Greta Thunberg is Totally Asymmetrical

When I watch Greta Thunberg’s speeches, I see a ventriloquist’s dummy speaking in the voice of her ideologue parents. I find the exploitation of a mentally-handicapped young girl absolutely disgusting.

What I really noticed however is how utterly asymmetrical Greta Thunberg is. When she’s on one of her pre-programmed rants, her face distorts in a completely asymmetrical pattern, with a different facial expression on each side. I created the following facial reflections in Photoshop to illustrate this. It is like looking at two completely different people:

Original image:


Right face (left hemisphere) only:

Left face (right hemisphere) only:

Her left hemisphere is far more awake and exhibits classic anger. Her right hemisphere on the other hand looks pained and virtually sedated.

This is not surprising. Greta has Asperger’s syndrome which increases connections in the left hemisphere, boosting attention to detail, at the cost of an impaired right hemisphere, resulting in an inability to read social cues.

The left hemisphere is also known to be tunnel-visioned and unable to acknowledge its own errors. The right hemisphere on the other hand (suppressed in Greta’s case) is the only hemisphere able to see the bigger picture.

Greta has described her Asperger’s as a “superpower”, which is akin to someone with one leg claiming to be a world-class sprinter. The question is, would you want somebody with only half a functioning brain in charge of any kind of revolution?

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  1. James says:

    “I find the exploitation of a mentally-handicapped young girl absolutely disgusting.”

    Same, its a nasty shit show.

    Also, I think she has fetal alcohol syndrome:

  2. A Meditator says:

    Interesting post, sounds like you have an agenda – next you’ll be saying climate change isn’t real. Whether you like her or not, she has empowered tens of thousands of other young people to act and try to save the planet for future generations before it’s too late. If you feel that they aren’t worth saving, then it says a lot more about your integrity than hers.

    I have Aspergers, and it’s clear from your comments that you know nothing of the condition and its effects or the brain in general, yet still feel it’s okay to denigrate people like me in a public forum pretending that you do. Life is too short to have to listen to half-wits like yourself opine on things they know nothing about. Grow up.


    • Illuminatus says:

      I know several Aspies and have counted two of them as friends. One thing that unites them is that they can be some of the most difficult people to get along with. Once their opinion is established, they become completely immovable on it. A result is that they get “time-warped”, talking as if it’s 20 years ago or whenever that opinion was established, their last “system restore point”. New information cannot move them and they will “forget” facts that run counter to their narrative.

      Never get into an argument with an Aspie, especially if it concerns his or her own character. The above happens 10 times more strongly when it comes to their own self-image. I watched one guy destroy all his relationships on the grounds of believing himself a “master manipulator”, when to an outsider he was just telling silly lies and people were letting him off (when they did) because he was clearly just weird. He had a girlfriend for a bit who was also Aspie. She told him he didn’t respond to her emotional needs, ever, and he told her, “I’m not a mind-reader”. In reality he could not read anyone’s emotional state, EVER, and in fact had little concept of other people’s minds. He eventually told her the situation had been “course-corrected”. She asked what that meant, and he said, “I just corrected the situation, in my mind.” Obviously this did not fly. Aspies act like computers in many ways. They equate their own internal landscape as being identical to the world outside. This is all classic left-brain stuff. It hijacks the situation with its own scheme and believes itself infallible.

      Everything I just described, you could say all humans are like to a degree — especially my first paragraph about getting entrenched in one’s opinions. It is true that humans are almost hopelessly wired to the left brain. The book The Master and His Emissary is all about making that case and it’s very worth reading. Aspies just exemplify this left-brain bias.

      I was tested for Asperger’s many years ago, so evidently have some of the tendencies myself. I have worked very hard, using meditation and spirituality amongst other tools, to switch over to the right brain’s perspective and to integrate the left hemisphere into the right’s way of seeing the world. (Since starting this journey I have changed from INTJ on Myers-Briggs to INFP, which I consider reflective of such changes.) Making this switch is what all meditation is about, at its core. The nonduality paradigm IS the right brain’s paradigm. The left splits everything into duality in a black and white way, and is the source of all conflict both internal and external. There IS some harmony that can be reached, and I have made the switch at my core — the rest is just “catching up” now. So it is worth writing about these things, and the human condition, and Asperger’s is absolutely contained within these topics and is not off-limits.

      On the positive side, Aspies tend to have some excellence in various fields. This is often savant-like. E.g. the same guy I talked about above is an outstanding musician. I had been playing piano for 25 years and he decided to learn to play because it was a Tuesday. He caught up to my level in little over a year. He’s also a virtuoso guitarist and plays like a computer — a dozen notes per second, all played perfectly, giving a “digital” sound. I was interested to note that his piano-playing sounded far more human and evidently had engaged his right brain in a way guitar didn’t.

      “sounds like you have an agenda”

      I do. The agenda is to pull up duality so I can peel it off as another layer of false self. Politics is duality writ large. While researching the “fetal alcohol syndrome” claim above I found a left-wing Reddit called “TheRightCan’tMeme” and read through their posts. They were saying the exact same stuff right-wingers say about them — you could just swap the “causes” and the statements would be identical. The main method involved is dehumanizing the opposition. So this is a good way to find out the ways one’s left brain will categorize those it perceives as the enemy. All wars become obvious in their source.

      “next you’ll be saying climate change isn’t real”

      I don’t know if it’s real or not, and neither do you.

      In the 1980s, as a little kid, I was shown horrifying videos at school which showed half the planet underwater, and which ended by saying “This will happen by the year 2000 if we do not act now on global warming” (as it was called back then). The year 2000 rolled around and no changes in sea level had occurred. So they just said, “We’ve revised our model, and it will now happen in 2020.” Well it’s 3 months till 2020 — are your feet wet? I don’t know if climate change is real, but I do know that you can’t keep pulling this shit and expect everyone to believe you each time after being proved wrong over and over. The boy who cried wolf is an enduring tale.

      We also had a cartoon called “Captain Planet” which reiterated climate catastrophe to young minds over and over.

      Really, you have a few scientists who have made climate models, and everyone else is just taking their word for it. And people’s thoughts about climate change do not come from those few guys, but rather they come from shock videos and cartoons like Captain Planet. If you look back, you should be able to remember your indoctrination clearly, especially if you meditate regularly.

      I also understand the bet, and it’s high-stakes. If the planet is in danger, I understand why people want to act. But it IS just a bet, which is what they don’t seem to realize. The models are so dodgy, it’s not a bet I’m interested in taking.

      • John doe says:


        “I don’t know if it’s real or not, and neither do you.”

        97% of climate experts agree humans are causing global warming.

        How do you know? Scientific evidence for warming of the climate system is unequivocal.

        “The year 2000 rolled around and no changes in sea level had occurred.”

        Global sea level has been rising over the past century, and the rate has increased in recent decades.

        “In the 1980s, as a little kid, I was shown horrifying videos at school which showed half the planet underwater, and which ended by saying “This will happen by the year 2000 if we do not act now on global warming” (as it was called back then).”

        Were these scientifically verifiable sources or typical school propaganda? I would like to see myself because no reputable scientists on climate change that i know of would describe global warming in such an extreme manner. Maybe there are some and i am wrong. Hopefully you could point me to there work.

        “We also had a cartoon called “Captain Planet” which reiterated climate catastrophe to young minds over and over.”

        Lol…comparing cartoons to actual life

        “Really, you have a few scientists who have made climate models, and everyone else is just taking their word for it.”

        Lol…wow, okay. Science doesn’t really work like that. However climate models have already predicted many of the phenomena for which we now have empirical evidence. Climate models form a reliable guide to potential climate change.

        And people’s thoughts about climate change do not come from those few guys, but rather they come from shock videos and cartoons like Captain Planet.

        Or maybe they come from actually studying the climate, or from accredited college courses, or maybe from the opinions of people who dedicate their entire lives to environmental studies. I think most human beings on average would agree shock videos and cartoons probably aren’t the best source of reliable information.

        I also understand the bet, and it’s high-stakes.

        I’m not much of a gambling man myself, but when nearly all publishing climate scientists (97–98%) support the consensus on anthropogenic climate change, even i would take my chances.

        • Illuminatus says:

          > I think most human beings on average would agree shock videos and cartoons probably aren’t the best source of reliable information.

          People don’t study the climate. They roll out of bed and believe whatever their favourite newspaper tells them that morning. Or they have vague body impressions that “climate change = real = bad” as a result of being exposed to shock videos and teacher rants at primary school.

          This is how almost everybody gets almost all their information about everything.

          You think those millions of school children following Greta Thunberg into strikes are all clued-up college majors?

          > Lol…comparing cartoons to actual life

          You can have your opinion and believe everything you hear and post links supporting it — fine, I’ll allow it.

          But, above, you have lied. I did not compare a cartoon to real life. I said cartoons were used to indoctrinate children.

          So, unless the next word out of your mouth is an apology for lying, your comments will be blocked henceforth.

    • bob says:

      I most likely have aspies but I’m not a self-righteous asshole that pretends I’m somehow better than other people by caring about the planet in socially approved ways like all these virtually signalling leftists losers do so well.

      You are very early in your meditative journey if you are still in the “agenda”

      As for your “saving the future generation” bullshit message is just virtue signalling. I don’t fucking know what she says or do but I fucking guarantee you that people will just feel good and associate her about feeling good about themselves and then proceed on with their lives doing absolutely nothing for the planet except participate in virtue signalling events and feeling good about themselves.

      Nothing is worth saving because nothing matters by the way. You are only delluding yourself that something matters.

      Denigrating assholes is completely OK in my books. Unflexible people who can only see their way or the highways are complete assholes, aspergers or not.

      Life is too short to care about random fucks you will never see in real life denigrating you on the internet.

  3. James says:

    According to geological records we are in a period of global cooling, odd how that is completely ignored. The people who are strong proponents of man made climate change can never tell you where natural climate change ends and man made climate change beings.

    Also, Al Gore is now a billionaire peddling lies about catastrophe to the world.

  4. Xer says:

    The Thunberg girl is so perfect as a total symbol of nauseating Elite sanctimony, it’s no wonder everyone jumped on her right away.
    On the whole Climate Change thing, I don’t know enough about the science to really say, I figure the earth probably has been getting warmer, and yeah, human activity probably has something to do with it .. I beleive the carbon dioxide->greehouse effect theory was developed before the whole ‘global warming’ thing really got started.. it wasn’t invented after the fact (I think it was invented to explain why the earth isn’t as cold as it ‘should’ be given the distance from the sun .. it was part of the discovery of the atmosphere. Someone correct me on this if I’m wrong.)
    But how bad are the effects going to be? , and how much can/should we do to stop it? are totally different questions, and the Climate Change We Must Do Something Now!! people act as if they are not,and we all just have to ‘get with the program.’ I don’t trust them .. The problem is that all this action is going to have a COST that some people are going to have to pay .. and it’s going to be the poor/middle class that pays for it .. Socialists talk abotu a Green New Deal or whatever, but what really is going to happen is that Neoliberalism is going to say “well we can’t have healthcare reform ( in the USA)/UBI/Infrastructure /etc . because we have to pay for global warming prevention.”
    It’s funny , I remember buying this book last year about the Natural History of California by this UCLA academic. It was written in like 1991 and it had this big long introduction about how Peak Oil was about to happen and that there would be massive disasters and plagues etc. by like 2001 or something .. ..

    • Illuminatus says:

      You’re a Generation X’er. Do you remember the shock videos in the ‘80s showing New York underwater?

      • Xer says:

        Not specifically, . I remember various disaster scenarios , overpopulation, running out of water, etc.

    • James says:

      we will not be running out of oil in our lifetime, we are awash in oil, the reason the saudis don’t go public is because then they would have to tell everyone how many barrels they have in reserve and once people found out how much oil we have its going to tank the oil market.

      Not to mention we now have fracking.

  5. Anon Regular says:

    Maybe I’m just an aspie, but to me a true algorithm for fixing the climate goes something like this:

    1) Establish man-made global warming as an incontrovertible fact by exposing the climate models to as much public scrutiny as humanly possible (instead of using proxy arguments like “there is a consensus”). This is a 100% empirical issue – so settle the facts once and for all. Don’t resort to social proof on an important issue like this, because everyone knows there are systemic bias issues in the scientific community as a whole.

    2) If a true consensus emerges that, yes, there is man-made global warming going on, pour a lot of money into fixing it with positive, technological means (ie I’ve seen suggestions it could be fixed by planting a trillion trees – which sounds like a lot but probably is quite feasible) rather than negative, political means (like trying to dismantle all of industrial society).

    Ie establish the reality and then fix it using science. That’s a proactive mindset to problem-solving.

  6. sevens! says:

    Something in me reacts viscerally when a child is positioned to lecture me. It’s an immediate rejection response, and a slight disgust. I felt the same about the Parkland kids. It’s sort of troubling to see people of my political “ilk” (I consider myself quite liberal) feel compelled to go to bat for this new type of political activism. It just feels much different than the teen activism of the late 20th century. Kids now seem to be just clearly mentally and emotionally stunted. They have no individuality. Pure followers. It’s all so transparently cynical to me.

    • Vorth says:

      Even if said kid had a IQ or 200 I would barely listen to them.
      They don’t have enough experience/wisdom to actually make use of their brains and they come back to just retort leftist shit that other so called intellectuals all circle jerk about.


  7. Belac says:

    Came across this today. Jeremy Clark basically calls out Gretta for being an entitled millennial and failing to recognize all the advantages “his generation” has brought girls like her: conveniences that allow her the indulgence of being morally indignant.

  8. LembradorDos6Trilliões says:


    Do you read Anonymous Conservative’s blog? He does this kind of analysis lots of times on different people. If you don’t know who he is, you should check his blog:


    • Illuminatus says:

      I’ve known about him for many years but do not read him regularly.

      Just saw that he did the exact same face reflection analysis 3 days before I did it:

      It is not unusual that anyone clued into left brain / right brain stuff would notice this: Greta Thunberg is so asymmetrical, and such a clear example of this stuff, that it “pops out” to anyone in the know.

      I feel bad because she will need years of therapy when all this has died down. Still, the universe has its plan and there is a reason for this even if it’s not immediately obvious. Currently I’m interpreting this as a magnifying glass on the left-brain dominance problem which completely cripples humanity. The problem is the same extent as if you found out one day everyone was actually addicted to heroin (without them even knowing) and this was the real reason behind their odd behaviour.

      • VodaSoda says:

        Curious since Anonymous Con has come up in the comments in somewhat of a synchronicity as I was just reading his post about Vault-Co being taken offline by the government last year. Apparently the Tex arcane guy left a cryptic final post detailing how he was “forced” to take the blog down:

        What you think now in 2019 of the old neanderthal model. I know you went from belief to disbelief, just wondering if you have considered it again and what you make of it now

        For some reason I always found the narrative appealing yet absurd. His idea that anyone who is creative is a “neanderthal” is quite weak, but his arguments about neanderthals being more “civilized” than sapiens are quite plausible. The idea that neanderthals might have predated homo sapiens with a lot of discoveries is not that outlandish, however the idea of a hybrid alien/human “melonhead” ruling elite hiding in the arctic ice layer is just off on a level of crazy

        I find it interesting how many creative and original thinkers can make lucid arguments in the case of one thing, yet be absolutely crazy in the case of another

        • Illuminatus says:

          I think ALL humans are insane children.

          Whether you are “sapiens”, “neanderthal”, “melonhead” or “starchild”, you are an insane child whose primary motivation is FEAR.

          Of course those things don’t exist, either. It is dreamstate stuff.

          Imagine someone came dashing in, out of breath, and described a terrifying reality like the one Tex described. But then you found out he was describing a dream he had just had, without him knowing it was a dream. You would not only not believe his story, but would rightfully believe him insane.

          That is what all humans are doing, all the time. Their very lives are fabrications. None of their beliefs can survive any serious scrutiny (including: Christianity, any political ideology, modern science, and any other cult). It is all herd stuff.

          Tex’s Neanderthal model is like a dream you can “plug into”. I dreamed that dream as though it were reality for two years. While in that dream, I literally saw Neanderthals, Melonheads and Starchildren walking among us.

          What really did it in for me was when I realized that “Neanderthals” are no more venerable than “Sapiens” or the other two. They all live in fear, and all believe nonsense that does not survive serious scrutiny. Notice how the “Neanderthals” all seem to be devout Christians? Yet, Christianity itself cannot possibly survive any serious scrutiny, and should be the first thing crossed off your list. The lightbulb of consciousness is just as dim in Neanderthal as it is in Sapiens . It’s on its lowest setting. And Sapiens and Neanderthals are just concoctions devised by someone to rationalize his own fear. Consider that Tex spent his whole life digging bunkers, buying supplies, preparing for nuclear war, and believing the government was trying to kill him. At what point has he actually LIVED? His very existence, and every action he takes, is animated purely by FEAR. He is having a nightmare that he believes totally is reality. Koanic is just as bad, and so is anyone trying to “save Western Civilization”. They’re just trying to save themselves from nonexistence, and any cause they’ve hitched their horse to is their “hedged bet” on saving their own skins. Same with the wobal glorming crowd. I’ve seen people posting comments on unrelated videos, e.g. The Beatles’ new “Here Comes the Sun” mix (great by the way), saying “The ice is slowly melting? Like the ice caps! WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE”. It’s not about the Earth, it’s about THEM. The death of their body, but more importantly the death of their EGO. That is the one thing everyone is trying to avoid, and all these dreams they dream are about that one thing.

          When I woke up from the Neanderthal dream, I realized that any belief system I had engaged with, and hallucinated as reality, was also just a dream. Buddhism is a dream. Jordan Peterson is a dream. The myth of Western Civilization is a dream. What remained was my emotional attachments to these things, which I am slicing off one by one.

          People respond to Greta Thunberg, an insane child, because they themselves are insane children. Whether you like her or hate her, whether you’re right or left, you see yourself when you look at her twisted, asymmetrical, fear-filled little mug. That is the face of humanity.

          • Vorth says:

            This is basically the human experience in a nutshell.

            We live in fabricated realities.

            Who said that wearing clothes was a must? Who said that I could not have sex with this super hot woman before getting to know her?
            Who said that I needed to play social with people I don’t like?

            Who decided I have to go get indoctrinated in school?
            Who decided we ALL needed to get jobs?

            Why does inflation exists? Why are we so much more productive yet works longer for less pay?

            As for the manosphere and red pill it is exactly as you said.
            It’s all mental masturbation. Oh no evil third world rapists are coming to steal all our women!!!1
            Oh no evil robots are stealing all our jobs!!!1!!
            Feminism is same shit. All men are evil rapist pigs etc.

            The entire industry is based on fear. Everything is.
            You are afraid of not being like other people, not conforming, somehow being seen as “inferior” to them.

            I don’t care about much of anything nowadays. It feels like this society is for other people to mentally masturbate on or just live in.

            I’m just there watching this shit going on and give no fucks.

            Saving western civilization is just another mental masturbation.
            If the world is headed straight into savagery and multiculturalism then why should fucks be given about this?
            Why are you even investing any emotions in these untangible things?

            Same with politics. All of it is mental masturbation.

            I am above all this. This is low level child thinking. I just go with the flow and if the flow is me dying tomorrow then why not?
            I am merely living the human experience in this current era and acting according to my body and fate, there is nothing to be sad, happy, afraid or emotional about.

            Sometimes I regret embarking on this path because I had passions, hopes and dreams. But now I only have awareness and peace. It’s not a bad life and much better then the one I had before but it makes me feel nostalgic sometimes.
            We all wish we could back in time back when we were naive children.

            • Illuminatus says:

              Yep. The absurdities of our lives are best modelled as a confused dream which the intellect is jumping through hoops to rationalize. This ongoing rationalization is called the “self”.

              Once viewed this way, the absurdity of reality pops into focus. Why do I have to check the news tomorrow? If not Greta Thunberg, then some other absurdity will have appeared to challenge the rationalization faculties of the dreamer. The result is, I won’t check the news tomorrow. The post was worth writing just for this realization.

      • Anon Regular says:

        “Currently I’m interpreting this as a magnifying glass on the left-brain dominance problem which completely cripples humanity.”

        Maybe this is a left-brain response, but I think your next book could be about that topic 🙂

  9. DiesIrae says:

    Dafuq. Thought you were better than this.

  10. James says:

    Sadhguru briefly on Greta Thunberg

    Mainly covers environment and how the best way to go about the cause is.

    only a 5 min video.

  11. Arpan says:

    I think the correct way to approach the question of climate change, without relying on data, as some will accept it, some will reject it, for varying reasons, is to ask:
    Does humanity at large treat forest life with care ? Is sending noxious industrial fumes into the atmosphere, or spilling oil into seas, or disposing radioactive, electronic and plastic waste into the sea “right” ?

    Whether sea level rise(if it is happening) , rivers drying up, or ice caps melting or rain and crop patterns change for the worst(this is something I have heard from from the previous generation in my family) happening due to human activity or not is unimportant.

    As the ancient Chinese saying goes: “Law is for the barbarians”.

    Similarly data is required only to wakeup insensate brutes into being more considerate. A more compassionate society will care about all life: trees, animals, aquatic life. Quality of our consciousness is the only thing to be watched, and for that, authentic data is fed to us at every moment.

    Re Greta: obviously, she is just a child. Aspergers or no Aspergers, she has no locus standi before the audience she was addressing, and especially in the manner she was addressing.

    • Arpan says:

      As an aside: forest and water conservation are not new concepts. Rulers issued orders for it in India as far as 4th century BC.

      • Arpan says:

        Another thing I forgot to mention: AQI data does work. There is this illegal crop-stubble burning issue in an upwind state(for Delhi) around this time of the year, and until a week ago, it was difficult to breathe here. There is constant conflict over whether the difficulty is dye to vehicular pollution and smoke from fire crackers(Diwali) in the city and surrounding satellite townships(I live in one, which is a metropolitan in its own right) or due to stubble burning in upwibd state. It is now established that stubble burning is the main culprit. For more profit farmers are growing paddy which guzzles up a lot of water(that area is not a natural ground for rice anyway) and needs a lot of labour cost for stubble removal of old stubble for sowing new seed(efforts are on to provide the farmers Happy Seeders at a discount). People in that state itself are already suffering from a sharp spike in cancer rates. Growing season for rice has become shorter, leading to such emergency measures like burning the stubble.

        Until a decade ago local staples were being grown, farmers were financially less ambitious, everyone was happier and healthier.

        Still, not going into stats, just focussing on “intention”, would work.

    • Jeremy gardner says:

      “I think the correct way to approach the question of climate change, without relying on data, as some will accept it, some will reject it, for varying reasons, is to ask”

      You would always rely on data. Data isn’t something that you adhere to religiously. It takes extremely stringent processes for things to even be called fact. Without data we wouldn’t be able to build buildings, cars, computers, rockets, etc. Will data be perfect? No. Because nothing is perfect. Data allows us to build on what we know from the past to find better ways to progress. We discard what doesn’t work, and continually zone in on what does work. To bury our heads in the sand on major issues because of spiritual philosophy is not the smartest route to go

      • Arpan says:

        You are stuck in a particular approach in this conversation. I merely pointed out at a data agnostic way to look at the issue(particularly since everyone on this forum meditates), so that people do not argue from fixated positions abd find a common psychological ground to take action. Or you can keep shouting “data”, with no results.

        I rubbish the data anywhere in my text. Infact, I give some in this and later comments.

        • Arpan says:

          I did not* rubbish

          • Jeremy gardner says:

            Lol how do you learn to meditate? You learn from a respected source, teacher, book etc. You apply instructions and compare it to your actual experience. THAT IS DATA. Lol the fact that i have to explain this is appalling. Also just because someone (greta) is a child doesn’t mean they don’t have a valuable opinion. Dont attack the character. Attack the message. No rebuttal to anything she ACTUALLY SAID in that interview. Which was all verified factual evidence by pretty much every prominent source on environmental issues. Isn’t like she’s lying.

            • Arpan says:

              Where am I actually attacking “data” ? Or are you unable to take of your filters and read ? One comment of mine contains nothing BUT data.

              All I said was: even if you discard data, look at the way we are treating forests, seas, and non human(even human) life in general. Just being aware of this negative consumerist intentionality itself tells us that we are not on the right track. It needs complete absence of interpersonal skills to not be able to take one’s coat off and wear another to get the other side to see one’s point.

              Re Greta: I did not attack her, but the vanity of this approach. We can agree to disagree on this point.

  12. Illuminatus says:

    Jesus Tittyfucking Christ. Even this comments section is bored of itself by now.