From the Ancient Greek syn, “together”, and aisthēsis, “sensation”, synaesthesia means “crossed senses”. It is when a sensation usually experienced in one pathway also bleeds into another pathway — for example, “seeing” music.

I personally am quite inclined towards synaesthesia and most often experience the feeling body — e.g. emotion, touch, pain — as visual objects. My synaesthesia became extremely enhanced mainly through meditation but also took giant leaps upon taking certain psychedelic drugs. The strongest synaesthesia trigger for me was marijuana.

Much of the wisdom I share on this site was derived from my synaesthesia. I find it easy to understand bodily processes — e.g. emotions and their corollary muscle tension and endocrine responses — because I literally get a visual representation of them as they occur. I consider synaesthesia a gift. I believe that individuals responsible for creating spiritual and healing practices such as meditation and yoga were likely synaesthetes whose multi-sensory perception of the body allowed them to codify their processes into teachable methods. I consider myself one of these individuals.

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