Muscles & Posture: Myofascial Unwinding Video

I got to the same place as this guy quite early on by just letting go and seeing what my body wanted to do. I also found this would tend to happen quite often by itself while on psychedelic drugs.

Notice how he often begins entering a yawn during these movements. As I have mentioned before on this blog, I think it’s pretty obvious that yawning relaxes muscles and fascia. I recommend only yawning as much as the body wants to during these movements. It will let you know when to enter a full yawn. 🙂

Another thing to notice is how his arms will often adopt the poses he sleeps in (arm under pillow). His “still points” are also  in this pose. I believe that sleeping position is the #1 cause of wound fascia, and that sleeping in comfy beds in the likely the reason. Why? Because, in my theory, if lying on a hard surface, the fascia would be constantly innervated via input from the ground. This would stop the fascia “falling asleep” and locking in the pose. I believe this is the source of the folk wisdom that sleeping on the floor is good for your back. I honestly believe that modern life is killing us.

Here is my proposed list of top causes of myofascial winding and deformation:

  • Sleep position ← Top of the list by a country mile.
  • Sitting down. Computer work makes this a lot worse.
  • Jerking off.
  • Repetitive emotional states. For example, the “head down” submission pose, when done frequently, will mould you into that pose over time. Notice how the seated pose also resembles elements of this position? Modern life is killing our self-esteem and enjoyment of life.

You will find that the “still points” mentioned in that video will tend to occur at one of the above points in the list. So, you will find a disproportionately high number of still points in your various sleeping poses.

Practice Notes

I recommend only doing 5 minutes a day of what you’ve seen in that video. Use the whole body, not just the arms. Let the body “undo” itself in the order it wants. It will operate a “last in, first out” (LIFO) queueing system regarding the winds it tells you to unwind. The older the distortion, the longer the “still point” will tend to be. The reason I say only do 5 minutes is because I’ve found that unwinding does cause inflammation if done for long periods. For me, this sort of work quickly became compulsive and I would lose my mind and enter a long trance if I did not keep tabs on it, so if you have those kinds of tendencies be especially careful.

What you have seen in the video, and what I have told you in this post, is not going to fix you in a day. There is literally no point in rushing it or trying to skip ahead by doing long sessions — that will just piss you off. It’s all about just chipping away at in over long periods of time. You probably have in the order of 100,000 winds since birth. There is no point investing any serious mental energy into trying to undo all those winds. Perhaps you could do 5 minutes a day (which will help to remove the day’s winds at least, and probably quite a few previous days’ ones) and then possibly do 30 minutes on a Sunday to make a bigger dent in it (though I don’t know whether that would cause inflammation or anything — this is all at your own risk).

This is all just about chipping away at it over time and you should not think any thoughts such as “I have to get this all done” or “This will help me in some other area of my life.” You can’t, and it won’t, and it’s just something that will improve your natural movement and posture over time. Consider it more along the lines of brushing your teeth — a short daily session that you know will serve you well in the long term.

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7 Responses

  1. James says:

    “For me, this sort of work quickly became compulsive and I would lose my mind and enter a long trance if I did not keep tabs on it, so if you have those kinds of tendencies be especially careful.”

    I had the same thing, I did this type of thing on psychodelics and can still just hit a trance and let it take over. I’ve done it before 8 hour periods.

  2. Vick says:

    How is jerking off messing your body up?

    • Illuminatus says:

      If you do it often, especially while sat at a desk, then sometimes your grip will fail to be released all the way up the arm. That fascia will get “locked” in the grip position. Life goes on and that error will be forgotten, the arm will continue to function as an arm regardless of that error, and other errors will be added on top of it. This is how “winding” happens.

      • vick says:

        huh good thing I limited it to once a week a while ago.
        Thought this video would interest you
        When the muscles arent used\weak the whole face drops down, bones and all.
        And from what Ive seen it looks true, people who walked around with their mouth open and a stupid expression (me in the past) have no chin and a long face.

        • Illuminatus says:

          Fascinating video. I was literally wondering about this just the day before you posted this. I just thought to myself, why does everyone have such fucked teeth? Then I thought a) it must be cultural and b) with what I’ve been able to do with repairing my posture and mood, I could probably fix this too (I have very crooked teeth).

          I haven’t finished watching the video yet because I just had to pause and comment upon how poor the presenter’s posture is, which is ironic since he is giving blast criticisms of other people’s posture within the presentation. The cause of his poor posture is uptightness, and taking himself too seriously. There is a myofascial meridian which stretches from the forehead downwards into the body, and if you look at his forehead it is extremely tense which is tugging the rest of him out of shape via that meridian. Form IS emotion and as I’ve gone through this process of paying careful attention to my muscle tone, right down to the smallest muscle, and how tension in any part of me immediately affects my mood and perception, this has given me higher and higher insight into people’s personality, since personality is essentially just a collection of emotional responses. I would not be surprised if, in a few months, I will be able to literally read verbal content of people’s thoughts just from their visible muscle tone. It has been an AMAZING experience so far.

          But anyway this guy’s pelvis is tilted and he looks uncomfortable. If he just smiled and relaxed, that pelvic tilt would ease right up and his neck would rise and he would appear less angular and generally a lot straighter. You would not believe how much simply smiling improves global muscle tone and function.

  3. vick says:

    I had braces when I was younger but the lower teeth got crocked again, one is pretty bad and the rest are only slightly.
    I’ve been holding the mouth shut for I think a year or more but there was no improvement at all.
    Although my jaw did get bigger which looks much better.

    I got a dickish vibe from the presenter haha and at the end it feels like he avoids the quiestions but what he talks about is really interesting, he mostly deals with kids but I wonder how much of an improvement adults can make, I’m trying the tongue up position, will report in a year šŸ˜€

    • vick says:

      It would be pretty amazing if you fix your teeth without braces, and the thought reading sounds pretty cool too

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