Mailbag: Breath Meditation / Conscious Creation

C.C. from Wales wrote to me after his first ever attempt at meditation. We had a quite a back-and-forth!

Hi mate

I tried the breathing meditation this morning. Felt very calm afterwards and like you described, I was conscious of my brain starting to think about things again. Initially these were unimportant things that didn’t seem to trigger any emotion really.

Then about 20mins ago I started having the usual fed up with work and lifestyle feelings. This usually makes me feel a bit restless and distracted but today I’ve got a real shortness of breath too. Like I’ve just walked up a shit load of stairs feeling!

Can this amplify feelings like that? Is this common? Also it was about 7am when I finished so quite a while ago.

Its freaked me out a bit that’s all :-/

Yeah, meditation can amplify feelings, because it creates a strong contrast (a period of peace means dissatisfied thoughts seem stronger in comparison).

My guess about what happened here is that you got a nice full breath going. Then the dissatisfied thoughts caused contraction of those muscles (this is generally how they operate – every thought has a correlating muscle contraction pattern somewhere in the body. Think about how frustration generally tenses you up). This got perceived as being out of breath since your body was “used” to experiencing the full breath during the meditation (contrast, again).

When feeling out of breath you just need to return awareness to breathing and slowly breath in using all the muscles in the torso (not just diaphragm or chest, the whole lot evenly).

Also, a “hack” is that you can open your mouth slightly and swallow while making a “click” noise with your throat. This somehow drops the air sack back down and has it fully inflate.

It was cool. It was very early and I had the window open. My rooms on the second floor and the window opens out to a car park. I heard someone walking to their car and the footsteps sounded like they were INSIDE my room:-)

Yeah, you get all that stuff. Food tastes ten times better as well. 🙂

I got back from work about 4.30 and did another 35min blast. I set an alarm like you suggested. This might sound weird but….I don’t know if I fell asleep or not. Usually if I have a short nap and wake up I feel like shit, really groggy. I don’t, I feel fine, good even. However I don’t really have any memory and it seemed to go REALLY quick. I know I had to refocus a few times on breaths and I remember feeling my heart beat pulsing and feeling like I was wobbling because of it. But very few specific memories unlike this morning.

I think you fell asleep. But probably straight into theta brain waves, hence no memory. Meditation can be used for better sleep like this.

This will happen sometimes when you’re tired. Often I’ll just go with it and turn in for the night if it’s late, or have a nap otherwise. In my experience it’s not going to make a very productive meditation.

It appears, based on a brief look at the literature, that the “target” state for meditation is alpha brainwaves, where you are still conscious but deeply relaxed. In this state you will have full memory of the meditation. In my experience however, “time” is weird because, due to the clear mind, there are no reference points for “how long it’s taking” (the more frustrated mode associated with the beta waves of the waking state).

So after a long alpha meditation you will “know” it took the full time, but at the same time it will appear to have gone quickly. So I can do an hour in that state and it simultaneously feels like an hour but also “timeless”. I once did two hours in that state and could have gone on. I felt like I could have gone on indefinitely.

The conversation continued today after C.C. read my Model of Consciousness as Creator of Reality post.

Read that and it’s taken me a little while to digest but here’s some thoughts on it that seem relevant.

I’ve been using the breathing technique in the morning and after work now for the last 3 days and people are talking to me more. Engaging more. People in shops, staff at the hotel, colleagues, people I meet at work, everyone. Not just talking either, walked past a very hot girl yesterday and she looked me straight in the eye, smiled and held my gaze as she approached then walked past.

Now the question is, are they really? Am I just noticing it better. More perceptive? Is it just chance? I think your conscious reality theory can explain. Basically it doesn’t matter. That’s how I’m perceiving these events and my brain isn’t questioning it with self doubt. Isn’t telling me to stop being silly. If I say and think it’s happening then it fucking is right? Till someone says it isn’t, and the only person who can say that is me!

This is what you mean isn’t it?


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