I have re-themed the forum

I have put the forum in the team colours. It’s not perfect, but it feels more like home now. 🙂

I have also added basic responsive functionality so it is more usable on mobile phone, pad etc.


  • Added the PPM logo (click to return to forum index)
  • PPM colours
  • New “unread posts” icon
  • Post text is now slightly larger making it much more readable
  • Basic responsive functionality for phones, tablets etc.
  • Added “Back to main site” link underneath the logo as per an old request from Arpan

The changes might not show up immediately on your phone because phones tend to keep hold of old cache for longer. Clearing the phone’s cache and reloading the page will fix this.

I haven’t had time to test it in all browsers so please report any problems in the comments below.

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2 Responses

  1. Saturnus says:

    Looks great man!

    I can’t even remember the way it looked before anymore. It’s so on point now.

    The forum is missing a favicon. Maybe you wanna look into that.

    And as always, thank you for taking the time to run this platform!

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