How good is your IQdar?

Last night I went out on heroic doses of LSA. Don’t do this. One tab induces merry giggles. Four tabs induce symptoms of the common cold, plus a serious emergence of the Three Characteristics.

While this ruined me fun-wise, it did begin to yield insane insights.

I became aware of something I always knew, yet had never seen rendered so explicitly: the IQ halo.

I can literally tell how intelligent someone is — and, ergo, how much capacity for consciousness they have — just by looking at them. With LSA in my system, this was rendered as a literal visual halo around everybody’s head, of varying sizes based on intelligence. Very intelligent people got a large, “spacious” ring around their heads. For the cognitively challenged, their halo barely extended beyond the outline of their cranium. They literally looked like struggling little pig-men.

It suddenly made sense as to why I’ve ever got along with anyone — or, more importantly, why I’ve never got along with most people. We can literally see each other’s intelligence, and tend to congregate around those with capacities similar to our own. Dumbasses fear and loathe the more intelligent, and instinctively gang up to bring them down. Smart people naturally feel threatened and alienated by dumbasses. It’s just the way things are, and always have been.

The IQ halo is real — go out and look for it. Start conversations with those you perceive as being smart, and you will find they are smart. It’s like a magic gift you never knew you had. And now you can make friends wherever you go using it.

Where this really hit home for me was with women. I realized that the girls I’ve had serious “things” for have tended to have had decent-sized IQ halos. There’s just a natural fit. Remember, opposites don’t attract: we tend to like people the more similar they are to ourselves. Use this to your advantage when picking friends and lovers. It makes things a LOT easier.

There’s a natural attraction between high-intelligence people. I also noticed however two other categories of women. Girls who liked my looks and nothing else (they weren’t smart themselves) were marked “tag”. These interactions fizzled out quickly once the incompatibility was realized by both parties. Girls who were attracted to my intelligence but who weren’t smart themselves were marked “arrow” as they pointed towards my halo (I believe there’s a natural evolutionary hypergamy in some girls to mate “up” towards higher intelligence). These interactions are “easy”, but too easy.

I’m not speaking figuratively about the markers: girls were literally marked, visually — a result of the LSA. Tag and arrow. Literal visual markers. I believe the Limitless Pill is not actually a fantasy — its effects can be realized, albeit separately so far via a variety of different drugs. There is certainly scope to draw forth these properties and integrate them.

Remember: one tab, giggles. Four tabs, deep insight (provided the necessary background in meditation and integration of spiritual insight) with an alarming tangible, perceivable sprinkle of the Three Characteristics. For me this manifested exactly as Daniel Ingram describes in the form of fidgety, uncomfortable posture, and a general drop in positive emotional affect.

I recommend Druid’s Fantasy brand LSA. It’s legal in most countries, but check your local laws first.

I rounded the night off with some MXP, which led to a deep, grounding spiritual experience. I remembered all the good in a previous relationship I had been repressing (along with all the bad — that’s the deal when you repress), integrated it, and wept like a baby for what seemed like hours. The Earth Mother. Or was it Birth Mother? My notes seem to argue with themselves over this point. The perspective probably oscillated between both.

True psychonautics and spiritual healing, my practice severely honed and sharpened via the Path of Insight. MCTB is now practically required reading for understanding much of my stuff going forward.

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5 Responses

  1. Edenist Whackjob says:

    “I believe the Limitless Pill is not actually a fantasy — its effects can be realized, albeit separately so far via a variety of different drugs. There is certainly scope to draw forth these properties and integrate them.”

    Any insights in this area since you wrote the post?

    • Illuminatus says:

      I haven’t thought about it much. But if you were to ask me my views this moment, they would be that the properties of mind associated with the Limitless Pill are a custom state. You would either need to create strong specific intentions to experience that new reality tunnel, or have them scripted for you in a similar way to how Leary scripted reality-change in his LSD reimprinting experiments.

      Without internal intentions or external scripting for the new reality tunnel, taking a drug strong enough for that level of mental reordering would just result in chaos, exactly how when people without concentration experience and specific intentions take LSD the resulting trip is largely random.

      I don’t think this kind of reality tunnel change is possible without overt magickal intent. I think if a drug were made that induced the traits of the Limitless Pill in anyone who took it, then that would be a reflection of the strong intent of the drug’s designer, baking itself into reality then copying itself via the fractal.

      To expand upon this, I think all drugs are spells, which operate based on the expectations of the initial drug-taker. So, if someone ate an opium poppy expecting it to cure pain, then it did, because his intent was unopposed (and whether he was conscious of that intent or not is besides the point — most intention is grossly unconscious in most people). The painkilling effects appear as expected, then that property is copied into the fractal so it repeats = anyone else eating opium gets painkilling effects.

      Or can you think of any material, non-magickal, rationalistic way a new drug could reorder someone’s brain to produce Limitless Pill traits?

      In either case the result would essentially be the destruction of the previous person and an emergence of someone new.

      Yes, people are always changing mentally as a result of new experience (impermanence, no-self), but we tend to accept such change at its ordinary slow pace. A Limitless Pill would present an unacceptable rate of change in a person = others would veto it, both in the material realm and in the nondual intentions sense.

      I’m sorry, I struggle to think of such a drug WITHOUT invoking magick, intentions, reality tunnels etc. So since you are more rationalistic I don’t know if we can even end up on the same page in this discussion.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        Well, I guess I am more rationalistic than you, even though I consider myself quite crazy 🙂

        I guess we need to define what we want. What are the Limitless Pill traits?

        • Illuminatus says:

          Why am I having to write things out again? Do it your fucking self!

          • Edenist Whackjob says:

            Going by the show and movie it would be:

            -extreme recall
            -working memory boost
            -senses are boosted
            -ability to learn new fields very rapidly
            -ability to speak multiple languages fluently
            -more energy and will to do tasks
            -access to projections of other persons who give advice on tricky problems
            -ability to do advanced math on the fly
            -vastly increased tactical intelligence (“I’m 50 moves ahead of you”, Eddie Morra says to Carl von Loon in the end of the movie)

            Some amount of this is achievable with drugs, I suppose.

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