Mailbag: Sensations in the Hands, and Tremors while Meditating

Pat wrote:

Hey, I did much longer meditation sessions both today and yesterday. Both times I was able to get 1) this effect where it felt like my hands dissolved and went numb and 2) Very strong, TRE-like [Trauma Releasing Exercises, David Berceli] full body shakes. It might also be worth noting that I didn’t us that mudra that you wrote about over the summer (I’ve used it every meditation session since I found out about it.) Are these indicators of anything?

Events happening to the hands are usually a sign of increasing absorption. Their becoming numb usually precedes the “numbness” spreading to the rest of the body, too. At this point the breath should become very dominant as the central object as the rest of the body falls away. I sometimes use awareness of the stillness of my hands to create this effect intentionally.

Furthermore, Leigh Brasington recommends attention on the hands as well as the breath: (search the text for “hands”).

Aaron Sleazy’s new meditation book (which I will review when it is released shortly) also talks about sensations of warmth appearing in the hands and spreading around the body.

Regarding sudden tremors, this is spontaneous myofascial unwinding on very fine levels as a result of the body’s inbuilt relaxation and repair responses activating. What to do about it depends on the following. If you can let it happen for some time and it eventually resolves, then that is fine, and you should continue meditating normally. Therefore this is just a phase to be sat through till it passes.

If however it is completely violent and effectively ends the meditation, then you will need to do some work on it. This is what yoga stretching and poses were originally used for, so you could look into attending a class and creating a routine to be performed before each meditation session and see if that helps.

You can also try Andy Hutchinson’s tech here: This can be roughly split into two parts:

  1. “Kiss, Smile, Breathe, Repeat”. In another post I have recommended looking upwards, making a kiss pout, holding it for 10–20 seconds while slowly breathing through the nose, then smiling while breathing out. The mouth should be positioned over the spine while looking up. Repeat this cycle for around two minutes before meditating.
  2. The rest of his tech involves things like lying on the floor and letting the body go through its own motions, which usually results in tremors. Read the whole link for details.

Overall I would advise you not to get obsessed with this but instead just do enough so the tremors abate. Keep the main focus on meditating.

Hope this helps!

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  1. Pat says:

    Another observation: I’ve noticed after a good meditation session, I seem to instinctively avoid re-examining negative memories. When it appears, it is as if on a gut level I realize that if I give it any more attention, I will be trapped in a spiral of negative thoughts. This realization then gives me the chance to back away from whatever particular memory it was.

  2. Monk Bro says:

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