Myofascial Unwinding: Light at the End of the Tunnel

I am now fairly certain I can achieve a 100% myofascial unwind (or, at the very least, 95%), going all the way back to birth — and that I can teach it, even to Joe Blow off the street.

As far as I know, I am the only person on the planet to have achieved the following:

  • Understanding muscle “knots” a.k.a. “myofascial trigger points” — exactly what they are, how they form, and how to actually get rid of them, permanently (else, as those of us who have regular massages know, they simply “reform” within a few weeks of each session. My last massage by the way showed, to my massage therapist’s amazement, no shoulder knots).
  • Understanding fascial distortion and its general causes — and the role of yawning in both its creation and its correction.
    • And therefore what yawning “is”, and how it can be hacked for all sorts of changes concerning fascia. The textbooks will need to be rewritten when I’m through with that one.
  • The true cause of the large-scale myofascial winding which leads to the majority of postural deformations: sleeping in comfy beds. No, not sitting, computer work, poor walking/moving habits, repetitive actions or emotional habits (though those can all be really bad, too).
    • And how to actually fix it, forever (until you do it again, which can then easily be undone).

I have tech for unwinding each “layer” of fascial winding:

  • Flex & Rotate, for the deep yet large, superficial winds. You can read that post now and correct every myofascial “wind” that that tech is capable of correcting — which is a lot, and which is enough to significantly improve posture and muscle function. However, it won’t deal with the next few categories.
  • Push & Let Unwind. Not yet written up. This gets to the fascial level below that F&R won’t easily get to.
  • Intricate, complex winds (tech not yet named). This is where things like the video on this post may help, but my tech is a lot more targeted (and his tech is more about encouraging the nerves to descend rather than doing serious fascial unwinding).
  • Fascial Nudge. This tech is mainly for dealing with the “sleeve” (the outer fascial “bag” of the body, much of which you consider to be your “skin”) — especially “adhesions” in this sleeve (bits of the sleeve stuck together), which, via my tech, are actually far easier to “unstick” than the current crop of experts and YouTube videos would have you believe. In my opinion, this step should be done after all the deeper tissues have been unwound — so, the exact opposite order to, say, Rolfing. I have not yet written this tech up, either. It is laughably simple and effective, and I dare not write it up lest some other bastard steals the credit.

What I’m describing above is easily identifiable with the muscles. However, F&R can, bizarrely, also be used to “unwind” fascia trained by repeated emotional stimuli, e.g. the contraction response trained by anxiety. So, F&R can be used as an emotional “unwind” tool, too (the power of which is immense). Used this way, it tangibly kicks out a LOT of heat, even from just a few F&Rs done on, say, the muscles used in an anxiety response. I mean literal heat. You can feel an anxiety response, F&R it (thus unwinding some of the “trained” fascia which facilitates that response) — then touch your abdomen a few moments later and feel heat pouring off it. Just from a simple flex and release of the muscles involved. So, I warn you before trying it, and don’t blame me if you freak yourself out. A tube of Voltarol will be a requirement for any programme I eventually make involving this tech — though I can confirm that inflammation is temporary, superficial, and utterly innocuous in my experience.

The other “emotional unwind” tool is:

  • Currents. So this is when you take the “electrical current” from a yawn and use it intentionally to unwind the vertical fascial loops deep within the body which have been trained by both sitting and by chronic emotional contraction, and which severely impede proper breathing (not to mention encourage those emotions to repeat, kind of like they are your “life program”, in computer terms). I talked a little about how to do this starting in this comment (read the replies too).

So, besides returning one’s physical body to a more or less primal form (and effectively rendering posture training and other “compromise methods” obsolete, if these techs are taken to their final conclusion), I also now have the tech to work to undo the deep-layer “imprinting” of fascia deep within the body, and therefore helping to wipe the emotional slate clean, too.

So, I now have all the tech, and the question is what to do with it. I’ve effectively lost around 5 years of my life to this stuff, since not a single day went by when I did not obsess over solving these problems. As I said, I am, as far as I know, the only person on the planet to have wrapped this all together into a neat little package (and solved a load of other connected stuff, too, which I haven’t even gone into in this post). I have potentially invalidated entire fields of practice, since a) They are all so far incomplete and b) They mostly (conveniently) require the ongoing services of a practitioner. My tech is complete, and able to be done entirely by the user, by himself.

I would like to make some money off it all. Suggestions welcome.

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10 Responses

  1. James says:

    If you want to make the most money possible with an info product you’re looking at advertising with direct mail.

  2. ray says:

    Hi looking forward to reading this. Why don’t you try a “pay what you wish” model.

    Much like this one

    Keep up the good work


  3. vick says:

    Get some clients to make sure it works and can be used by anyone, ask them to write a detailed and honest review with before and after pictures in exchange for a price reduction, repeat until you have enough money to create videos\ detailed book with pictures, whatever you think will work best.

    Do seminars give a little bit away but not enough so they want to buy your stuff, record and put on youtube.

    Just throwing some ideas.

  4. Random fan says:

    Probably hard to advertise directly to the audience that is interested in soft tissue work, since you are a bit of an oddball and don’t fit the pattern of foam rollers, corrective exercise, MWODs, etc.

    Probably a good bet to team up with the manosphere. Become known to guys like Good Looking Loser, Danger & Play, etc, and become the go-to guy on this kind of stuff. You being a bit of a right-wing eccentric will only work in your favor.

  5. James says:

    One thing you can do is release an e-book (for instance, end to social anxiety) and put it up on affilate sites – offer the people who distribute it for you 100% of the commission in return for the list of buyers (their emails) then release your next ebook (mayonnaise unwinding) and sell it directly to the list.

  6. Daniel says:

    Illuminatus, are you ever going to publish these techniques? This is something I’ve been interested in for years and have experimented on my own, partially discovering the power of yawning. Never understood what was going on, but knew that significant loosening of muscles was always accompanied by a yawn. Suddenly, the muscle would become significantly more mobile with no feeling of stretching. Later “relaxed-deep-breath-stretches” would no longer produce a yawn, but the muscle was already loose. Always wondered what this meant. But it was an amazing discovery and i never read about it anywhere until your website has discussed yawning being associated with myofacial release.

    Anyway, there are areas of chronic pain that i know for certain are recurring trigger points (because i can release them temporarily and experience 100% relief for a time) that were caused by a back injury and later a car accident. I also believe i was super-tense as a teen and also suffered from bad posture. I’ve corrected a lot of this on my own simply by becoming a more relaxed person. Still, I’ve been desperately searching for a technique to reliably overcome the constant battle against the recurring trigger points. I would love if you released your ideas. Have you done any further testing?

    • Illuminatus says:

      I’ve got the solution and I’m going to publish it as part of my membership package, most likely early in the new year, hopefully sooner.

      It’s nothing to do with muscles. It’s all about fascia. And the most important thing to know about fascia is that if it’s scrunched up “up here” then it has massive effects “down there”.

      I mainly do the fascia release method in the face. So try this: lie on your side and turn your head to the position it would be in if you were asleep on a pillow. You probably have your arm drawn up towards your head. Where the arm fascia meets the jaw/neck, for me all that fascia is wound around the nerves in the neck, jaw, temple etc. Here’s the method: flick your tongue rapidly inside your mouth, massaging the inside of your mouth wherever you feel “lumps” (these are the nerves with the fascia wrapped around them). If you move after this you should feel things slide around pleasantly as fascia is released. Repeat this a billion times at a hundred different angles. Yes, most of this can be done just by massaging the inside of your mouth firmly and rapidly with your tongue.

      There’s no stretching required. And no sudden movements or anything else aggressive. Just things like this.

      • Illuminatus says:

        Sorry, forgot to add the info about the “full yawn”. Stand up, start sucking air through your mouth while imagining it is flowing up through your legs and whole body in a wide channel. Open your mouth while sucking and flick the tongue backwards rapidly to rub the fascia at the back of the throat. Allow the body to go through the turns it wishes to during this. This can pretty quickly turn into an automatic yawn, which you should allow to do its thing. Good signs are REM occurring and the “rushing noise” in the inner ear. Repeat times one billion.

        This text has invalidated everything else in this blog post. The published version will just be this but with diagrams. Maybe videos too.

  7. Brandon says:

    I love your blog. When is your fascia release information service coming out?

    • Illuminatus says:

      Thanks Brandon. I might write a post about it soon.

      For now, my advice is to pay careful attention to Alexander Technique’s “free your neck” principle and to practise that till it’s automatic.

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