Poll: Can you enter REM at will, while conscious?

Can you enter REM (rapid eye movement) at will, while fully conscious? I.e. could you sit here right now and enter REM if you wanted?

I ask for a couple of reasons. The first is that feedback so far on the REM technique in the Basic Anxiety guide has tended towards “This is hard” or “I can’t do it.”

The second is that I believe REM is a completely overlooked, fundamental basis of personal change. It appears spontaneously during just about any kind of meditation (e.g. eyes flicker during jhana). REM while sleeping is an automated, unconscious process (unless you can lucid dream). But done while conscious and using conscious intent, REM allows you to perform metaprogramming.

REM also appears to have myriad body maintenance functions – e.g. it appears during myofascial unwinding and, I believe, actually instigates it. REM is present during shaking/tremors, and can also be used to instigate them, with a little guidance. REM appears to be a major key in the body’s repair programs.

I believe the ability to enter REM while conscious is perhaps The Answer™, and many of my techniques going forward are going to require this ability as a basis. I’ve been able to make major changes to myself in the shortest amount of time using REM while conscious, and am in the process of running a few strong tests on myself, the results of which I will discuss in a couple of months.

In fact, I think the whole path to enlightenment might simply be a matter of sitting in REM while conscious, programming positive worldviews and equanimity into your unconscious rather than just allowing it to run on automatic using the “default templates and filters” as it does while asleep. This whole “noticing sensations” and other descriptions of meditation practice (which change depending on the school) might all just be different interpretations of simply sitting in REM while bearing in mind either equanimity, or positive worldviews or morals.

Here is a suggested technique for entering REM at will, while awake:

  • Roll your eyes back gently in their sockets.
  • Drop your jaw slightly.
  • “Open your ears” and inhale slightly as though going into a “half-yawn”.
  • Let your eyes flicker (REM).


Can you enter REM at will, while awake?

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11 Responses

  1. Moviestar says:

    I can do it but I don’t see the benefits you ascribe to it. What do you mean exactly by REM, is it just eyes flickering or is there some state of consciousness involved?

    • Illuminatus says:

      This is part of the data I’m trying to gather from you guys.

      Here’s an example. If you have pain or tightness somewhere in your body, enter REM and “look” at that part of the body. It will “heal” it. (By look, I mean just bring awareness to that part of the body, while in REM).

      REM also breaks up any verbal thought pattern — especially useful for recurrent negative thoughts.

      I’ve found about a million things to do with it — now I’m trying to find out if they work for anyone else. πŸ™‚

  2. James says:

    I never really called it REM but I can do it – I did it a bunch yesterday, yawned a bunch.

    Also notice when I started “opening” or “focusing” on the inside of my ear while doing it, I’d get super giggly/smiley

  3. James says:

    It can be both.

    Eyes open, I go into REM and shake anxiety/anger/ etc…

    Eyes closed, pay attention to my ears, I get giggly/smiley… FURTHER MORE, if I close/scrunch my eyes HARD I’ll just break out into a super wide smile and start laughing. With a small feeling of leaving my body.

    I’ve smoked weed occasionally, and one thing I notice when I’m super high is I go into the above naturally, and almost always feel like I’m just about to laugh/giggle my way straight out of my body.

  4. Illuminatus says:

    Yes! Very similar mode-switches in me, depending on whether eyes open or closed.

    So I’ve started trying to bridge the two, with some success.

    Try this:

    1) Close eyes and really relax. Let REM occur, and a genuine warm smile appear. Let this all be organic — a result of the relaxation.
    2) While maintaining the smile and the state, open eyes very, very slowly, a tiny bit at a time. You are trying to maintain the relaxed state all the way to full open eyes.

    Now, what happens to me is, if I just open eyes and come out of REM at #2 above, my state will come straight out of the good mode and into a kind of wary, disgruntled mode, and I’ll lose the smile immediately. (That’s largely a matter of imprinting, I believe. I’ll need a lot more data from many people.)

    So, here is my current bridge. I open the eyes very, very, VERY slowly, and see what/where the “forces” are that would pull me out of the good state. I find there are millions of little muscle bonds all over my body that want to contract and pull me into the bad state — e.g. in face, and largely in the stomach area. The ones in stomach area want to cause shaking. By opening my eyes really slowly though, I can somehow let the REM “pop” those little bonds one by one. This gets tiring quite fast and what happens eventually is there’ll be a big “pop”, the stomach bonds will give way, and I’ll emerge into strong euphoria. Eyes go fully open, smile will still be there, and now I’m quite “high”. I believe this is the same thing that happens when people are meditating and suddenly get a “drop” or paralysing wave and then sudden white light and euphoria (often preceded by tension or the urge to shake or actual shaking).

    Now, my next attempts are going to focus on getting to eyes fully open without the “drop”. No matter how long it takes, I want to bridge the “good” mode fully over into the “bad” without having to “max out the system” via the “drop”.

    Obviously, the “drop” is a good fall-back plan to have available anyway, since it’s euphoric and breaks bad moods immediately, and lasts some time afterwards.

    I can do lots of other tricks with REM. I’ve got some remarkable ones. I need to figure out what’s going on a bit more first though before making up some model so as to write about it (the model will almost certainly be B.S. however).

    • Illuminatus says:

      BTW I recommend you walk around while in REM. E.g. down a straight street, hopefully with not many people around, and with not many roads to cross (come out of REM for that). What you are looking for:

      – Automatically improved posture and walking
      – Breaking up of verbal thought patterns
      – Anything else interesting

      (Lots of things have happened to me since trying these experiments. My model so far is that REM lets the right brain take over and manage the body.)

  5. Moviestar says:

    Nothing out of the ordinary with REM for me. I tried it multiple times, ever since you mentioned it. I suspect it might work as a permission slip for you to enter right brain. I can do it without any tricks. Try assuming you’re in REM and do the same?

    Yawning is a whole different beast. I discovered its powers independently. It’s fundamental to emotional release. Next is crying and then all sorts of other methods of purging.

    • James says:

      I notice a lot of times when I tried to cry I’d just end up yawning instead.

      I can also just enter the right brain without the need for any trick/technique.

  6. Mike says:

    I close my eyes and in the darkness I visualize something like a triangle and in doing this I just let go of my eyes and they go into rem. It varies but I’ll see random flashes of light (in a dark room) and my eyes usually keep speeding up. I do have to remember to breathe which makes maintaining difficult, but I’m trying to get better at it. I am able to do this while standing or walking also.

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