“Google” Visual Pattern-Match

Look at this word:


Do you see a hint of colours dancing upon it? The text is black.

I see the colours so vividly I can tell you what they are and have them correctly match the order featured in the Google logo. They kind of merge into the black but never fully disappear. I see this every time I see the word “Google” written in black, on a screen or in a newspaper. It just jumps out at me, disconcertingly sometimes. It even works in a sans serif font, but not as prominently.

The left side of each eyeball is connected to the right brain hemisphere. The right side of each eyeball is connected to the left hemisphere. If I look at the word just out of the right side of my eye, I see it almost completely black. If I look at it out of the left side of my eye however, I see it almost completely coloured! This suggests to me that this pattern-matching is a right-brain phenomenon.

It makes me wonder how much of what I see is “real”, and how much is just being inserted by my eager pattern-matching right brain from snippets of past experiences.

From a zetetic point of view, the lesson to take on board is that, often, you simply see what you expect to see.

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