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I don’t feel particularly bound to any specific reality tunnel. Frankly, sometimes I’m waiting for the curtain to come down, to shake the other actors’ hands and say, “Good show! Let’s do it all again tomorrow night.”

In this mental-masturbatory post, I explore the reality tunnel: “What if my recurring dreams are actual prophecy? (of the ‘All this has happened before, and all of it will happen again’ variety)”

These are recurring dreams I’ve been having for many years now. They are so vivid in their imagery and evocation of feeling as to take on an æthereal quality of past-life. So, what if they are a form of genetic memory, or stories being passed from beyond energy and matter?

1. Jerusalem

I have no interest in this city, and have not researched it in any meaningful way. Yet that does not stop it appearing vividly in my dreams a few times per year.

In the dream I’m fleeing from Quarter to Quarter, assumed to be an enemy combatant and shot at at each one. After repeating this cycle several times, I finally decide to pledge loyalty to the Christian Quarter, purely because it’s the only religion I had exposure to in my childhood, and I am taken in and attended to by nuns.

This is an exasperated act: I have no interest in any of these religions or their bickering.

Scriptural interpretation: Jerusalem represents a kind of tectonic fault line in human relations. It is the epicentre of the playing field where the Tribes of Humanity will meet and attempt to annihilate each other. Furthermore, pledging loyalty to no side does not induce neutrality — but rather universal targeting.

2. Nuclear War

In the nuclear war dream, there is terror as the flashes go off — but also a sick feeling of relief, like a watershed. Following the blasts, I become a begrudging leader of the survivors in the irradiated post-nuclear world. Not in a sexy, Buck Rogers kind of way — more in a “we’re all going to die and frankly the sooner the better” kind of way.

Scriptural interpretation: This one’s pretty obvious.

3. Attacked by Human Hordes

In this dream I must defend my home and family from waves of tracksuit-wearing human underclass — yet am pitifully under-equipped for the task. The more I kill, the more show up. They have grinning hunger and hate in their eyes. After fending them off fails, I attempt to appease them by giving them access to some things in the house. They enter the house, break their agreement, take and destroy everything.

In a variation of this dream, myself and a small group of friends walk through a burning post-apocalyptic version of my home city, similarly surrounded by human hordes who do not attack us but rather break into the wrecked buildings and have huge parties with looted booze. In this variant of the dream, my friends give up all hope of salvaging a future and join the hordes for the final party; now with no one, I begrudgingly join them.

Scriptural interpretation: Could this be a genetic memory of Neanderthals’ overwhelm and wiping out at the hands of Homo Sapiens?

4. The Monolith on the Moon

There is something on the moon: a monolith, a base or a beacon. It is calling me back. Sometimes I need a rocket to get there; other times I can just fly right up there myself. I’ve been having this dream since long before I saw 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Scriptural interpretation: Is the Moon an observation post for the progenitors of life on Earth to watch their creation’s history unfold? In another post I’ll be exploring Stanley Kubrick’s apparent higher-Circuit access (a treat for Eight-Circuit Model fans!).

5. Solar Cataclysm

We watch with a sense of total powerlessness as the Sun explodes, or some other solar-system event threatens all life on Earth. The result of this is very much the same as the nuclear war dream — I become begrudging leader in an irradiated world. However, in this dream, humanity exists in a far more technologically-advanced era. We are protected somewhat by underground metal bunkers which have medical facilities, as if pre-planned for such an event.

Scriptural interpretation: Given the size of the universe, countless civilizations in distant solar systems have no doubt survived right up until the collapse of their star, or some other astronomical event they were powerless to resist. This is either a memory of what has already happened, or a future memory of what will happen to us, or both as part of a cosmic cycle of death and rebirth. Just as upon an individual’s death they see a blinding light, so upon a civilization’s death does it see the same light, whether from nuclear war or solar cataclysm, as a zoomed-out fractal version of the same phenomenon.

6. Solar Cataclysm (Escape)

In this version of the solar cataclysm, my species has mastered space travel and attempts to save their world by enacting some grand-scale manipulation of the planets or star using technology at an unfathomably-advanced level. However, the feeling in this dream is one of basic hopelessness: we know the plan only has something like a 5% chance of success. We also experience terror at the forces we are both experiencing and unleashing. I have never had this dream end successfully, and the survivors are always left alone, adrift amongst the stars.

Scriptural interpretation: An alternative ending to the above, which no doubt has been experienced by countless species since the dawn of existence.

7. Terraforming

I began having this dream many years before the last two, and it was only after “Solar Cataclysm (Escape)” that it began making sense, as a kind of linking-on. In this story, we are selecting a new planet for terraforming. In some versions we’re just seeding a planet with life. In others, we’re trying to make it a new home. Again, there is a sense of terror at the demigod-level forces we are unleashing — almost like we are in direct confrontation with a larger universal will who chooses if we are to be successful or not.

Scriptural interpretation: In the same way a sperm fertilizes an egg, is the origin of our species a zoomed-out fractal version of this phenomenon — a seeding of a planet?

Have you had similar dreams? Perhaps we can put all the pieces of overlapping dreams together like the Talisman from Lemmings 2, and work out the entire future-past of humanity — and how to reach level 2.


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