Riding The Wave – Unfabricated Awareness

We spend our lives fabricating the way we perceive and focus on ‘things’. We spend our lives conceiving, construing and fabricating these ‘things’ or ‘objects’ for the mind to establish a relationship with.  We section off parts of what is being perceived, focused on, evaluate those parts, judge them and react towards them. We fabricate the very means of paying attention to those ‘things’ because we have created those ‘things’ as ‘mental objects’ within the mind.

This is a fantastic introduction to the concept of “choiceless awareness”. It’s a really well-written article which may induce “clicks” in one’s practice, understanding and ability to become “present” just from reading and following the short instructions interspersed within the text.

For neuroscience fans, the “sectioning off” of parts of reality mentioned in the above quote is a function of the left brain. Choiceless awareness (riding the wave) is a return to right-brain “Yes-saying to all of experience” (whereas the left brain can say “Yes” or “No” to certain elements, which is the essence of forming judgments).

But don’t worry about any neuroscience stuff while reading and applying it.

This post marks an introduction to a development of a new focus for this site: actual hardcore meditation practice. I have tons of tech and insights on the way, with some stunning “mind tricks” you can experience for yourself.

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