Model of Consciousness as Creator of Reality

I was talking to an old friend recently about various paranormal experiences I’ve had while meditating, such as seeing the future — and not in an abstract way. As in, I actually saw a scene in total clarity then it happened a few hours later.

He replied that he does not rule anything out, and wrote up two ghost stories for me, one that had happened to his wife, and the other to a co-worker. I will not reprint them here because I do not want you focusing on ghosts or anything terrifying because, as I’m about to explain, you literally create what you focus on.

What I suggest as an overall model of reality is that consciousness creates reality. So what you consciously want, comes true (conscious will). What you believe (unconscious will), comes true. That is why I will not focus any of my thoughts on ghost stories, because they will become part of my reality. The idea “trickles down” into the belief system. Conscious thought can be seen as the tip of the iceberg, with all the belief system below the waterline feeding experience up into conscious awareness. At the same time, consciously focusing on something can send it down beneath the waterline to become part of your belief system.

So here is how I explain why what we believe doesn’t just come true immediately, or in a way whereby everyone can see it: competing consciousnesses.

If I say “yes” and you say “no”: It’s not true in consensus reality – but still has the potential to be true inside the individual, and outside the individual if nobody’s looking.

If I say “yes” and you say “yes”: It’s true, clear as day (groupthink/consensus reality/”science” where enough people agree/”religion” where enough people agree).

If I say “yes” and you say nothing (because you either abstain, ignore, you’re not looking, or it’s not within your awareness yet) then it comes true.

This is how the Illuminati (and their other names) enact their will — people aren’t aware so they can’t say “no”.

It’s also how much of science has come about — e.g. only 40 people are searching for the Higgs boson (saying “yes” to its creation), no one else in the entire world gives a shit about it (nobody’s saying “no”), and so one day it magically appears.

However, this is also the source of the ghost my friend’s wife saw in the story. The brief version is that they stayed in a hotel and she woke up several times to see an old woman in the room staring at her. She could not wake my friend; he would not wake up. And the woman stayed there for hours. If my friend had woken up and seen nothing (saying “no”, because it’s not in his belief system), first the ghost would have disappeared (for her), then doubts would have been cast in her memory. Her experience would retroactively have been partially edited/negated. This is typically how paranormal sightings are “debunked”. He would have made up a rationalization for what she saw: “It was just a nightmare. I didn’t see anything!” and this would partially have filtered down into her belief system (to varying degrees depending on how “robust” her belief system was). This is why ghost stories (and other paranormal experiences) almost exclusively happen to people who are alone.

Perhaps children’s imaginations are literally “real”, and we just “debunk” them later into non-existence?

If I say “no” and you say “no”, obviously nothing happens.

If I say “no” and you don’t say anything: It gets erased from reality. Again, this is how old myths etc. get erased or “debunked”. Revisionist history.

“Time” as we conceive of it does not exist. So I can say “no” to anything that happened in the “past” and, provided no other consciousness is around to argue, it gets erased. Why? Because it only ever existed in the moment anyway (within consciousness, where time does not exist).

If I say “no” and you and a friend both say “yes”, it comes true anyway (tyranny of the majority is a key part of how all this stuff works).

How did I come up with all this? I got really drunk one night, woke up the next day, and had written out a three-page Word document detailing it all. True story. I’ve found the document and am tidying it up now to post hopefully tomorrow. It’s called A Story of Creation and basically explains anything that’s ever happened, to anyone, ever.

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6 Responses

  1. Alex Maven says:

    I find this topic fascinating and after reading Jed Mckenna’s enlightenment trilogy and his following ‘Theory of Everything’ book can’t leave the nagging notion that there is something to this but I’ve yet to have a single weird or strange experience break my true sense of a ‘concrete’ reality somewhere out ‘there.’

    I will definitely play with this some more and do my best to shift my awareness into the mutable nature of reality but its hard to get past my own skepticism. And like Steve Pavlina eloquently put. If this is ‘true’ then by being skeptical of it you will naturally only manifest evidence in both your ‘day to day life’ and from other people that disproves this theory.

    Still its hard to grasp. I’ve tried to drive into lucid dreaming as a way to show myself directly that perception isn’t real in the sense that if I can have a dream that feels real in every sense of the word but I know is false then I will be able to more concretely and critically question the ‘realness’ of reality itself.

    I can hardly remember any of my dreams though and they puff away like smoke. It gets frustrating. Very frustrating and at times feel like I’m just chasing fairy dust. And perhaps I am.

    It seems to me at times that everyone needs their own version of a fairy tale. Bigfoot, God, or little green men. Who is to say I’m any closer to the truth.

    Have you read the recent Jed Mckenna book. I believe I read somewhere that you checked out the original ones.

    He basically spells it out all out in the ‘TOE’ one. That consciousness is that only thing you can really know to be true. There is nothing outside it.

    I can’t know and its a hard sell to presume that you exist or anything else outside of my awareness. That literally behind me right this second could be nothing until I look.

    Or at least I’m a piece of it and we’re all creating it and reinforcing it like you imply.

    Very tricky.

    Keep writing. I always look forward to your posts.

    • Illuminatus says:

      Hi Alex,

      I haven’t read TOE yet but I will at some point.

      Re lucid dreaming, it will almost certainly give you what you are looking for. I was a naturally gifted lucid dreamer aged 16-19, being spontaneously given the gift of the highest level of lucid dreaming, “Super-Lucid Dreaming”, one night without any training (or even knowing lucid dreaming existed). That level entails total control of the dream, to the point of being able to take the existing dream down to nothing then rebuild it into any scene one wants via just an intention, and with it happening in just the time it takes to make that intention. In fact I didn’t even know lucid dreaming was a “thing” and that other people had it until it was just handed to me and I started looking into it.

      I used it mainly for sex and flying, as most unguided people do. At 19, either my unconscious had had enough or someone “up there” had, because it was taken away from me just as quickly as it was given. I only regained the ability recently, after reaching fourth samatha jhana in concentration meditation. My skills are EXTREMELY sloppy right now — it’s like I’m having to train them from scratch like a beginner would.

      In the article I posit the following theory:

      The unconscious mind seems to store the hugely complex set of interactions and emotions that make up one’s lifetime into a simple story. A single narrative.

      If you could gain access to this story file via lucid dreaming, I dread to think of what you could do to your own personality. You might be able to make superhuman improvements to your confidence by changing your relationships with the avatars. But by the same sword-strike you could also lose all grounding in reality and sense of appropriateness in your behaviours.

      When I regained the ability to lucid-dream a few weeks ago, the first place I arrived at was indeed the above mentioned narrative. It does exist. I didn’t change anything in the narrative — I just looked around for now.

      I found out that others know about this narrative also. Check out a guy called Charlie Morley on YouTube. I’ve just bought his book. I can’t vouch for its effectiveness in training lucid dreaming yet, as I’m only a few pages in, but he seems the real deal as he’s described many things I’ve seen. E.g. in one of his YouTube videos he talks about meeting a three-headed beast. I met the same three-headed beast (a hydra in my case) guarding the entrance to my unconscious. He also had the onset of lucid dreaming at the same age I did, but he received expert guidance from Tibetan Buddhists (which is probably why he got to keep it).

      Anyway, following such lucid dreams, on waking, the line between dream and “reality” is definitely blurred, and this persists for some time until one becomes “grounded” again in “reality” (usually by the drudgery of day-to-day things). After such experiences it is really not hard to see how this is also just a dream we are living in, albeit a co-created one via the above “Yes–No” rules. In your lucid dream you just have the “Yes” side. Throw in some “No”s and you get “reality”.

  2. Alex Maven says:

    Thank you for the references. I’m checking him out now.

    How far do you think you can take things then if reality isn’t concrete? Within this context could I literally manifest things like is claimed in the ‘secret.’

    I mean most people get indoctrinated into the same believe systems. How much do other peoples belief in a concrete reality limit the amount of crazy things you are able to do.

    Could I for example with enough belief open an inter-dimensional door to another world or ride a dragon assuming I did it privately and wasn’t trying to break ‘other peoples’ reality tunnels or change their beliefs?

    How much of this ‘shared’ dream can be broken within ones private life?

    I’ve tried to look for a break. Anything that would point to something that doesn’t operate with mathematical consistency that has happened to me in my life. Not a thing.

    Maybe I just need to look longer.

    I’ve read at least within the realm of lucid dreaming of people that are capable of slowing down subjectively the time of their dreams until 15 minutes in ‘waking’ life feels like literally years in the dream. That they are able to create literally from the ground up persistent worlds with people that they are able to return to in their dreams again and again…and everything feels as concrete as waking life.

    I’ve had no direct experience of any of this stuff but the doors that such experiences would open in terms of writing good fiction novels.

    Forget about outlining a book or world building when you can just ‘go there.” Maybe that’s stupid thought but opening up creatively and getting past mental blocks is another selfish reason for my interest in all of this.

    • Illuminatus says:

      “How far do you think you can take things then if reality isn’t concrete? Within this context could I literally manifest things like is claimed in the ‘secret.’”

      Manifesting things like in The Secret is easy-peasy! You’ve already been doing it your whole life, yet unconsciously for the most part. When you do it unconsciously your worries tend to come true in equal proportion to your desires, giving a general “cancelling-out”. Focused visualization (which they recommend, if I recall) is one way to get enough “Yes”s on board that something you genuinely desire has a better chance of appearing. However, as the old saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for” – things “attached” to the visualization (which you didn’t realize while making it), will also come true.

      After that stage (overcoming your own “No”s), you then have everybody else’s “No”s to deal with. You’re right, if you want a million dollars, it won’t just appear in front of you. However, if you kept visualizing it (with the kind of obsessive focus that started to get all parts of you saying “Yes” to it), then it would then have to pass underneath everybody else’s radar so they couldn’t “No” it, OR it would have to benefit some people who were willing to say “Yes” to it (the croneyism via how modern corporatist politics are run — all these things start to make sense when viewed through the Yes–No model). Then your intention begins the process of “slipping through the cracks”. So it slips through the holes in everybody’s consciousnesses, or has to get approval when it comes across someone conscious of it, and this is why manifestation typically takes TIME.

      An easy example to understand of your intention “slipping through the cracks” is getting a million dollars. If it just appears, you break all the rules. But if you put effort into stock trading or starting a business or organized crime or whatever, or started playing the lottery a lot, eventually it appears. Why? Because these are all methods that “have been done before” — so, if people see you operating in one of these areas, they will unconsciously give you more “Yes”s because they are aware that individuals HAVE acquired a million dollars before via those routes. Again, this is why the manifestation takes TIME — you have to get all the “Yes”s on board or avoid all the “No”s. (As a side note, maybe the number of overnight millionaires from designing apps if a good example of where people are disproportionately saying “Yes!!!” to making money from apps because it’s a novel thing and they also want to believe they can do it too? We see this cyclically with fads).

      Now let’s zoom out — haven’t I just described the standard process of starting a business anyway? Stick at it long enough, you’ll do well? Did we really need all this talk of visualization, intention and manifestation? Well the whole point of model agnosticism is that infinite LENSES can be used to view the same phenomenon. The same phenomenon can be explained an infinite number of ways. Your explanation depends on your reality tunnel. If you are able to “choose” your lenses (metaprogramming), the lens you choose might be based on the one most interesting to you, or the most useful for your aims. Is believing that visualizing a million dollars will appear useful? It’s more useful if you currently believe “I can’t have money” (also true under consciousness rules).

      When you get into “whose” consciousness this is all taking place in, things get even more bizarre. That brings us to your next questions.

      “Could I for example with enough belief open an inter-dimensional door to another world”

      I would ask yourself “where” those other worlds are right now. If they all take place within consciousness, then if no one’s saying “Yes” to them right now, do they exist?

      Have you ever really “moved” anywhere, or has the scene just changed around you?

      “or ride a dragon assuming I did it privately and wasn’t trying to break ‘other peoples’ reality tunnels or change their beliefs?”

      But that’s lucid dreaming — a “private” zone where only your “Yes”s and “No”s are heard. Out in consensus reality you’re back in conflict with the other beliefs — them’s the rules.

      “How much of this ‘shared’ dream can be broken within ones private life?”

      Looking at the Yes–No system should answer this.

      However, Daniel Ingram has some interesting things to say about it:

      Finding Daniel Ingram (and Charlie Morley, a few weeks later, via Daniel’s forum!) is a great example of finding guys who already drew the exact same conclusions as me about “reality” — but who are far enough ahead of me for me to learn a great deal from. Both are “me in the future” in their respective areas (insight meditation and lucid dreaming).

      In that link Daniel talks about “public magick” — violating others’ belief systems — and what can be done, and what the consequences might be. Definitely worth a read.

      “I’ve tried to look for a break. Anything that would point to something that doesn’t operate with mathematical consistency that has happened to me in my life. Not a thing.”

      Maybe you’re saying “Yes” to mathematical consistency and “No” to anything that would cast doubts on that. I never looked at the world that rigidly. Maybe we’re both looking at the same thing but you’re looking at it through your Maths lens and me through my Fluid lens.

      “Maybe I just need to look longer.”

      Or maybe “look differently”. Ever tried drugs?
      I would say lucid dreaming will certainly get you what you want. Plus you can take psychedelic drugs in your dream. 🙂

      “I’ve read at least within the realm of lucid dreaming of people that are capable of slowing down subjectively the time of their dreams until 15 minutes in ‘waking’ life feels like literally years in the dream. That they are able to create literally from the ground up persistent worlds with people that they are able to return to in their dreams again and again…and everything feels as concrete as waking life.”

      Are you sure you haven’t just been watching Inception? 😛 In my experience, lucid dream time is very comparable to “reality” time, and that’s what studies have found too. I think the illusion of time arises from the number of sensations per second one is aware of. As the lucid brain works very similarly to the awake brain in terms of stimulus–response (this is all studied), under this model we can see how similar perceptions of time would arise in both states. I’ve not heard of slowing down time so 15 minutes is 2 years, other than in the film Inception, but if you have a source I’d like to read it.

      As for returning to the same scene again and again, yes, definitely possible. According to Charlie Morley, you can also call up any experience you’ve ever had and relive it, as the unconscious stores EVERYTHING like a tape recorder. I’ve not played with that facility yet so cannot comment.

  3. Alex Maven says:

    “Ever tried drugs?”

    I did try DMT once but I’m not a smoker and so I couldn’t get high enough beyond feeling ‘good.’ before the effects started fading. I cough like a little girl and look like an idiot even when just trying to smoke hookah.

    A friend of mine did get really high on it though several times though to the point where they were practically thrown from this universe mentally speaking.

    That person later became a drug addicted asshole and stole several thousand dollars from me so I’m no exactly sold on drugs being this great consciousness changer although maybe if that person had the right models and wasn’t just screwing off with the drug they could have used it as a tool.

    Such as a hammer can be used to build a house or break a window.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to trying something like that again.

    I just read your two posts on Russell brand and lurked over on the comments. Really insight discussion. I think I feel like I have a better understanding where you are coming from.

    You mentioned that it is nearly impossible for people to change even when THEY WANT TO in regards to how lower consciousness are civilization still is.

    I’ve known this all too true personally. I’m currently struggling with dieting and trying to lose 10lbs. I’m only 185lbs 5 11’ as a guy so I’m not ‘fat’ by any means.

    But what HAS become so frustrating is how this process has revealed how poorly my self-control is.

    I know I just need to cut my calories to lose the weight. I know about willpower and setting my environment up to make it easier for my success. Blah blah blah.

    Doesn’t this knowledge has done little for me. Just yesterday I found myself on autopilot driving to Mcdonalds. I knew what I was doing wasn’t in alignment with my goals. I was literally like in a prison of my own mind telling myself NOT to do it while in the very process of doing it anyway.

    Its like I have all these big goals. Things I want to accomplish. I have a few good days. Maybe a good week. And then like ground hogs day it’s like I wake up from auto-pilot and I’m back to doing all the same old things and same bad habits.

    Then I try again. Bam. Same thing. Try again. Bam. Same thing.

    Is meditation then the gateway to changing these underlying things that continually sink me from following through on things? Or rather is this the very first cornerstone thing I should be working on before worrying about anything else.

    Perhaps simple breathing techniques.

    This is a dumb example but it’s a reoccurring one across so many parts of my life where I know what to do. I have a desire to do it. But yet I continue to follow through with old programmed habits.

    I did read the link you provided above and started taking a look at the rest of the site. Its def interesting. My only problem with his definition would be again to have enough experiences directly that are unexplained (in the objective sense) that I have to conclude that either reality is no longer strictly objective or I’m certifiably insane.

    That being said.

    I just feel like there is a huge fundamental link between lucid dreaming and enlightenment which I think Alan Watts hits on the head to a degree.

    Alan Watts – Dream of Life (3minutes)

    The idea that there is no self has always been hard one for me to conceptually grasp but if looked at through the prism of an actual dream becomes clearer to me. In a dream you may play a character (have a self) but you are no more your dream representation of yourself then you are all the other characters, the rocks, the buildings, and the whole entire story or content of the dream.

    “Are you sure you haven’t just been watching Inception? :P”

    Regarding weird lucid dream claims others are making.

    I will attach a few quotes with a link to the threads regarding “time diliation” (making lucid dreams last longer) and the other weirdest thing I’ve read about. “Shared dreaming.” Feel free to look at your own pleasure or don’t. These things can bloat out of control

    Again I don’t know these people so it’s a total crap-shoot whether there is any validity to what they say but I certainly found it fascinating.

    In regards to Mylynes. He apparently was a natural lucid dreamer like you but didn’t lose the ability to lucid dream as he grew up but went deeper and deeper and deeper.

    So who knows. Maybe these things will be possible to you or anyone else that has enough experience and commitment behind them. I think I remember him saying hes been doing it hardcore for at least 10+ years.

    From- Mylynes

    “lately it feels like I have been on the other side much much more than I have been awake. Things have happened and places have been visited which simply do not exist anywhere in the waking world so it is definitely not ALL recycled from the waking world.

    Also, as a result of where I spend most of my time I often forget many things from the waking world. I also have memories (usually of past dreams) that for some reason I only tend to remember when dreaming and seem to temporarily leave my thoughts when I am awake.

    For me, sometimes the waking world seems more like the dream though this can be hard to explain.”

    Link below talks about shared dreams.

    From- WakingNomad

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