Make Your Own Tech 1: Audio Tones

Did you know you can affect your own emotional state and muscle tone by singing different musical notes in your head?

Try it now. Sit or lie down. Now pick a note at random. (This “random note” will often turn out to be the resonant frequency of your chest, which is the frequency you should be speaking at if you wish to generate the loudest voice with the minimum effort — but that’s a topic for a different post.)

  • “Hum” the note (entirely in your mind). How does that make you feel?
  • Now sing the note with an “ahhh” texture — how does that affect your feelings?
  • Now do a rhythmic “dah dah dah”. Change the rhythm to be faster and slower and note how that affects your internal feelings.
  • Now make the note oscillate between a pitch slightly higher than the current one to one slightly lower — like “ahhhh-ohhhh-ahhhh-ohhhh”.
  • Now move the position in your body that you “sing” the note. So if you were singing it in your “head” before, move the note up and down a central axis along your whole body — from a position just above the crown of your head down to your feet. You will experience vastly different effects at points within the body around the different internal organs (which are known as “chakras” in Eastern spiritual systems).
  • Now vastly change the note so it is higher and repeat all the experiments, then do another run with a vastly lower note. Try it with many notes and try and find “sweet notes” which seem to create bigger effects than others.

There are many applications of this tech. Firstly, if you have ever been around really anxious people, you may notice that they hum to themselves in social situations. The humming creates a calming effect, so they are doing a kind of instinctive version of this tech. You can, by preparing beforehand, create a highly customized programme of tones to alter your mood as you wish.

Another application is that such a tech can be used as a relaxing preparation before meditation. This is in fact how various mantras and the Hindu “Om” sound work.

Via experimentation you can bring about emotional states of your choosing, beyond just simple relaxation. A cool thing is that if you find ones that are really effective and which you want to remember, you simply have to sing them into a sound recorder and you will have them stored forever.

“Make Your Own Tech” is a new series of posts in which I will provide you with a short idea as a “seed”.  You plant the seed and grow it into a full tech via your own experimentation.

The spirit of Personal Power Meditation is unlocking the future of human consciousness, and it is inescapable that the real techs to achieve this must be self-developed — within you. Even the most comprehensively written meditation system is 99% uncovered by the student through practice — the words simply point somewhere, and the student still has to walk that path. Make Your Own Tech is all about providing the minimal information required to start a path and letting the student develop their own confidence in their abilities to uncover their own truths through taking initiative and trying new ideas. As such, I generally will not be following up any Make Your Own Tech posts with further guidance — because the whole point is to make your own tech. 🙂

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  1. James says:

    Would this basically be a way to discover mantrams, or basically words of power?

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