Muscles & Posture: Look Down the Line

This is an even simpler posture/muscles method than my last one. The F&R method is still awesome so do both till you’re “fixed”.

I’ll give you a quick example for you to do so you can see the benefit immediately, then I’ll give you some other suggestions.

Example 1: Standing up

Crouch fully. So you will look like this, BUT you will have your hands at the side of your knees:


Now, rise up to standing, very slowly, while continually looking at both your hands and feet.

So imagine there is a line going from your two eyeballs, through your hands, and into your heels. As you rise, continue to look through that line. As you reach fully erect posture, continue to look through that line. You will end with your hands at your side. When you reach the very top, notice how your head wants to come back fully. Allow it while continuing to look down that line (so your eyes will be looking right down despite your head going back over your body). Now, put your head forward while continuing to look down that line.

The most important thing is that, while doing this, you continually look down that line. If lining up the hands on that line is confusing you, abandon that for the moment and solely focus on your heels. Once things start to make sense for you, via practice, you can reintroduce the hands to that line and things will start to align in your mind.

Example 2: Walking

My tips are getting simpler, easier, and more powerful each time.

To walk beautifully, try this. Go on a walk of decent duration, e.g. to the shops, so you have lots of time to get into a groove with this.

Walk while simply thinking about your heels. So put your awareness on your heels at all times.

That is all. Report back to me what happened.

Example 3: More Complex Corrections

In this example, you will move limbs while keeping your eyes fixed on either your hand or your foot, depending upon whether you are moving your arm or leg respectively.


Very slowly lift your arm up in an arc so it is completely vertical. While doing this, keep looking at your hand with your eyes the entire time. So, as it rises up, it will move out to the side. Literally turn your head fluidly to match it so you can keep looking directly at the hand. When the arm is completely vertical, keeping it straight, lower it down to your side extremely slowly, while continuing to look at the hand intently. Any time you need to turn your head to maintain eye contact with the hand, do so.

Repeat for other movements, as you feel necessary. Let intuition guide you to the next corrective motions. Have 100% faith in your body’s ability to correct itself, and that it will tell you how to do this. The only rule you must follow is that you must always look at your hand. If your manoeuvre takes your hand behind you where you can’t see it, continue to look at where the hand is “through” your body. So imagine you have X-ray vision and can see the hand regardless. The only hard-and-fast rule is that you must keep looking at the hand.


Lift your heel halfway up to the groin, so the knee points out at roughly a 45-degree angle. Now, very slowly lower the foot till the leg is straight, while maintaining direct eye contact with your foot.

Once again, the only hard-and-fast rule is that you must maintain a direct line of vision with your foot. If, in your own custom manoeuvres, your foot goes behind your body so you can no longer see it, you do exactly the same as you did for the hand and continue to look along the direct line of vision you would have if you could see it. Imagine that you can see it through your body, like you have X-ray vision.

Final Note

By practising this method, and experimenting, you will find yourself doing quite beautiful poses, from yoga and tai chi — of course, those are corrective methods, and their poses came from the body. You will begin to connect with your body in a way you did not think possible in the past.

If you come up with some amazing poses, let me know!

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  1. James says:

    Here is my experience with focusing on my heels while walking – If you haven’t done this yourself, I’d urge you to do it on your own so you don’t read into my experiences and setup false expectations.

    Basically, I walked more like a monkey. My legs were wider, I was rolling/gripping the ground with my feet, knees were slightly more bent, and I shifted my weight more.

    It was like how you see guys who have a lot of “swagger” walk.

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