Reopening the Forum

After giving it a lot of thought I’ve decided it’s for the best that the old forum reopen. I’ve received many emails since its closure saying it was the one place where people felt they could shout out whatever they needed to — and get a reply filled with understanding.

Firstly I will need to upgrade the software and cleanse the bot accounts. Once this is taken care of, the forum will be exactly as it was — you will have the same login details, post counts, private messages and everything. However the following conditions must be met before I will reopen the forum.

I need:

  • 10 guys who can reliably hit jhana. I don’t care which method you use — in fact, the more diverse, the better, as we will be able to cater to different “hardware types”. You need to get in touch with me in the comments section of this post, or via private email, if you think you qualify for this. The new forum is going to be more like a “Sangha” — which was the Buddha’s name for his little gang of helpers. If someone can’t hit jhana via my method, *BOOM* they ask someone who has a mind method and they hit the next level under that guidance which is correct FOR THEM.
  • 2 “suicide guys”. I will be around to help on this new forum as much as my schedule allows. However, I am not going to force myself at gunpoint to log in every day and reply compassionately to every single post. Once again, I will do my best with what my time allows. But the purpose of this condition is to have one or two guys who have teetered on the edge of suicide in the past, and have all the insight gained from that tightrope walk act. I’ve been there more times than you can shake a shitty stick at, but I won’t always be “on call”. I need a couple of guys who check the forum regularly and who can chime in with their own experiences regarding this very specific moment within the Dark Night. In my experience, most people just want to be heard at this time. It’s an invaluable compassionate service you can provide.
  • 1 magick guy. I personally have two siddhis: intention-manifestation developed to a moderate level, particularly regarding gambling whence I can reliably pluck money out of thin air. I have done this publicly, and have had a PPM member over at my house and shown him it first-hand by performing joint jhanas — an incredibly fun and bonding experience! I also have a poorly-developed mind-control siddhi which, while it works, never fails to create absolute chaos each time I use it. I’ve done some wacky stuff with that one. I won’t be teaching it because it’s Illuminati stuff and some arseholes will use it to control you primitive primates — which they already do anyway. I guarantee that these Freemason organizations exist and that they use ritual to prop up their group intentions. To get back to my point, I want at least one other guy who can talk about siddhis from a place of personal mastery and train others if he sees potential in a pupil and if that is what he desires at the time. I don’t want to have to be the only one talking about siddhis on the new forum.
  • 1 moderator. One of the worst things about running a forum was waking up to 30 spam posts a day which I had to disapprove (followed by deleting them from the database). Problem is, deleting them still leaves their record in the database, so we ended up with a bloated database of 15,000 members, 5,000+ of which were spammers. Now, these guys get past the security systems because they’re not actually bots — they’re real humans, usually living in Pakistan, India and Russia. Poor fucks. Their job consists of messing up my day. I cannot think of anything less compassionate. I try to remember their fundamental hardware flaw as I’m deleting them and sending them abusive messages about their whole existence revolving around the worthless goal of posting links to Paul Oakley sunglasses which nobody in their right mind will ever click, yet for which their cocaine-addled paylords will give them a shiny rupee for every shitty account generated. They are the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world and I am in awe that their limbic system is so easily compromised. DO JHANA. The neocortex is the greatest gift to any organism in our current epoch and as much time as possible should be spent cultivating the tits off it. I will provide moderator training to crush the weevils and eat the shitty biscuit whence they wriggle forth. I’ll also provide an abusive email template listing each way in which that user is fucking up his or her own existence, upon request. 🙂
  • 1 “psychology guy”. This individual will be wrapped up in primitive human left-brain models of psychology, better known as the current state of affairs in mental health medicine. They will have some experience of meditation so their advice can extend beyond putting the target on a thorazine drip. Hopefully, they will have used their scientific knowledge to combine Eastern spiritual practice with Western shortsighted gobbledegook and therefore provide some bastard hybrid which nevertheless soothes and progresses those of us inclined toward requiring a higher moral authority under which to make life-altering decisions, even if that authority is the DSM which I believe was literally typed up under the “thousand monkeys with typewriters” experiment. Hey, they also came up with the screenplay for Armageddon, so it’s not all bad! Except that it is, because every Michael Bay film is worse than Hitler.
  • 2 “insight guys”. These guys will have knowledge of at least one path, from any Buddhist or yoga school, and be able to help steer the lost members of our flock back toward Nirvana. (The state of mental extinguishment, not the shitty rock band — although “Rape Me” is pretty good if you’re in the mood, which I always am.)
  • 1 Mother Hen. This will be a female that, no matter what the poster writes, will always return some soothing words which baseline the reader immediately. These words will involve strong, stable messages invoking love and acceptance, which will not be compromised by other events. Think about the Oracle in The Matrix. I warn you: in a forum filled with lonely twenty-something men, guys WILL fall in love with you. They will end up writing to you just to hear you soothe them. This is true Mother energy. It was always like this, and always SHOULD be like this. Feminists need not apply. We want women in touch with woman-nature, not high-testosterone lesbians spewing man-crap.
  • 2 “drug guys”. These people have seen it all — and injected it all, too. They know exactly what to take and when, and what to avoid, especially regarding certain combinations. To this end they need to have a rudimentary knowledge of neuropharmacology. If I see someone writing drug stuff without have looked up the facts or interpreting them usefully to provide solid advice, I WILL put a curse on you. Only joking. Except I can actually do that.

If these criteria are filled — and I really hope they are — we can be a forum again. 🙂

Please sign up for the various roles in the comments section of this post.

Ciao, Edd

And remember: All I ask is that you worship me.

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57 Responses

  1. Koanic says:

    You should probably reopen the forum and then work towards those conditions. My forum design is a good example of how structure creates algorithm creates desired people and groups.

  2. Pat says:

    “I guarantee that these Freemason organizations exist and that they use ritual to prop up their group intentions.”
    How do you know? I’m not saying I don’t believe you, I just want to hear the stories.

    I’m hoping that I can be one of the ten people who can reliably get jhana soon enough, but I think I need a bit more time.

    • Illuminatus says:

      Okay. I’m not part of one nor have I attended any such meetings. My premise is as follows. I can do magick. I achieved consistent magick use through constant training of the mind. If I can do it, so can other humans. If humans who can all do it can get together they can combine that talent. Right now I’m doing some intentions with Bliss, a natural magician. If we’re doing it, it follows that other, larger groups of people have cottoned on to this whole thing.

      Now, magick is done by novices using ritual. The Freemasons are ritual-based. I’ve read a lot about such groups, e.g. Crowley’s stuff on the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. These cults really existed. They really influenced events. Why would that ever have stopped?

      Now, I say “novice” because ritual is just a stop-gap before being able to exercise direct intent. So, belief is the currency. Ritual “buys” or “charges up” some of the currency. It’s like carrying a lucky rabbit’s foot or whatever. Or drawing a pentagram in a special room, having candles, and chanting. This is providing a structure whereby your belief grows on a largely unconscious level. Ever bought a new shirt, or had a new haircut, and suddenly felt more attractive to the opposite sex? This is all dummy variants of ritual.

      With enough cultivation, which is where I’m at now, you can just hit the intention itself. It’s like a button. I spend most of my life in jhana now, with my head extremely spacious. The siddhi just enters my mind and I “select” it. I have selected to win vast amounts of money with tiny stakes. I JUST will it. I used to have a whole medley of rituals I would go through in order to have wins manifest. Now it’s more like just pressing a button in my mind.

      So, I don’t “know” such organizations exist. I also don’t really care, since I can become more powerful than them through constant mental training. But it’s a safe assumption (in my opinion) that if individuals can exert power directly over reality, then they would form groups to increase their joint power. I am also convinced such groups would be extremely hierarchical and would have CONSTANT in-fighting, ploys, power-plays and all the other disgusting elements natural to the sort of humans who would form such groups in the first place.

      Ironically, when you “get above it all”, such elements fall away since you realize you will always be looked after. The only reason for continuing such in-fighting at that point would just be… for the fun of it. The whole human game is, behind the scenes, “just for the fun of it”. Alan Watts sums it up nicely: (Credit: Lampa — much love if you’re reading this πŸ™‚ Want to be Mother Hen? It’s not really your style though, I think.)

      Here is a screenshot of a vulgar win from the start of this week playing this creepy Chinese dice game, the rules of which I still don’t understand (and intentionally did not investigate since they’re irrelevant — the siddhi guaranteed the win regardless of the rigmarole in between): (please note that the feature that generated the vast balance shown in the bottom-right is not shown on this screen — the feature involved four of the creepy-looking “rune” dice, the white ones, lined up in a row on the centre win line). That enormous win was generated from a Β£2.50 spin.

      I have won so much gambling that I am now bored of gambling. I’m training the siddhi to be good at golf now, and it’s developing nicely. πŸ™‚ I have also just designed what will potentially be the greatest, most addictive online gambling game the world has ever seen. I will license it to every online casino and make millions every year just sitting on my ass. I’m even thinking about scoring the music for it, since I am possibly one of the most talented composers the world has not yet seen (which will also be changing, soon enough).

  3. PsySeducer says:

    You can count me in at the jhana hitters section. Already sent you a private message,waiting for response.

    When’s that Basic social skills guide gonnna be ready? At least tell us please hows it gonna be structured and if by any chance it will include sexual magnetism and creating attraction with women.

    • Illuminatus says:

      Hi PsySeducer,

      I replied to your email and it will be great to have you on board.

      The Basic Social Skills post will be short and to the point, and very basic, and will also be “open source”, allowing people to add their own insights to it (after careful moderation by myself). It will NOT cover sex or attracting the opposite sex. The purpose of the guide is very simple: to train today’s young men in basic social skills which, due to a generation of terrible, weak fathers, has sadly passed many of us by. I came up with the impetus for the guide after realizing I was receiving tons of email from guys interested in things like concentration meditation and other spiritual systems when, in fact, what they really needed was a sound, working social strategy. For example, it turned out one student was practising concentration meditation in order to no longer have self-hating scripts running in his head every time he went to work and said hello to his coworkers. In this case, learning concentration meditation would be a bit like calling in a nuclear strike when all you really need is a couple of stable rules to follow. These rules are to get on well in life with 95% of people (the other 5% being broken themselves, and incapable of feeling liked or getting on with others in a drama-free way, in my experience, and are not worth the thought cycles).

      If I write an attraction guide, which really isn’t on my priorities list, it will focus mainly on self-talk (the labels one uses to describe the sexual world, and changing negative, self-defeating ones) and reshaping one’s mind and crafting one’s sexual/companionship future via purposeful intent and really deciding what you WANT, as opposed to all this kind of unconscious “coasting along with what you think society will reward you for” that most guys are desperately locked into. All this will come after, of course, fixing up one’s looks. You’d be surprised how many guys haven’t done this. Case in point: I need to lose about a stone in weight (14lbs). I really let myself go to shit while focusing on myofascial unwinding (complete system now verified for 100% unwind!) and focusing on enlightenment training. The extreme ankle injury didn’t help, either (torn ligaments on both sides), and I have helped heal that using a special mind-body interface which I will also be writing up. The level of control one can exert over one’s own body is astounding, with the correct mental training. I’m thinking about, rather than exercise (which I don’t really like), just using a siddhi to resculpt my own body at the holographic level (the body is just a hologram, which can easily be witnessed via LSD and also via deep jhana). I might just make myself into a muscle man because I can.

      It all sounds like bluster, but I’ve seen so much of what’s possible now that nothing is off limits to me, in my mind.

      • Random fan says:

        Are you gonna grow your knob as well?

        • Illuminatus says:

          I don’t need to. I could, but I don’t need to. I am widely regarded by every woman I have ever slept with as the best lover in existence. I have had two paintings done of me. Both depict me as a saint figure. My knob is about 6.2″. It is completely fine for all circumstances. It is far more important to know how to use it. I could easily write a sex guide. The first instruction would be: Do not fuck the girl. Fuck YOURSELF. It turns out that every way you can come up with to possibly make the sensations feel as good as possible for you ARE ALSO THE EXACT SENSATIONS THAT FEEL THE BEST FOR HER. Men and women are completely complementary. Next time you’re fucking a girl, pay strict attention to the amount and quality of sensations in your knob. Adjust your angle and rhythm till it feels the best possible FOR YOU. It turns out… BANG. That is also EXACTLY what works best for her. When you get the most friction, for example, FOR YOURSELF, you are also generating the most sensation for her.

          Forget all sex guides you have ever read. Abandon them — they are trash. Fuck YOURSELF and you will automatically be creating the most intense pleasure for her. Sex guides are left-brain mechanical nonsense written by one guy who did something once and sort-of-got-a-result. Don’t read them. Trust your body completely. Be COMPLETELY WITH HER. Put a jhana over sex (this is entirely what tantric sex is anyway). Explore the best way to give yourself the most completely fulfilling sensations and, oh look, it will also complementarily give her the best sensations. We are perfectly jigsaw-pieced with women. WHAT YOU WANT IS WHAT SHE WANTS ALSO.

          Haha I have some great cunnilingus guides too. You could burn every sex guide prior to this.

    • Illuminatus says:

      P.S. If I had to sum up sexual magnetism in the shortest way possible, it is simply: DO IT. Approaching, exercising your intent to craft your own sex life, unapologetically going for women, IS sexual magnetism. Just being the guy who does it, who owns it, differentiates you from 99% of every other guy out there.

  4. James says:

    On your group magick topic, I may have actually posted it on your forum (wetwaterdrop) but me and a few friends drew out actual spiritual wearwolves one day through pure intent.

    Also, for any type of physical aliment I’ve found a TENS unit helps a tone (the shocky thing with pads).

    • Illuminatus says:

      I remember your werewolf story. Completely subjective mini-realities with friends are actually quite easy to create — and incredibly fun and adventurous when done right. πŸ™‚

      Personally I think TENS machines are total bullshit. They used to put one on me during massage then leave the room for ten minutes. I put a stop to that fairly quickly. You can generate current in any nerve you want just by thinking about it. If you think about a body part, you are innervating it. Then you can turn up the current. To learn this, yawn. Notice how current passes through your body, particularly into your lower spine. Now, steal that tech. Just study it repeatedly until you can do that current at will. Yes, you can heal body parts by “putting them back on the map” via sending current into them.

      Then we have fascial unwinding. One reason my ankle was so bad for so long is that it had healed “wound”. I unwound it once I learned how to unwind fascia. It swelled up for a day as the old healing was pulled apart. There was very little pain. Then, I kept the ankle in mind while falling asleep. I woke up with it healed. I even went for a run on it that next day and it did not re-injure. In fact, I ran 3.5 miles non-stop — even when I was “fit”, I would have to stop (or at least choose to stop) for a minute’s break during such a run (I’m not a runner). Oh, one more thing. I did that ENTIRE run while in REM (except when I had to cross roads, obviously). REM puts you in the right brain, and the right brain is far better at managing the body. I wasn’t even tired when I got back home. What can be achieved with the right mental techniques is amazing. Running in REM — who comes up with that shit? ME. The posture was perfect, the form was perfect. The right brain does everything correctly.

      The most important reason for doing myofascial unwinding is to achieve body enlightenment. So, Ingram got “mind enlightenment” but even a year ago was writing about tight knots in his psoas muscle, and not knowing how to fix them. He got them visualized as an energy ball — then evidently did not know what to do with it. He has a post about it on his personal website. I read that and just thought, “Basic myofascial winding. Enter the right brain and let it unwind.” What I’ve been able to achieve is both “mind enlightenment” and “body enlightenment” — and I think the Buddha’s enlightenment was far more body-orientated. I think people who like my site tend to be similar to me. Like attracts like. Once I started introducing the body into jhana, people starting hitting jhana left, right and centre, some of whom had been doing the “mind method” for months or even years without getting jhana. Back in the days of Buddha, bodies would have had far fewer issues and the right brain would therefore not be inhibited so much (I believe the right brain is largely shut down in modern man due to how many problems the modern body has — it literally cannot handle the input of so many errors, and the left brain just takes over and turns all that pain into meaningless verbal thoughts). So, I am going to claim to be the inventor of “dual enlightenment” if I feel like being a self-aggrandizing prick that day.

      Most importantly I have the exact exercises to do to unwind any fascia back to its 100% default “birth” state. My guide won’t involve gibberish about the right brain. It will be literally exercises you DO, with guaranteed, specific results. I am so happy I finally got there — it was a long five years. After resetting your body in this way, jhanas become effortless and enlightenment is mostly done. Everything becomes easy once the body is right.

      • Random fan says:

        Got any tech for increasing motivation to work out?

        • Illuminatus says:

          Yes. Figure out why you want to do it. Really get that straight in your head. Get the cause and effect straightened out in your head. If it is shaky, e.g. “Well I’ve been told it’s good for me and other guys do it and girls like muscle-men and it might make me healthier” then realize this is SHITTY THINKING.

          Instead, imagine yourself deeply how you wish to be. If you want to be a muscle man, then imagine that deeply. Then decide if working out is the path to that.

          Get the intention set first. THEN let the actions be a 1-2-3-4-…10 thing.

          You won’t need motivation if you know that doing X is part of your plan to become Y.

          If you are working out on a wing and a prayer because you’ve heard that it gives ABC123 benefits then you will never commit to it because the mindset is wrong from the start.

          Everything is about setting an intention then following through on the steps you decide are required to fulfil that intention.

          Personally, by the way, I hate exercise.

          • aelephant says:

            Thing about working out is there is a pretty firm genetic limit to what you can do unless you’re willing to take supraphysiological doses of steroids. I worked out for years consistently lifting as intensely as I could and while I did progress from a scrawny kid to a more athletic type, I realized I will never be a “muscle man” unless I’m willing to inject myself with drugs, which I am not. Just saying, there is a proportion of the population who WILL transform into muscled hulks, but that is a small proportion, maybe 10%. These guys are unnaturally represented at gyms because they excel at it easily. For the other 90% of us, there are health benefits and you will make improvements, especially if you’ve never lifted before, but there are absolutely limits to what you can accomplish given the “raw materials” you start with.

            • James says:

              I disagree with that.

              I feel like most people did squats deadlifts and bench while eating a ton they will put on muscle.

              Do 3×5 squat bench barbell row., deadlift 1×5 3x week for 6 months. Eat 3000 calories a day and tell me you ain’t big and strong.

              Anyway, today I went to the gym and did a dumbell row, I was using too much shoulder and my buddy corrected me and the next set I used my lat properrly and my whole back exploded with pain and I got a flash in my minds eye of seeing scar tissue woven in through my lats.

              I’ve just started back and was only using 30lbs

              Now I can barely move my neck.

              • Illuminatus says:

                Hi James,

                “Anyway, today I went to the gym and did a dumbell row, I was using too much shoulder and my buddy corrected me and the next set I used my lat properrly and my whole back exploded with pain and I got a flash in my minds eye of seeing scar tissue woven in through my lats.”

                In my experience these visuals are actually the nerves themselves. So, when I used to say, “I can see distorted fascia visually via synaesthesia” (and hence knew what body part to work on next), and described it as “winding snakes or cable-like structures throughout my body”, I was actually seeing the nerves themselves. I was still technically right when I said I was seeing the “distorted fascia” because fascia is filled with nerves and when fascia winds it takes the nerves with it, creating the distorted winding patterns in the visual field.

                I’ll try and land the plane on my point here. πŸ™‚ Scar tissue contains lots more nerves than regular tissue, so you might indeed have had a synaesthetic visual of scar tissue via seeing the nerves. However, what you saw could just as easily be the standard fascial winding everyone seems to have. The reason I bring this up is that you then mentioned barely being able to move your neck. This is a common problem when someone pulls hard against their myofascial winds (in any part of the body, really — most fascial sheets intersect at the neck). I experienced it often while developing my tech, since most of my tech consisted of figuring out the WRONG ways to do things (and crossing a thousand of those off the list till I was left with like two things that are the actual method), and many of those wrong ways involved accidentally pulling against winds.

                Sooooooo. I don’t know what you did on this occasion but it fits with my experience of yanking against winds. Thankfully that can be eradicated by just unwinding everything. I’ve decided to make a video product showing exactly how to do this. I’m seeing my first test subject tomorrow.

                On the other hand, you might have seen a load of scar tissue in your visual flash. I don’t know much about your personal history and why you would have scar tissue woven through your lats. I also don’t know very much about scar tissue itself. However, I do have a story about scar tissue which may give you a bit of hope. I used to walk with a bit of a working-class swagger and this leads to walking on the outsides of the feet, which really stresses specific parts of the calf muscle causing micro-tears and, according to my sports massage therapist, my calves were riddled with scar tissue which she could feel. She gave me incredibly painful massages in my calves to break up what she described as “gravel in the calves” and this let the fascia become more free to move (which helped further up the line as well — i.e. the rest of my body).

                I then did a few things myself. Firstly I unwound the calves using the correct method. (I’ll write up a brief version of the correct method on here for free before turning it into a full video which will be charged for). Secondly, my overall continually improving posture and movement stopped the stresses in the calves that were causing the scar tissue. Thirdly I did some esoteric nonsense I made up which involved mentally mapping the calves in a very detailed way via jhana, after which I found I could use REM to break up the “gravel”. In this same vein I also started to think of the body as a hologram, since LSD and deep jhanas were making it pretty clear to me that the hologram model (e.g. as outlined in The Holographic Universe) is pretty accurate, and workable. Once the calves were just holograms, I could “fade out” my calves while lying down meditating then fade them back in “fixed”. I wrote something about that in a recent post.

                The final thing I did was “scan” the calves and find pain within them, at a very fine scale. I then tended to this pain in a very specific way which I came to call “drinking in the pain”. It involves feeling the pain, at the source of the pain — as opposed to having something “hurt down there”, as though it’s beyond one’s consciousness and is kind of feeding input to consciousness, kind of like the computer model most people have of the mind-body link. So, to do this you place consciousness at the exact point of pain then let the pain “absorb into consciousness”. I did this many times, on any point of pain I found, and found that pain disappeared very quickly, never returned, and the whole function of whatever body part I was doing this on at the time was improved. When I got a massage the other day (mainly for pleasure, and also to hear her comments on the state of my body), I asked her to touch my calves since she knew how bad they had been. She was astounded to find not a single problem with them whatsoever. She then checked my shoulders and all other body parts and told me I am probably the only person she has ever met with no knots in his entire body.

                I began using this “drinking in the pain” tech on emotional pain, too, and achieved the greatest, most profound shift in character I have ever experienced. Entire things that used to bother me just vanished in the space of, sometimes, a few minutes. I got what we might call “Second Path” enlightenment quickly after this.

                I believe the “drinking in the pain” thing is the way the Buddha would have originally tended to sensations in the body. I also believe it is the key to healing. I think anaesthetizing pain, from a healing perspective, is probably the worst thing you can do. I think this method can be used to heal old injuries. I think it could be used to regenerate entire sections of skin in, say, burns victims. I think the pain just shows the hologram where to regenerate itself.

                So all this is stuff I still have to write up properly, but I’ve given you the gist of what to do with your current pain here. Tend to it very finely and “absorb” it into your consciousness under the assumption that absorbing it directly heals it.

                • James says:

                  Thanks for the indepth reply.

                  I I think I know the exact thing you’re talking about – I attended a Vipassana Meditation taught by S.N. Goenka which sounds very similar to what you’re saying here.

                  My own personal problem with that (applying intense equanimity to a sensation, which might be also a lack of concentration skill) you addressed already:

                  β€œThere is an ownership in that cycling, though, an β€œI” of ownership, which is felt as a kind of tension between the sensation and its observation.”

                  Anyway, I’ll check out your new write up when you get around to it – and I’ll mess with my current understanding of what you’re saying here.

                  • Illuminatus says:

                    My own personal problem with that (applying intense equanimity to a sensation, which might be also a lack of concentration skill) you addressed already:

                    β€œThere is an ownership in that cycling, though, an β€œI” of ownership, which is felt as a kind of tension between the sensation and its observation.”

                    What I do now gets around that completely. I don’t go for “equanimity” as that does not cut it as these levels. I reckon “equanimity” MAY have been yet another not-quite-there translation from these Eastern teachings. (However, it got me quite far when practising it on large-scale emotions via Shinzen Young’s teachings.)

                    What I’m doing now is an active process. So take the sensation, and pretend like you are drinking from it, or absorbing it somehow, which is taking it away and sending it to some other place. I reckon doing such things in at least first jhana works much better because the crown is active so it sends these sensation to “the heavens” or whatever.

                    The sense of ownership over a sensation — I just drink it away. Maybe this requires strong concentration. I would say just try it and see what happens.

                    I consider meditation as being like draining a really big bath tub. It can seem like nothing’s happening for a LONG time — until you reach the shallower part of the tub at which things APPEAR to speed up suddenly resulting in a sudden draining, catharsis, whatever — things just draining away down the plughole. In this analogy, “drinking at the pain” is the open plughole.

  5. AJM says:

    I can reliably hit jhana via concentration on the pleasant sensations the breath.

    I’ve also done jhana on the visual field although not in quite a while.

  6. James says:

    Well as far the TENS unit goes – I have my own little $40 dollar one that works wonders for me. However due to carwrecks and MMA I feel like I might have a bit more scar tissure built up then most.

    I’ve done it at the chiro before but they never turned it up high enough.

  7. PsySeducer says:

    Best method for unwinding is doing a type of insight meditation while floating on your back. The insight must not be one of mystical pleasure or intense equanimity, but one of intense alertness + not identifing with your body. The type of Insight Eckhart Tolle preaches and others use to numb themselves to pain,extreme temperatures and endurance tests like long distance swimming and running.

    Unfortunately not many have acces to a pool or a large enough bathtube. But if you know the feeling of floating on your back,the way muscles relax 100% and fall in their natural place without any tension (because of zero gravity resistance and effort to hold the body), you can induce that posture of perfect alignment by imagination or even better…by remembering it . Now you just start meditating using deep breath until your consciousness field becomes so strong that you phisical body reveals to you as an foreign object of wich you have full control.Stay there until your brain feels fried an ready to pop

    • Illuminatus says:

      I like your idea of using water and this was something I considered while developing the tech.

      However, this will NOT unwind fascia. There are several causes of fascial winding but in my model the most serious cause, and the one that is overlooked in EVERY other model I have researched, is sleeping in modern comfy beds. The fascia in the arms “settles” when lying on your side and people do not adequately yawn it out every morning. Repeat the next night and you have winding. Literally THOUSANDS of winds. Picture it like wearing a jumper where someone has twisted the arms thousands of times. It would pull up the rest of the jumper. This is literally what has happened to people. That’s the main reason their posture is fucked – chronic fascial tightness. A distorted jumper. Things like yoga simply stretch the twisted fascia. There is NO solution other than literally unwinding the twisted fascia. It takes forever but I now have ALL the tech to purposefully, progressively unwind fascia. I am the only person in the world, as far as I know, to have figured this all out and managed to completely solve it. I will write it all up soon.

      Once again: there is NO alternative to unwinding the twisted fascia. None. And, when you do it, your posture and muscle function gets COMPLETELY repaired. There is literally no point practising any posture system besides unwinding. And I am the fucker who has nailed it – and I will show you how. You will be able to breathe again. Multiple illnesses will be a thing of the past. Nerve compression, tight and distorted fascia surrounding the organs – it’s going to turn out that hundreds of conditions are caused by this single issue.

      It’s shit like this that makes me think I might actually be the Tathagata. Either way it’s a cool fucking name.

  8. James says:

    If you like the whole idea of floating in water you guys should check out Isolation tanks

  9. sevens! says:

    Aye man, Nirvana fucking rocked! They were the last true rock superstars. At least look into the Pixies, of whom Kurt Cobain literally admitted he just “ripped off” when writing Nevermind. Every “alternative” or “indie” band out there since the 90s took from what Steve Albini/Pixies did on Surfer Rosa. That’s why rock music is dead and hip-hop/EDM dominates popular culture.

    I’ve kept an inconsistent, but nevertheless progressive meditation practice for almost 3 years. And I can say that before that, the idea of remaining still to eliminate unnecessary and detrimental tension (and, after that, to literally choose my reality in the blink of an eye) would have sounded stupid and too metaphysical. Barring the occasional dollar scratchoff ticket (not much luck with those. It was always an impulsive, unfocused decision) I haven’t dabbled into gambling yet (gambling is 21+ in the states, and I just turned 21), I plan on experimenting with that quite soon. My attitude towards money right now is ultimately one of ambivalence; from 2012-15 I was focused on transcending the programs of the first four bio-circuits. I isolated myself, went through my dark night, and now, Everything and All is perfect. But my Ego is still here and it needs Money to spend frivolously. And Pussy! I spent a lot of time pretending like I didn’t have an ego and that turned quite a few people off.

    I’ve magicked myself into quite a few good situations and learning experiences lately. It makes me so happy that there is always more and more to learn and experience! πŸ™‚

    So, I’d like to think I’m versed in concentration/insight meditation, jhana, optimism, and psychology. I’m also a fast and concise writer. I see myself as an artist, between music and writing.

    I haven’t done every drug under the sun, though I do have quite a bit of experience with opiates and tranks to know its a cruel trick; while sexy and placating, slowly murders your soul and drive. You could extrapolate this to pretty much all the big recreational drugs. I smoked a lot of weed, mostly alone and in isolation; this brought on a lot of paranoia, and I was pretty close to schizophrenia. I dropped a lot of acid this summer. I saw and received a subconscious message from a UFO, and ever since then, I’ve just been okay with life and myself no matter what is happening.

    Also, I think it should always be clear that we are all just anonymous people on the internet with our own problems, and far from the Supermen that Nietzsche and Beethoven dreamed of through their art. We can get there, but we’re not quite there yet. Years ago, when I found this forum, I thought all these dudes with thousands of posts had life all figured out. I tried to enter their headspace so I could be Perfect too. This was a failure that took me a long time to learn from.

    Anyway, hope it’s been a good day, all. I look forward to the reopening.

    • Illuminatus says:

      sevens, I would be honoured to have you on board in the roles you feel you could fulfil.

      I think the new forum is going to be fucking fun.

      • sevens! says:

        Excellent! Email me if any specifics need to be nailed out. I’m thinking psychology guy (I’m acing my Psych101 class and I’ve skipped class and not read a lick of the book), but I can reliably hit jhana just from a regular and prolonged mediation practice. I’m certainly not an expert.

        Could you teach me how to rob casinos?

  10. James says:

    “Aye man, Nirvana fucking rocked! ”

    I mean actual isolation tanks

    • sevens! says:

      Yea, isolation tanks! There’s a spa in my area that rents them out hourly for pretty cheap. I plan on doing it soon, quite possibly while tripping on a psychedelic.

      But my comment wasn’t a reply to yours.

  11. Seb says:


    Im long time lurker of the forum so Im glad your setting up an other one.

    And think that I might be able to help you with the needs of a Jhana or insight guy.


  12. Seb says:

    Sending my comment again, As I dont see it?

    Yes, I can help you with being a jhana guy or insight guy. πŸ™‚

    Been lurking the old forum, maybe its time to give something back!

    • Illuminatus says:

      Hi Seb,

      I moderate the first comment from any new user because I still get enough spam to warrant it.

      Would be great to have you on board for both jhana and insight — thanks πŸ™‚


  13. Mick says:

    “The neocortex is the greatest gift to any organism in our current epoch and as much time as possible should be spent cultivating the tits off it.”

    Tell me more? please

    And could you go in on the full neanderthal traits it really made a lot of things click for me

  14. James says:

    Here is an update:

    I’ve done fascia unwinding before, but its tedious and can be difficult to get into the headspace for it.

    The worst spot is in my right scapula, I zoned in on it and thought to myself “how can I reset the hologram?” this lead to a penetration of the sensation, past the pain and into a wider area which lead to some fascia unwinding.

    It was cyclical. I’d have a wide area, then zone back into the painful spot, until it became a wide area again. Occasionally fascia would unwind until I hit a state of basically fascia unwinding, and I felt the fascia, like a web, all across my back and chest.

    The bathtub analogy is a good one, I found with meditation one session always builds on the last, same thing with this. I have some DMT that I considered doing and seeing what I could come back with in terms of knowledge or experience to speed up the process, but that shit is scary.

    • Illuminatus says:

      Fascial unwinding is tedious and the worst part is there is literally no shortcut: everything must be unwound. On the plus side, there is massive, tangible freedom achieved after each session.

      Do you know what they do in KMI Structural Integration? (Thomas Myers’ practice, of which I’ve had 3 sessions.) They just treat the wound fascia as putty and reshape it using their fingers while they have you do physical exercises to help reshape it. There even exists a product, fascia resin, which they put on their fingers. Problems with that:

      1) Doesn’t address the CAUSE. People will just repeat the actions leading to winds, and not know how to unwind them.
      2) Temporary. Benefits lasted for, like, a week for me.
      3) Have to unwind the winds they put in via the “treatment”, once you know how to actually unwind.

      I taught my first guy my method on Tuesday. TRIED to teach him, I should say. Don’t think he understood any of it. But he’s a good friend of mine so it’s not like he was paying me or anything. You’re right, the headspace for figuring this stuff out is a special one.

      Nice work on your discoveries. I used psychedelics a lot in learning this stuff. Can’t comment on DMT as I’ve never tried it. LSD shows winds back to birth as a weird fractal, hologram thing.

      My technique for unwinding, by the way:

      1) Find “lock angle”. This is a joint flex angle that has more resistance than the same joint flexed at a different angle. E.g. bend elbow. Extend. Bend it again and rotate shoulder. Extend elbow again. More resistance or less than the first time? More resistance = lock angles. I have better ways to find them, but they don’t go into words very easily.

      2) Push into the resistance of the lock angle just the tiniest bit, i.e. 1mm or less. Now “feel” where “it wants to go”. E.g bend your arm at the elbow and push the elbow back the tiniest amount. Where does the arm then want to go? Usually this will trigger straight into a fascial wind and the wind will “show” you how to unwind it. It will just guide the arm in the motion of the unwind. On my left arm, I get these unwinds going all into my neck. My neck fascia is all wound up in my arm fascia. That’s because of the weird position I slept on that side for years.

      I’ve undone like 90% of all these winds but I’m OCD and am going for perfection. πŸ™‚ The legs are exhausting to do, especially the PELVIC WINDS (omg, that’s a major source of everyone’s bad posture, and it comes from sitting at fucking desks 90% of your waking life) and require special positions which I’m documenting, but the method is the same regardless of joint: go into resistance a tiny amount, see “how it wants to unwind.” Boom. All other systems rendered redundant.

      • James says:

        That’s pretty much exactly what I do – once I find a “lock angle” I breath into it by taking a deep breath and pushing that breath into the tension spot, and slowly releasing the breath while keeping the spot tense – if I feel my body trying to adjust in an abrupt manner, I don’t let it, I’ll slowly guide it with the breath, sometimes the muscle just wants to move with discomfort and I wont get an unwind, but if I lock it in place and keep the tension there It will then unwind. There is a also a very subtle, consistant “flex” and release going on, but its hardly concious once im in the head space.

        • Illuminatus says:

          Yes, it’s all linked. And the tremors are these little F&Rs to try and release fascia.

          Yawning itself is the same as my method, for the internal fascia. Think about it: in-breath puts that pressure up against the internal “winds” (more correctly termed “folds” since there is not much room for torsion internally, but plenty for vertical compression/folding) which then “makes them go the way they want”. You can get EXTREME emotions coming up by yawning down into, say, the base of the spine. You have to let them rise up past your neck and head and be released simultaneously with an out-breath and the corresponding facial expressions. I’m starting to think that much of meditation is itself this kind of release, hence the importance of the breath in all meditation/yoga schools.

          To take this to the extreme, next time you get an emotion you want to “detag”, think of that feeling — e.g. in the gut and with corresponding facial expression — as the start of an unwind. So, let it follow through to its conclusion like you’ve been doing on your limbs. Man, you’re in for a treat if you’ve not done this before.

          This is the kind of tech that is going to let me get enlightenment down to like a 1-day magic pill. πŸ™‚

  15. James says:

    It’s hard for me to remember if I’ve done that or not.

    For me personally I meditate on “nothing” and I get the best results that way. If I start labelling things and thinking too much it pulls me out of it. One session might be just stretching, then the next is breath of fire, then the next I hit jhana etc…

    I do have fear still in the pit of my stomach, I’m going to try digging deep into it and yawning.

  16. Blink says:

    I sometimes have this feeling in my stomach that I cannot really describe. When I feel it, I do my best to understand what it is but I never manage to. I am trying to remember it now but I can’t. Yet when it happens, I instantly remember what I have forgotten. I can trace it all the way to my childhood. Thinking about it now, it might be a heavy sort of feeling. Rubbery, also. It reminds me of how I forget some stuff on LSD and DMT yet when I take them anew, I remember all I had forgotten. Anyway, if anyone has any idea about what that feeling in my stomach is, I’d greatly appreciate it.

  17. James says:

    Edd I did the yawning deep into the pit of my stomach and it worked to de-tag the fear I had in there, I’ll be using that in the future for other emotions too.

    I micro-dosed DMT and basically went into a yoga/stretch routine that was very harsh, but at the end I felt way better and much more like “me”.

    One of the benefits of this site has been allowing things to happen that I otherwise wouldn’t because I didn’t understand them, for instances I use to stop myself from yawning and now I let it occure. I’ve had about 10 full deep yawns this morning.
    Edd I did the yawning deep into the pit of my stomach and it worked to de-tag the fear I had in there, I’ll be using that in the future for other emotions too.

    I micro-dosed DMT and basically went into a yoga/stretch routine that was very harsh, but at the end I felt way better and much more like “me”.

    One of the benefits of this site has been allowing things to happen that I otherwise wouldn’t because I didn’t understand them, for instances I use to stop myself from yawning and now I let it occure. I’ve had about 10 full deep yawns this morning.

    Blink I inquired about stomach feels – it was before I micro-dosed which often times I get to have a small dialogue with the “source” just before I take the plunge. It just said the feeling of energy in the stomach is the power of creation. Don’t know if that’s the same feeling you get or not. Have you ever tried kundalini kyrias?

  18. Blink says:

    James, I don’t know what it is, maybe it is the power of creation but it’s an ominous sort of thing.

    Yeah, I have. But I rarely do them. I practice yoga, though and the breath of fire daily.

  19. James says:

    I use to have an ominous feeling in my stomach. It was negative repressed emotions. Breath of fire helped me a ton – as well as doing DXM + DMT with the intent of getting rid of it, which worked but it was a terrible experience.

  20. Blink says:

    Might be repressed stuff. I don’t really believe in freudianism but it’s true that we lock some stuff away because it’s more adaptive. Amygdala = id. I’ve never really tried getting rid of it with drugs. I might. Not with DMT, though. Shrooms, yes. DMT chewed me up. On it, I didn’t learn anything I hadn’t already learnt on other stuff. It was the same thing just put across in a very unsettling way.

  21. Illuminatus says:

    Guys, you can dig into any of those feelings. It’s all the same bag. Let it feel like a yawn. Proceed as it wants.

  22. James says:

    It took a little bit but I’ve really gotten the hang of “yawning” into emotions/tight spots. It works surprisingly well, a regular yawn can have a dramatic effect that dominos when you let the process go the way it wants to.

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