality.

                    3) Equanimity (insight territory). This is very smooth and socializing is effortless, though one is just as likely to not bother socializing since the need is not pressing. “Take it or leave it”.

                    None of these can be relied on or called upon at will. The chasing of any of these states makes them harder and harder to reach, especially if they are invoked for ego purposes.

                    MDMA can trigger an Equanimity-style trip, or an A&P-style trip depending on context. My first MDMA trip was more Equanimity, with my taking a greater interest in my surroundings and the spaciousness of it all. Subsequent ones were almost all A&P-style with raucous rock star socializing.

                    But assuming either of these states is going to happen as a result of taking anything besides MDMA is folly. MDMA causes the MDMA state! It’s its own thing.

                    So, if you take that off the table, what are you left with?

                    • Rigz says:

                      “So, if you take that off the table, what are you left with?”

                      Well if you have a spectrum going from crippling anxiety —-> to first trip MDMA state, then I’d want to move along that spectrum as far as humanly possible, and to have maximum control over it.

                      I’d assumed that this was possible, that you could simply fix “Circuit I” and you’d just be permanently comfortable everywhere you went and trivial worries just wouldn’t even occur. Also I had assumed that the potential of metaprogramming was essentially limitless. If leaving your body, magick, offworld jhanas etc are all possible, I assumed that it would be possible to just customize your experience to the point that you can literally recreate the MDMA state at will.

                      So if that’s not possible and is unreachable, seeing as metaprogramming is possible to SOME extent, there must be a peak state that you can achieve regularly and at will.

                      So I am left with trying other nootropics that might possibly increase my baseline state to something a bit further along that spectrum, as well as meditation. And meditation is already helping. Just not as much as I’d like. At times I have managed to get a good feeling going during meditation, which has then carried over into normal life, to the point that I am entering situations out of will that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I have also felt muscles relax and an increased level of bodily freedom, but nothing total and all consuming. Still the anxiety is still there, its just overridden a bit by the pleasure. And that’s when doing the pleasure-breathing stuff, if I do the body scanning meditation that just makes it worse, because I am now aware of how tense I am and it feeds back into itself, resulting in dysphoria. So I just do the pleasure breathing meditation in the morning and body scanning in the evening.

                      The pleasure-breathing meditation has changed things from “crippling anxiety that makes socializing almost impossible” to “still anxious but with enough momentum to keep a conversation going without coming across like an anxious weirdo”. I think I just seem a bit shy now, as opposed to a complete nervous wreck.

                      I am just a bit impatient and am looking for shortcuts with drugs.

                    • Illuminatus says:

                      “Well if you have a spectrum going from crippling anxiety —-> to first trip MDMA state, then I’d want to move along that spectrum as far as humanly possible, and to have maximum control over it.”

                      It’s a false spectrum. MDMA does things to the brain that the brain cannot do to itself. Its oxytocin effects make you trust everyone. That’s an insane position to take in the world in which we live. I’ve done things like wade through an eight-man streetfight outside a bar while walking home high as a kite on MDMA. I could’ve been seriously injured.

                      The reason the MDMA state is appealing to you is that it solves certain problems for you in certain situations without you having to work for it. But you’re trimming away, or looking through a letterbox at, all the stuff it won’t fix or problems it will in fact create.

                      You don’t want to trust everyone or always be confident; these things can get you into a lot of trouble. It is only a bar/club/party situation where you really get away with that kind of crap.

                      You’re glorifying a state that was made in a lab. It is almost unfortunate that people can even take MDMA, since it raises expectations so highly. At one point I was hooked on six substances trying to create the state you desire. It cannot be done chemically.

                      You need a strategy switch which uses your current skills and mindsets as a basis to progress from, rather than the hope of a magic bullet jump to a glory state.

                      Did you read this post?

                      That is what made the real difference for me in terms of lowering anxiety across the board.

                      ” Also I had assumed that the potential of metaprogramming was essentially limitless. If leaving your body, magick, offworld jhanas etc are all possible, I assumed that it would be possible to just customize your experience to the point that you can literally recreate the MDMA state at will.”

                      I have created something as useful as the MDMA state using meditation, but it was completely unreliable. Meaning I did it one week, then next week expected it to work and it didn’t at all. All sorts of suffering loops arise as a result of failed expectations. It dashes the fake futures you make up based on mastery of that skill. Very painful.

                      The main problem with all the metaprogramming stuff you just mentioned is that it tends to throw open a lot more questions than it answers. Any major, sudden shift in one’s personal reality caused by any metaprogramming technique is almost always quickly rejected (even if it’s something you REALLY wanted). You can get stuff then not keep hold of it.

                      This is why many meditators and people who fuck around with this stuff end up falling back to the idea that they’re not really in control of any of this at all, and that it is “God’s plan” or entirely a causal product of forces beyond our control. I am falling back to the “God’s divine plan” paradigm currently as it LOWERS SUFFERING.

                      Ultimately you are trying to take a load of stuff from reality to feed your ego (that’s why you want the good states etc. really, it’s all to TAKE good emotions rather than give them) and reality resists this.

                      So I would think about a philosophical shift regarding how you think about life etc. It goes far deeper than using a drug to mask some pain so you can go out and get some social approval fix.

                      It sounds like anxiety is your main problem anyway. Like I said, I fixed that with what I wrote in my Intentional Socializing article, so perhaps dedicate some weeks to working only that angle. But that never made me want to go out and rip up some clubs like MDMA did. I think there’s a lot more going on in human psychology and different personalities than can be papered over temporarily with some drug or magick. The reality is very resilient to change so you must find how to work WITH it.

                      Sorry, this stuff is incredibly complicated and there are no simple answers. None that I know of, anyway.

                    • Illuminatus says:

                      Here is a hypothetical idea of the goal state (to replace “first trip MDMA” on your spectrum):

                      – No negative affect/emotions. So, no suffering.
                      – Feels bliss and love; transmits that to others.
                      – However, can also perceive danger and work from a higher level to either dissipate/resolve or avoid threats. So, the effect of anxiety (aversion) but without the suffering and with high cognitive assessment and solution in its place.
                      – Ability to make sound decisions in line with some larger plan.

                      This last point is quite an important distinction from the MDMA state. On MDMA, I literally found everyone attractive, and fucked some truly horrible women as a result (as well as some very nice ones; MDMA can be rather indiscriminate at times).

                      So, rather than autopilot MDMA, factor back in your own discerning mind to the goal state, but a mind working on sound principles. Use these ideas to design your goal state.

                    • Illuminatus says:

                      Here’s an example of how a philosophical shift can totally change emotional reality.

                      1) Walk into a room filled with people you don’t know, and notice that your anxiety starts surging.

                      2) Literally say the words in your head, “This is all part of God’s divine plan. I have no control over this whatsoever. Whatever happens, happens. It is all out of my hands, and all for the greater good. It is all part of God’s divine plan.”

                      3) Watch what happens to your emotional state. Anxiety falls out the bottom, awareness expands, acceptance and equanimity take over.

                      This is also the reason why humans will likely never be able to do without religion.

                      See it as a “metaprogramming hack” if that’s what it takes to have you try it, but commit to it in the moment you try it. I am sure brain scans would register changes no drug could recreate.

          • Edenist Whackjob says:


          • Edenist Whackjob says:

            The most needed intelligence for me is something I would call “tactical creativity”. Ie being able to come up with solutions to tricky problems (eg business-related) on the fly, ie finding a solution that is a good fit for a problem across many dimensions.

            • Illuminatus says:

              I literally just use magick for that, and assume it will all work out in my favour. However, my efforts have not been on anything that would be a mainstream marker of success so far, but that is changing. I have set up a magickal weight loss programme and will be enacting it shortly and documenting it with photos, measurements etc.

              • Edenist Whackjob says:

                Wow! That’s cool!

                One goal of mine right now is creating a software product that will give me passive income. But I have an addiction to solving it with my intelligence – it feels like cheating to just let it come, like you do.

            • timmy turner lil nigga says:

              Eden, Research the scamper technique and other creative thinking exercises you might find that interesting. Why tf should i go to college when I can build “tactical creativity” and just come with solutions on the fly?

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        Re: the penis stuff. I’m guessing I should practice holding a picture of my desired size in mind?

  3. Edenist Whackjob says:

    Illumi, why don’t you contact Daniel Ingram? A podcast of yours is long overdue in any case…

    • Illuminatus says:

      Since every time I venture onto his forum I end up burning the place to the ground, I don’t think he’d be particularly interested in talking with me (nor me him).

      I respect him, but I have a hostility towards him that I’m not able to wholly explain. It’s probably partly to do with him being r-selected (feminist, socialist, very left-brained, running his forum as a collectivism which I perceive as a cult, etc. etc.).

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        Right. Will you be doing a podcast, though? Plenty of K people that you could interview.

        • Illuminatus says:

          It’s been talked about and will almost certainly happen at some point. I want the jhana guide finished first though, so I have something to plug. I’ll also most likely pull down The End of Social Anxiety, and the anxiety guide, since it is so much more effective and efficient to work directly with meditation to fix those issues. I am kind of embarrassed by those resources now since I know measures that actually work and in much more powerful ways.

  4. Illuminatus says:

    By the way, one thing I missed out of this post is that I’ve really been tuning my magickal method, by tracking every cause and effect as best I could in a notepad.

    Magick seems to work best in a certain brain state, which I believe might be the alpha-wave state though I’d need a brain scan to confirm that. There is definitely a frequency whereby psi is “tuned in”, though.

    Other than that, the method involves ONLY tuning into the outcome you want, and tuning out all other emotional noise (frustration etc.). Those distractions can still be going on at the sides, provided you are tuned into the visual projection of what you want. So, continue projecting the desired image onto the existing reels, and hold the visual there and let it tune you into the alpha state, and just keep hitting spin. Also, I found I was able to continue magick even during the dukkha ñanas (Dissolution, Disgust etc.). This is achieved by simply holding the visual and just allowing the negative feelings associated with image to arise and pass. So, during the Disgust phase for example, the visual may make your stomach turn. Allowing those feelings to arise and pass while holding the image and it will still come true. This marks a huge upgrade to my magickal powers since I can now seemingly operate in all phases, rather than relying on the Arising & Passing Away to come back around. This is quite a set of mental gymnastics to pull off, and requires a lot of meditative skill in both concentration and insight (though concentration still takes priority).

  5. James says:

    Glad your concentration meditation is literally paying off 😀

    I’m listening to that podcast right now, really cool.

  6. James says:

    Do you think there is a big difference between cultivating the feeling of success vs visualizing it?

    • Illuminatus says:

      The ultimate determining factor is INTENT. So your focus should be on cultivated that strong “I intend” signal. I actually say the words “I intend” while creating the visualization.

      Feelings of success are fountains of “yes” signals so may help with more acute magick. However ultimately you want to be getting a signal through regardless of emotional state, so “I intend” plus a strong visual of the outcome is going to trump temporary success feelings, in my opinion.

  7. Rippedbuddha says:

    Would it be possible to use the siddhis to attract any woman of your choosing. Also would it be possible to use them to accelerate muscle growth or increase testosterone.

    • Illuminatus says:

      “Would it be possible to use the siddhis to attract any woman of your choosing.”

      Yes, but there are serious ethical considerations. Let’s take the hypothetical situation of her being a strong “no” (meaning she wants nothing to do with you), but then you use a siddhi to turn her into a strong “yes” and while she is in that trance she has sex with you. That is fundamentally no different to rape. When she exits the trance she will likely have strong buyer’s remorse and feel duped or violated. Also, knowing what you have done would also likely cause you a crisis of conscience (depending of course how much of a conscience you had in the first place). Finally, the siddhis are a two-way street, in my experience — that means that when you mind-link with someone, they imprint to you just as much as you imprint to them. In short, this means things like suddenly starting to have shared dreams or pick up on their thoughts and feelings from a distance. It is a quantum entanglement bond. So it is best to choose very carefully those who you mind-link with, and to do so from a place of consent. I have done non-consensual mind-linking a few times and it has always blown up in my face. The repercussions are basically impossible to predict if you have no experience of it.

      “Also would it be possible to use them to accelerate muscle growth or increase testosterone.”

      Yes. You would use visualizations of your intended physical and emotional states. Sending kundalini into your muscles would also probably help here. This is one programme I will actually be doing over the next few months and I will be documenting it, so stay tuned.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        Could you use psi to sniff out all the “yes” girls?

        • Illuminatus says:

          Well, that is happening anyway. We all have instinctual programs that read the interest levels of potential mates. You are best off setting intentions whereby that program is improved and you begin to trust it completely.

          Then you could use psi to scan a room and read energy signatures of interest, but at that point there is no perceptual or operational difference between using psi and using your instincts. Instincts are all psi anyway, from a certain point of view.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        I have a general problem with intending and visualizing – I find it hard to narrow things down to a specific goal-outcome or goal-visualization.

        Ie, I want a better social circle. But what does that even mean? How can I hold an image about that?

        Should I make a very specific list of what it would mean (and it would entail maybe 10 different outcomes), or is there a way to say “surprise me!”?

        • Illuminatus says:

          “I have a general problem with intending and visualizing – I find it hard to narrow things down to a specific goal-outcome or goal-visualization.”

          You should read Daniel Ingram’s essay on magick:
          He talks about the relative benefits of going for “general outcomes” vs. “specific outcomes” (with the latter generally being more difficult).
          This is also the best article on magick I’ve ever read and lays all pretty much all the principles.

          “Ie, I want a better social circle. But what does that even mean? How can I hold an image about that?

          Should I make a very specific list of what it would mean (and it would entail maybe 10 different outcomes), or is there a way to say “surprise me!”?”

          There are various approaches you could take.

          If it were me, I would forget about the make-up of the social circle for now and instead think about the kinds of situations I want to experience.

          So, what does the average day in the life of Edenist Whackjob look like with your new improved social circle? What are the interactions?

          Do you roll out of bed and find ten texts inviting you to parties?

          Do you walk past a nightclub and have a crowd of people outside chanting your name? (I’ve had that before — it was pretty fucked-up. And no, it’s not something I have had again or would ever want again.)

          Or do you get an invite every weekend to various art exhibits or comic conventions?

          Does your work situation matter? Do you want to like the people you work with?

          Do you want several fuck buddies blowing up your phone or one more serious girlfriend?

          How much chaos do you want in your social life vs. stability?

          These are all completely customizable variables. You just have to decide what you want, do the spell, then let it play out.

          You can always add the “surprise me” clause in there too, by leaving visualizations more general and/or intentionally leaving parts out — and wilfully adding “surprise me” to that part.

          When you are deciding what you want you should ignore existing limitations. These exercises are in fact extremely useful for discovering your own limiting beliefs. So, you may find yourself avoiding some visualization by thinking, “Oh, but I’m too anxious for that — I could never do that.” At that point you should acknowledge that you just discovered something about yourself, but then immediately do the visualization anyway, as if it were really happening, and as if the anxiety never existed.

          There is a difference between fantasizing and visualizing. In a fantasy, the premise is that it could never happen, and this belief is a persistent backdrop during your imagining of that scene — e.g. whacking it to your favourite pornstar, or fantasizing about some girl you have oneitis for.

          Visualizing on the other hand is an assumption that you will actually experience what you are visualizing, and therefore becoming mentally attuned to the existing mental configurations that either promote or block certain aspects of that imagining coming true — and overcoming those blocks. To overcome a block you simply imagine the scene as though it will inevitably happen anyway, as if the block never existed. You commit to it, and assume it will play out that way regardless of any emotional ups and downs along the way. Visualizing is a good way to find out what you are really serious about.

          • Edenist Whackjob says:

            Thanks! This is great!

            You seem to have a knack for generating these scenarios.

            Here’s what comes up:

            -I would be friends with several smart and cool Swedish HB10s. They would give me the option to bang, but I would probably not use it.

            -A cool co-founder person who had similar intelligence, interests, willingness to take action, etc. And someone who complements me in some key area (and I them).

            -One or several people who would be willing to talk for hours on Skype about lifestyle issues, personal development, etc.

            -I would have invites to at least one cool social event every weekend, and I would often have invites to do lunch or coffee with stimulating people during the week.

            -I’d have one friend who would be a “badass” (into martial arts, etc) and willing to teach me those things.

            -I’d have a gym buddy with similar goals and level of training.

            -I’d be working with several cool people in an office somewhere.

            -I’d be asked for advice, and I’d be able to give it. I’d be appreciated for this role.

            I don’t want a lot of chaos – I’m a huge sucker for algorithms and being able to control things 🙂

            Thanks, I have a lot more to go on now!

            • Edenist Whackjob says:

              Can I set the intention to have several of my already-existing friends move to my town? Or is that too disrespectful of their own wishes?

              • Illuminatus says:

                Yes, it’s disrespectful because it’s non-consensual.

                This is where you get into the paradigm whereby often the more specific the intention, the less consensual it can become.

                I was going to bring this up in answer to Rippedbuddha’s question, “Would it be possible to use the siddhis to attract any woman of your choosing?” If he had a specific girl in mind — someone he already knows — then using a siddhi to draw her into a sexual relationship would most likely be non-consensual. Doing magick on people you already know is generally a bad idea, and tends to have serious repercussions for both of you.

                Ideally in that situation you would think about the kind of girl you want to meet. You could make her character traits quite specific, as long as you avoid giving her the face of anyone you already know. You should give her a generic face, body and demeanour matching the qualities you wish to see. Visualize the kind of interactions you would want — how the relationship would grow organically. Then set the intention, and wait. The universe will shuffle things around and she’ll appear in your reality at some point, probably within weeks. If you are shy or have uncertainty when reading signals then you can set the intention that she will she will be quite forward or obvious with her feelings, or provide some other sign that this is definitely the intention coming true.

                There is an interview with Grant Morrison where he says he met his wife through a love spell which asked the universe to bring him the woman of his dreams. He’s into chaos magick and using sigils and things, I believe. I personally prefer to do magick without props but props and rituals seem to suit some people well — it helps break through the Field of Disbelief, as Ingram calls it.

                Regarding your existing friends, I have sometimes thought things like “It would be cool if he came to visit me” then thought through what we’d do, but without throwing serious magickal intention at it. Then within a few weeks they will tend to contact me and it will end up happening. That’s just “natural magick” and reaches through the æther easily, and is literally happening all the time anyway. I wouldn’t use magick to make them move to my city though; that’s all kinds of unnatural magick. You could however visualize meeting people similar to them in your town, or visualize yourself in a new town where those types of people are abundant anyway.

                • Edenist Whackjob says:

                  I more and more realize that I need an intention coach. Someone who can help me clarify what I actually want, and how to flesh it out with images and feelings.

                  Can I meta-intend? Ie intenting to have better intentions?

                  • Illuminatus says:

                    Yes. “Intending for better intentions” is part of my Magick Toolkit — a list of initial wishes you should make to power up as quickly as possible. It is the same as how, when a genie appears from a lamp, your first wish should be infinite wishes. That’s another post I’ve been meaning to get around to writing.

            • Edenist Whackjob says:

              After writing that, I’ve been really pissed off. Full of rage. Angry at everything. WTF gives? :p

              • Illuminatus says:

                I don’t know. I’m not your therapist.

                • Edenist Whackjob says:

                  Was referring to the Arising & Passing away and the Fear and Disgust cycle. Could it be related to that?

                  • Mayath says:

                    I wouldn’t worry about things like A&P unless you’ve been meditating a lot or doing Hallucinogenic drugs and skipped some levels.

                    People work hard to get into these states. It unlikely your gonna into that by blogging :p.

                    It’s more likely some part of your unconscious programming is threaten by a magickal work view maybe?

                    Be wary of modelling your experience on the Progress of Insight until you’ve started some serious practice and started having some in depth insights.

                    It could be debated if ordinary people who don’t meditate or don’t meditate often can place their experience on to the Insight maps. I could seen an argument for and against that they do and don’t.

                    I personally wouldn’t do advice anyone to start modelling their experience on it until they have had some experiecial knowledge of the three characteristics and I haven’t seen you say you have but I don’t know. It’s your experience so I or anyone else can’t tell you what you had :p.

  8. Mayath says:

    I much prefer Eastern systems of Magick. Western occultism is obsessed with Gods and spirits and I just can’t bring myself to work with these entities. Not because of fear but because I don’t want to worship any being. The power dynamic thing is too weird for me and I’m way too conditioned by the hardcore atheism I was into when I was a young teen to disdain all that. I just don’t see why a powerful being would give a shit about you. I certainly don’t give a shit about them. I don’t want to be relying on other beings if I can help it. There’s always a God, a higher consciousness or power lurking behind Western occultism and with Buddhism I can largely dispense with that if I’m feeling like entertaining a particularly Skeptic materialist reality tunnel world view that. I don’t need all that “crap”.

    Plus alot of western occultism online seem to be obsessed with the Skeptic/Materialist athiest movement and the petty anti science nature of their complaints bug me. I’m talking about the Secret Sun and Runesoup if anyone knows what I’m talking about. The Secret Sun is great for finding out about deep state politics and the relationship between art, magick, creativity and pop culture but him and Runesoup are obsessed with defending immaterialsim and spirituality and I find this clinging and attachment sad, especially because they are always preaching to the choir as their audience is very emotive and agrees with them on everything.

    Meditation made me happy while Western occultism didn’t. In fact, just to tie into the whole discussion of consent. I used sigils to try to make someone love me. I had reason to believe they were interested in methe time and I thought I was speeding things up between us. Instead I didn’t realise how much of a bad place they were in and I ended up connecting them in a deep level and their depression and suffering ended up pouring into me. Combined with my own predisposition for these things and I ended up in a shitstorm of Dukka. It really was not worth it at all. So I would definitely take on Illuminatus advice. Don’t use magick on people you know and don’t try to make people love you.All I got was blowback and Oneitis.

    But anyway, I recommend Runesoup for anyone interested in sigil magick. I’ve had quite a bit of success working with his methods. Alas, he’s not big into meditation and seems pretty ignorant of eastern systems. I like that’s he interested in Near Death experiences and he seems to believe in some form of reincarnation. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s thought out the full implications of reincarnation if it’s true. That we are constantly being reborn over and again and that is not a comforting belief to me. Like Buddhism and Hinduism, I find that a scary thought and I like the option of at least exploring methods that would enable me not to incarnate anymore if I so choose.

    He’s also obsessed with spirits and that doesn’t appeal to me. Western occultism lack of appreciation for concentration meditation is disappointing. CM really is fantastic in all the things it gives you. Western occultism makes you rely on props too much and a lot of their contemplative methods leave a lot to be desired in comparison to what the East has to offer.

    Runesoup is what I imagine Illuminatus would be like if he was a Gay, left wing socialist and focused on chaos magick haha. I really think you and Gordon White would really hate each other. The politics are so different. But his blog is great source for knowledge and distils different sources of information so well.

    I’d like to work with the Higher Guardian Angel rites some time though. I remember listening to an interview on Buddhist geeks with Alan Chapman and he talked about the HGA helped him and his buddy get enlightened. I’ve always wanted to transverse the tree of life. Alan Moore’s Promethea was a big influence on me and I think the Kabballah Tree of Life is similiar to the Progress of Insight in that it’s a huge model which you can conceivably place any experience within.

    • Vick says:

      I never got the impression that working with spirits is to worship them. You say some god names, evoke\invoke the spirit, greet it, say your request with a commanding yet respectful voice, in some cases offer incense, booze or if it’s angels a promise to eliminate one of your vices, give the spirit a license to depart and banish.
      Demons supposedly like it when you talk about them and the rituals success with strangers.
      In goetia if you mess the ritual up the entities will fuck your life and possibly you up.

      If anything you command the spirits and they do your biddings, the price or if there is one depends on the system you’re using or spirit.
      If there is no price the spirit is bound to do your biddings because of the authority you give yourself with the god names.

      Also chaos magick offers evocation rituals without too many props, just incense to get you in the mood and maybe another offering.
      Some books offer ways without props at all.

      Re eastern: Hindus have bhakti yoga where you worship and completely surrender to god, at the same time there’s raja yoga which is basically meditation.

      • Vick says:

        Also I’m pretty sure they work with spirits in Tibetan Buddhism.

        • Mayath says:

          Again I think I’ve just been really conditioned against working with entities and that’s something I should probably work on. When I see talk of Gods I can’t help but roll my eyes. I just don’t really see the point in working with them if someone can achieve what they want through other means like the Jhanas. I’ve never seen why I should do it apart from seeing if these things are actually true and I’ve reason enough to believe that they are in some shape or form, even if they just exist entirely within our heads.

          Maybe when I get more attained these things will start to become part of my experience. Right now I slide between a materialist world view and a magical one. I actually like this because I feel it’s good for meto have a materialist conventional lens because it keeps me grounded in my interactions with other people. My magical worldview keeps things more interesting and creative though.

          Working with entities would be the thing to shock my system but it’s not something I feel the need to explore at the moment. All my results with Magick could be explained by conventional means for example.

          I guess I’m criticising Paganism and Wicca more so than Chaos Magick. They seem to be more about honouring and worshipping beings and cycles of nature.But I’m probably wrong in that as I don’t know a whole a lot about those systems. I’ve just never read anything that’s convinced me why I should bother envoking entities.

          I’ve always just felt stupid using props regardless of how little or many were required.

          I will say one thing though. The lesser banishing ritual is brilliant and I’ve got a lot of mileage out of in the past even if I haven’t used it recently. I’m a big Crowley fan.

          I just take what’s useful to me :p. I’m primarily influenced by Chaos Magick actually even in the way I use Buddhist methods. These methods have been more useful for me than the ones I’ve gotten from other systems. Haven’t had much use for entities really.

          • Vick says:

            Fair enough, it doesn’t matter what system you use as long as it works for you.
            I was just pointing out the worship thing because if that’s what turns you off there are systems where you are on equal or higher grounds than the entity.

            Although as Edd and Daniel Ingram mentioned, if you meditate long enough you’re bound to run into some entities, either on the physical plane or throu astral projection.

          • Mayath says:

            My views on Magick primarily come from Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. For Alan Moore, Magick and art are the same thing and imagination is the common denominator of both of those things. He got into Magick because he wanted to expand his imagination and he found he’d reached the limits of using purely rational means to creating Art.

            In one interview he discussed how if one is going to explore there imagination then it’s useful to have a guide that is actually imaginary like a God. For him he uses a snake God called Glycon that was clearly a fake but he finds use in working with it. He says he worships it and while I don’t know what lineage Moore follows I assume it’s some mix of Thelema and Chaos Magick. Don’t chaos magicians believe and worship in the entities they invoke even if it’s just temporarily?

            I don’t know if anyone’s read His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman but in his books everyone soul exists outside of their bodies in the physical form of an animal that represents their personality. These beings are consciousand are called Daemons. Daemons are usually the opposite gender to you and can talk and think but their still part of you.

            My first forays into Magick, though I didn’t realise it at the time were when I was 12 and I created my own Daemon. My daemon changed shape and in the series children’s daemons change shape until they hit puberty. I still have this Daemon though I barely interact with it now. Shes basically a Tulpa and a servitor. You could just call it a glorified imaginary friend too :p.

            Its basically a part of my consciousness that I have sectioned off and given some independence to. She pops up now and then to have a chat but I have no real need for her now.My Daemon basically fulfilled the role of Carl Jung’s Anima balancing me out and I got a self-development working with her when I was younger. Trying to work out what animal form would suit my personality also lead to a lot of self-reflection and knowledge that was incredibly useful.

            So working with an entity in that way I could see being very useful. Though in my case my entity was also a part of me.


  9. Bishop says:

    May I get your opinion on the benefits of sexual abstinence in meditation progress? I’ve been looking into various tools to boost progress and have read some interesting experience of prolonged sexual abstinence benefits. daobums link Is it possible to gain benefits like this guy has while still being sexually active in your experience? I know you and Absolutus have mentioned that after enough progress its not as much of a problem just curious if there are still benefits beyond that.

    • Bishop says:

      I also wanted to thank you about explaining your no-self insights a little while back. I have been contemplating on it and my anxiety towards it has lessened a bit.

  10. Vick says:

    I haven’t read anything by those guys so can’t comment.
    The snake sounds like an elementary\thought form he created and gave purpose to.

    What do you mean by worship? If you adress the spirit as if you’re begging and bellow it it supposedly won’t help you, it’s as effective as praying to God.
    Spirits are independent intelligences that live on other planes of existence, even those called gods, you summon them with your authority, you say your request and you pay them (in some systems), like a business meeting.

    Then there are thought forms\elementaries that were created and reinforced over time or simply created by you for your own goals.

    It’s hard to explain but you can also invoke a characteristic, you can give it a representation you like, could even be fictional character.
    In “hand on chaos magick” he talks about invoking spok and the persona he represents for self transformation.

    I think your daemon is simply an elemtary you created, reinforced I’ve time and never destroyed.

    There are so many systems and explanations its ridiculous, I don’t have much experience with all of it, it’s mostly from reading.

    Personally I would recommend “initiation into hermetics” and “magical evocation” by franz bardon, “The Astral Plane Its Scenery, Inhabitants and Phenomena” and “astral dynamics”. I read a bunch of books, some from Eastern point of view and they all show this same model which makes sense (to me) and easy to work with.

    IIH is basically different kinds of meditations and visualizations, it’s all imagination and intentions and I think there are no rituals at all except for evocation.

    ATM I’m aiming for mastery of fourth Jhana and then IIH should be a breeze. I’ll leave the enlightenment stuff for later or maybe LSD will slap me in the face with it.

    • Illuminatus says:

      I purposely avoid meeting demons, angels, or any other kind of entity, because a lot of mental illness runs in my family and I am specifically looking to avoid that symptom set.

      The benefit of working with spirits for some people is that it is an easier way to penetrate their own Field of Disbelief. So, if they have been brought up religious, they will have been exposed to the idea of spirits from an early age and therefore their reality is malleable via that doorway.

      It simply never appealed to me.

      I simply intend magick under the assumption I can do it all myself without requiring external thought forms. But the way I do magick is not for everyone. It requires certain beliefs that are frankly unpalatable to most people. These beliefs can be summarized roughly as:

      – My mind IS the universe (call it the universal overmind projecting itself through this body image or whatever)
      – This is all there is (unless I decide to explore somewhere else, at which point that becomes my experience — but it’s always right here, never “somewhere else”)
      – Spirits, angels, demons, and all other entities including you and everyone else in the world are just projections of aspects of that mind.

      Getting to here required some terrifyingly lonely Dark Nights but it’s where the breadcrumbs led me.

      If someone would rather create a spirit guide or angel or other helper so they don’t feel alone in their struggle then that is up to them.

      I think anyone who’s ever had oneitis however should have a clue as to how dangerous creating mental avatars can be.

      • Illuminatus says:

        P.S. This may look like solipsism but it isn’t, and here’s why. I take this reality as it is presented to me. I trust it, as it appears. So, if you appear conscious, I treat you as conscious. I am not replying to each of you while underneath thinking, “This person isn’t real.” Then later on, in reflection, I may consider you a projection of mind. But that thought takes place in that moment, and does not persist. Everything is just as it is in the moment.

        Solipsistics on the other hand would be talking to you as though you didn’t exist. That would be a presupposition I don’t make when I’m interacting. I’ve met people who do think like that, though. It’s a sociopath trait. You are either a tool to help them get their own way, or an obstacle to getting their own way.

        • Vick says:

          ” It requires certain beliefs that are frankly unpalatable to most people.”

          Also your power of mind/will and visualization skills are way beyond the average and probably advanced sorcerer AND you experienced a kundalini awakening.
          Probably helps a bit too :p

        • Mayath says:

          So basically everything is Mind? Any thoughts on Alan Moore’s concept of Idea Space then?He talks about Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphic resonance theory and it’s basically Plato’s theory of forms meets Carl Jungs collective unconscious.

          Basically Idea space is a place in which mental events can be said to occur, an idea space which is perhaps universal. Our individual consciousnesses have access to this vast universal space, just as we have individual houses, but the street outside the front door belongs to everybody. It’s almost as if ideas are pre-existing forms within this space … The landmasses that might exist in this mind space would be composed entirely of ideas, of concepts, that instead of continents and islands you might have large belief systems, philosophies, Marxism might be one, Judeo-Christian religions might make up another.”

          He believes that to navigate this space, magical systems like the tarot and the Qabalah would have to be used. I presume Tantra and Tibetan Buddhism would have ways to explore this in an eastern model.

          He talks about it after 6:30 in the first video. He continues on in this video in more depth:

          I’ve had the feeling that ideas comes from somewhere else, like a different plane, but I’m not sure. That was pre meditation or pre-mindfulness as you put it in your new post :D.

          Now creativity seems to be the workings of different parts of my brain working highly efficiently, synthesising and combining ideas and concepts in novel ways. A magical worldview or idea space don’t come into it. Of course creativity can still be a brain thing and idea space a phenomenon except instead of the brain pulling a highly novel idea out of idea space it is actually sending one up there. So to use Moore’s example of the steam Engines, one guy came up with the idea, it hung around in idea space where other people telepathically picked up on it. Ideaspace could be a hypothetical explanation for telepathy and other psychic power. Someone with a high Psychic quotient would have better access to Ideaspace maybe?

          Not sure what I think of Moore ideaspace. I haven’t experienced a collective unconscious in meditation and I haven’t seen the concept in Buddhism. I still have a lot deeper to go so I need to get more attained so I can explore and see if it’s true for myself.

          The separation between mind and matter Moore makes is very dualist. I’ve not seen him define what consciousness only that he’s not a materialist. However, whatever about Magick existing, dualism just doesn’t seem feasible to me anymore. The mind and body are so intertwined. Or at least they seem to be from my current level of attainment.

          • Illuminatus says:

            He has just revamped Plato’s forms.

            – Plato believed objects exist in “perfect forms” — but we only see the shadow cast by them on the cave wall (we only see our perceptual versions of those forms, so each person’s perception of each object is slightly different).

            – Aristotle however believed that objects do exist, as they are, and have an “essence”. So, “a chair has four legs and you sit on it.” When it stops being a chair (e.g. you cut its legs off or whatever) at some point it loses its essence. This is obviously just left-brain categorization on steroids.

            – Both of the previous ideas suppose that there IS an object, whether right here (Aristotle) or somewhere else projecting itself into perceptions (Plato). I believe however that THERE IS NO OBJECT. There is ONLY perception. When you look outside and see the sun, you see a different sun to me — because THERE IS NO SUN. There is only perception of a sun. There is nothing casting the shadow; only the shadow.

            So, we get “objective reality” where our perceptions are similar enough to intersect, right?
            No. They never intersect. There is no objective reality. Conservatives and liberals do not share the same world, but see it in very different ways — each person literally lives in his or her own world. There is no “common space” we share.

            Each person is their own universe. The perceptions they see are fed into and shaped by karma (what went before). I see each person’s universe as a kaleidoscope. The coloured gems are the “karma” that got poured into it when they were made — genes, upbringing, and other forms of conditioning. Rotating the kaleidoscope presents life situations made up of different configurations and reflections of that past karma. Everything now is due to what has been. These rotations also provide the illusion of time. The opportunity to create new kaleidoscopes arises during this turning (procreation) at which point all the crap in the existing kaleidoscope pours into a new one which spins off and starts doing its own thing (a child).

            So you have all the previous forms pre-loaded in each kaleidoscope, which you might call the collective unconscious. But it doesn’t mean those things ever existed as anything other than mind-formations in past kaleidoscopes.

    • Mayath says:

      Thanks, I’ll have a look into Initiation into Hermetics and Franz bardon. He seems pretty interesting from what I see on his Wikipedia page. His book key to the true Kaballah seems cool.

      This caught my eye: “The idea is that the True Kabbalah is not a mantic art, as some perceptions of it (primarily relating to gematria) suggest, but a method of empowering the letters of the alphabet to create magical effects through their combination”.

      I’m really interested in how Magick, creativity and writing intersect. Maybe this book by Bardon might have something on that.

      I think writing, particularly fictional creative writing can be a form of meditation and Magick. I’ve had so many experiences where aspects of stories that I’ve written have started to come true. One time I wrote a story about three girls and in my minds eye these girls looked like three girls I barely knew. The things I started putting those characters through started happening to these real people. It was really freaky so I stopped writing it.

      When I’ve based characters on myself weird shit happens too. Grant Morrison talks about something similiar happening to him and a character he blatantly based upon himself and whatever bad happened to that character happened to him. For example he had that character shot in the lung and his own lung soon collapsed afterwards and he had to go to hospital.

      There’s definitely a relationship between creativity and Magick. It’s the angle of Magick I’m most interested in exploring. The most disappointing thing about Buddhism and the Dharma to me is that there’s no talk about cultivating creativity or discussion about stories or aesthetics. A great story is also a great work of Magick that manipulates and changes someone’s consciousness.

      I used to feel like ideas were gifts to me coming from another place like the astral plane or a deeper Part of my consciousness, now I think it’s just different parts of my brain sticking other ideas or concepts into formations. Not quite as magical to me.

      I also hope to use 4th Jhana to explore more of the occult and the Siddhis but I also want to use it as way to generate great ideas, which was something Absolutus said he did. I think I’ve already had some luck doing that already with the lower Jhanas.

      You should look into Alan Moore and Grant Morrison. They interview very well and they talk about the occult a lot.The first 2 volumes of Morrison’s comic The Invisibles are great primers on the occult. It starts to deteriorate towards the end because Morrison is bad at pacing and clarity. Promethea is “better” but not as fun. It’s more of a textbook than a comic book. He explores Hermeticsm, the Kabbalah and Crowley.

  11. Edenist whackjob says:

    Illumi why dont you start a slack channel for us chatty bastards? 🙂

  12. Well shit, I posted this in the wrong post…

  13. Rigz says:

    I’ve been experimenting with intentions. It helps, in that it can bring semi-conscious “social taking” ideas into awareness that can be considered, with new focuses put in their place. The problem is that it doesn’t actually remove underlying anxiety, the “fight or flight” response, and so such huge emotional pulls can fuck up the intentions, or be an uconscious intention to such an extent that the conscious mind cant changr anything, even if it wants to. What I mean is that it seems there are “mental intentions” that are more philosophical, and then “emotional pulls” that are their own thing, and can independently create behaviors through immense emotional force. Anxiety would be one of these.

    For example. I set the intention “I intend to enter into casual small talk with strangers who I cross paths with, and will try to react neutrally to either positive or negative reactions”.

    I visualized this, and tried to visualize as many realistic reactions as i could. I visualized some being unkeen to talk, some who replied socially and smilig, people who had to rush off, people who responded very neutrally, people who responded negatively. As an aside, I find this visualisation very useful because it seems to lessen the blow of some reactions in that, in the back of your mind you have already considered a bad reaction and so a bad reaction is less of a shock than if you were to dive in blind [but only if the visualized reaction is similar to what actually happens].

    So i spoke to some people about stuff that was near us, things that were happening nearby. Mostly it went well. They responded, I responded back. I wasn’t really trying hard to force anything, I didn’t get any REALLY strong reactions positive or negative. Some replied socially and friendly, others had a look of “why is this guy talking to me”, which i had visualized before so my reaction wasn’t intense panic as it normally would be. However spoke to one guy for a bit, but then someone he knew interrupted and suddenly I was standing there looking at them both talking. I began thinking “should I try to join in to avoid standing here awkwardly”, anyway no opportunity to join in presented and I began to feel very awkward so left.

    Now I went into these situations with a conscious intention but the strength of the amxiety had so much pressure that it just went put the window and the unconscious intention of “I want people to react to me positively so that i am no longer tense” came back. But the issue here is the sense of anxiety in the first place. The anxiety is present, and it is uncomfortable. Therefore I am seeking comfort, and in a social situation when someone’s eyes are looking back at yours, what stops that anxious tension is “them liking you”. Basically a positive reaction on their face gives you permission to not be so tense. You correctly call this “taking”.

    But it isn’t really conscious. I think it is more accurately called “pain aversion”, and it is part of the intention.

    The issue as I see it is that I have this huge backdrop of anxiety, that creates a lot of pressure, that drives me into certain behaviors. As an example, when that anxiety has not been present, usually under the influence of drugs, that intention of “taking” positive reactions so as to feel less tense, just wasn’t there. So I think I am going to focus mainly on anti-anxiety meditation.

    It’s the pressure of the fear and of wanting it to stop, and by stopping it through “validation” in the form of positive reactions on people’s faces, that is the issue with me socially.

    • Illuminatus says:

      “For example. I set the intention “I intend to enter into casual small talk with strangers who I cross paths with, and will try to react neutrally to either positive or negative reactions”.”

      Wow. You’ve totally misunderstood the tech.

      Intentions have to be simple. They should have one clause at most. Your above intention has five clauses!:

      – Casual small talk (this intention alone having multiple interpretations)
      – Strangers (bad labelling anyway; don’t make them foreign to you)
      – Cross paths with (random encounters, not under your control)
      – React neutrally (WHY?? Aren’t you trying to have a nice time?)
      – To either positive or negative reactions (why seek the negative?)

      Please re-read:

      The intentions are single-form:

      “This is a cool dude.” (Then speak to him)
      “I wonder how she is?” (Then ask her and listen)

      But you’ve highlighted I need to add more “good intentions” and probably situations to that post.

      What situations are you practising the above in? Maybe I can write you some better ones.

      But, yeah, the emotional systems need to be given clear concise one-line commands. Thinking “This is a cool guy” before saying hello will do more for your interaction than anything else out there. I doubt anxiety can pull you away from thinking “This is a cool guy”. Also, anxiety won’t stop you smiling (even if it’s fake). Anxiety tends to fade fast once the interaction gets off on the right foot, which is the point of these intentions. Then it’s just a matter of training –> feedback till the old anxiety responses are overwritten.

  14. Rigz says:

    Well the reason I used multiple intentions is because when I was running through the situations in my head, it seemed as though that would be necessary. So for example, I go up to a guy thinking “This is a cool dude”. But then, after the opening back and forth, I’m stood there talking to him, and the situation has completely changed, we’re now having a “conversation”. There has to be a “purpose” to the interaction beyond the opening intention. So I was trying to get at the larger idea of “what is possible”.

    “React neutrally (WHY?? Aren’t you trying to have a nice time?)
    To either positive or negative reactions (why seek the negative?)”

    When I say react neutrally I mean not give off obvious “taking” behaviors. Neutral in this case meaning open/calm, I suppose. Not some smiling lunatic with a fake grin, but not an anxious creep either. Just “normal”.

    I wasn’t seeking the negative, I was simply considering what was possible. So going up to a woman thinking “I wonder how she is?” it is still completely possible that you have run into a woman that is a complete lunatic or has just had a bad breakup or something and flips out. Or a woman that just isn’t interested in talking to anyone and so who blanks you out/gives you one word answers. I wanted to prepare myself for these possibilities to avoid total panic if that happened.

    >What situations are you practising the above in? Maybe I can write you some better ones.

    I was just talking to people I happened to run into. I was at the bus stop, a guy came and sat down, I asked him “hey man, hows it going?”, and he told me he’d just been at a lecture, so I asked him what he was studying, etc, and we carried on like that for a bit. Situations like that.

    As an aside, one issue that I am running into is, what do you when the train of conversation is exhausted and the topic done, and no more tangents are occurring to you? Sometimes things go very naturally, someone mentions something, it reminds you of something else so you say that, they respond back, its all quite easy and natural. But then all of a sudden that stops and you’re both quiet, what you were talking about previously is over. What can you do to get the conversation up again, just say something random? I’m not really sure of what “giving” looks like or what is acceptable to say, how to keep things going and not come to a halt. Do you have any resources or other sites on this?

    Also, would something like “I want to create a mutually enjoyable interaction” be a good intention, or is that too complex?

    • Illuminatus says:

      Ultimately the “global intention” behind talking to someone new falls into only a handful of categories:

      – Make new friend
      – Find new business contact
      – Meet woman for mating/dating
      – Just socializing to check that “human need” box.

      That intention should be decided firmly beforehand then largely forgotten about during the outing.

      When talking to someone new you use the good intention (“This is a cool dude”) to get the interaction off on the right foot. But after that it’s going to go where it’s going to go. If it fizzles out then that’s fine, just move on. If you grab to extend it then that will tend to repel it, and you have to ask yourself why you are trying to extend it anyway.

      It sounds like you’re micromanaging interactions and trying to build a “vibe” out of parts (hence the stacking of intentions), which never works. Relinquish control, is my main advice.

      • Illuminatus says:

        P.S. The “vibe” is a product of how well your personalities mesh, and that is decided long beforehand. Rather than trying to manufacture vibe, you should instead see whether it’s there or not, and if it is then stay with it. If not (interaction fizzles out), let it go and move on.

        There are ways to “manufacture” vibe (see: all pickup techs) but you end up with something illusory that doesn’t tend to last beyond that short moment.

        There are also ways to draw out vibe (so, asking questions or doing things to have the interaction reveal commonalities or compatibilities) but it’s complex. Ultimately compatibilities will tend to reveal themselves early on. You are best off researching body language to figure that out. These things are all part of the bigger picture of “social skills”, intuition, ability to read body language and subtext — lots of right-brain stuff, as well as some left-brain strategies. It’s a big area.

        The intentions post above is to get things going right from the start (which it does) and therefore decrease anxiety in the long-term by feeding back positive interactions. It isn’t designed to manufacture a social life for people (though, if the intentions message is really understood, it can).

      • Illuminatus says:

        P.P.S. The fundamental difference is that pickup community advice would be “Create a vibe” whereas I say “Reveal a vibe that was already there”. If there is no vibe it will fizzle out (nothing wrong with that). Pickup community advice however would have you spin your wheels trying to create a vibe where none exists and this mostly fails.

      • Illuminatus says:

        Some summary of all the above:

        – What are you trying to DO? What are your markers for “success”?

        – Emotional system needs to be fed very simple commands (intentions). Single-line intentions about creating a mutually enjoyable exchange.

        – The Intentional Socializing post is about getting off on the right foot by setting correct “good” intentions going in. It isn’t about getting any other goal beyond “having a nice exchange”. Nice exchanges, when added up, tend to reduce anxiety though.

  15. Dd says:

    The best way to develop your psychic abilities is to expand your consciousness because the two are intertwined. As you expand, blockages will be eliminated.

    I know it’s controversial to say, but psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, DMT (ayahuasca) cause rapid expansion of the psychic realm of consciousness. You can learn in one trip what would take 10-20 years to learn in silent meditation at a monastery. It really is the fast track, and it cuts out the middle men.

    • Illuminatus says:


      > I know it’s controversial to say, but psychedelics like LSD, psilocybin mushrooms, DMT (ayahuasca) cause rapid expansion of the psychic realm of consciousness.

      It is not that controversial; Patanjali mentioned drugs in the Yoga Sutras:

      4.1 The subtler attainments come with birth or are attained through herbs, mantra, austerities or concentration.

      >You can learn in one trip what would take 10-20 years to learn in silent meditation at a monastery. It really is the fast track, and it cuts out the middle men.

      Do you have some personal story backing that up? I don’t really like “this is how it is”–style posts that do not cite personal experience.

      I have known many people who took a psychedelic and simply had a wonderful (or terrible) time with no acquisition of siddhis.

      However, in my experience, LSD grants “free” Arising & Passing Away (Therevada insight stage 4) and “free” Infinite Consciousness (sixth jhana) for a temporary time. But this is largely useless if someone doesn’t know what to do with them, in which case they will simply be bewildered by the experience. Without a philosophical or spiritual practice model through which to incorporate the psychedelic experience, it can be a bewildering and potentially dangerous glimpse at what Huxley called “unmitigated reality”.

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