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Credit to shaznay for recommending Foundation Training to me.

I’ve had some interest in my posture school and have the first couple of students lined up. I’m going to make learning the Foundation Training exercises featured on YouTube a prerequisite to attending my course.

The video above is its introduction at TEDx by creator Dr. Eric Goodman. Watch that first. This guy is the real deal. He demonstrates the Founder in that video but there are better videos available to demonstrate that exercise.

Start with this exercise, the Pre-Founder:

Then move on to this, the Founder:

Then there are various other videos available on YouTube with more exercises. Do a search for “foundation training” and work through them at your own pace.

Working through these exercises is going to do you a lot of good physically. It’s also going to get you started building what I am now calling your “mindbody map”, which I alluded to in this comment where I called it your “template”.

The mindbody map is a huge principle I will be developing and writing about a lot, because it pertains not only to correcting your posture but is also developed through activities like meditation to allow you to control your emotions, manipulate your “energies” and so forth. You can even use it to do things like learn to dilate your pupils at will and slow your heart rate down. You can cure headaches within seconds by finding the source of pain in your mindbody map and allowing it to dissipate (I haven’t had a headache for years since I started meditation).

The mindbody map is even developed through sports whereby it shows you how to have perfect form and movement. I get everything visuo-kinaesthetically (a combined representation of visual and feeling). When everything is fluid and on form, my mindbody map is all “lit up”. I actually sense brightness. Areas of muscle tension and emotional upset appear as “dark spots”. By relaxing those dark spots they become bright again and I know my action is going to be perfect.

This is how you go about delegating tasks to your right brain — by switching to its preferred modalities, visual and kinaesthetic. My golf putting is practically paranormal now. I get the lines appearing as a combined visual and kinaesthetic “map”, laid over the green. Then I just keep my mindbody map lit up while taking the shot by relaxing any dark spots, and play along the line it showed me. It is an article of faith. Faith is relaxing and knowing something is going to work out right, and having trust that your more powerful right brain knows what is best for you. A lot of trust is required. This is very different to the frustrated mode of the left brain which requires step-by-step linear planning via “markers” deduced rationally by staring at the details, and constant feedback that those markers are being reached or accounted for. The left brain has no trust. It requires constant validation from the physical reality that it is “on the right track” — that its actions are correct, or going to be correct — else it starts to panic. The left brain is always grasping. It is a mode based on tension. The right brain on the other hand just slots in the entire bigger picture and just requires you to relax and walk that path. Having faith.

Back to Foundation Training. When you get a good stretch and your muscles are being put back to their correct lengths, they are going to become “lit up” in your mindbody map. This will then highlight the other muscles which need stretching because they will appear “dark” in contrast. You will then intuitively figure out your own exercises required to stretch those muscles, and you end when everything is “bright”. When working out my own posture and muscle lengthening system, it suddenly dawned on me that I was working through dozens of yoga poses in sequence. I recognized the forms from pictures, even though I had never practised most of them before. This is where yoga comes from — the mindbody map. It will literally show you, visuo-kinaesthetically, the right exercises to do to put yourself right. If you can build your mindbody map through physical exercises such as these, and mental ones such as meditation to fill in the emotional knowledge of the map, you will be set for life in a huge number of areas. And the mindbody map only ever gets better, more accurate, and more powerful, the more awareness you bring to it in your daily practice.

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