Muscles & Posture: Try this for a “still point”

This post pertains to the concept of “still points” described on the following video:

(This video was also discussed in the following post: Muscles & Posture: Myofascial Unwinding Video)

In my everlasting efforts to make good posture and muscle function ever-more automated, under control of the body (and therefore not under “your” control, since “you” are the reason for this mess in the first place), simple, and essentially mindless, I’ve come up with an exercise — but I need feedback to see if it did anything.

The Exercise

  • Stand up.
  • Begin breathing in slowly through the nose. When you hit resistance — so, the breath won’t go in easily any more — instead of blasting through it by sucking harder, instead meet the resistance where it is. So, keep the breathing in at the same amount, and just kind of treat that resistance as a “still point”, as described on the above video. So pause there and let it “do its thing”, however long that takes.

Now, when I do this, I begin to hear the “air rushing in my ears” sensation of yawning, and also the “electrical current spreading through bits of my body” sensation of yawning. I believe the purpose of yawning is to depolarize fascia — and if you’ve been sitting down your whole life, you have a hell of a lot of fascia polarized to the sitting position which this breathing/yawning exercise hopefully will deal with, progressively and systematically.

I also, at some point, begin to get the sensation of the “electrical current”, or some sort of “wave”, spreading upwards and downwards, having my arms do the various things you see his doing in the video and also having my pelvis, legs, and basically everything else “unwind”. I specifically let this wave “do its thing”, and, just like in that video, if it wants to pause at some point, I let it do that. I don’t get zealous and assume “I know best” and start stretching my arms, for example. If it “wants” me to stretch my arms however, I will do so.

This is a marathon, not a race. The end goal, by the way, which I’ve experienced at times, is to have no resistance while breathing out and in (at which point those actions have little meaning as they are automated and operate in a bizarre “wave”, with bits moving you never thought would move like that). But you’re probably not going to get there for some significant amount of time, so don’t tantalize yourself or spoil the exercise by going straight for some end-goal. For now, I’m just looking for feedback.

By the way, if you shake during this, take your first “tremor” as being a simple contraction pulling you down (so, if it’s in your abdomen, buckle over as it would have you do). Then treat that new position as a “still point” — and let me know if this happens, and what then happened. 🙂

My aim with all of this is to unite tremors (and thus David Berceli’s “Trauma Releasing Exercises” (“TREs”), myofascial winding/unwinding, and yawning, into some master-model.

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  1. James says:

    It works. Put me into “body mode” like in the video. I found that breathing subtly and using a point of resistance in that got a very strong reaction vs taking a normal breath.

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