Author Topic: Is metta supposed to spiral out of control  (Read 1015 times)


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Is metta supposed to spiral out of control
« on: April 29, 2019, 09:03:03 PM »
`was doing metta, was focusing on the images of people and directing "benovelence" at them until it turned into a smile and i felt a warmth in my chest, kept doing this, and eventually i ran out of people to wish wel towards so i just came up with random categories and started doing the same thing. was this bad? should my focus have been more narrow or more lengthy towards a smaller number of people


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Re: Is metta supposed to spiral out of control
« Reply #1 on: April 29, 2019, 11:29:34 PM »
My method goes something like this:

1) Summon image of someone I already like. Say "love" in my mind and feel the love feeling.

2) Quickly switch object to the love feeling itself (warm feeling in chest plus other subtler things like surging currents which maybe a beginner would not feel so easily). Say "love" in my mind while amplifying that feeling. Repeat this till the feeling becomes stable and existing in its own right (this shows some absorption). If jhana occurs, cool, but it's not necessary for the meditation to do its work.

3) Test the feeling by summoning images of people I don't like or those I'm having some problem with lately. In fact, these people tend to appear by themselves. Say "love" and stay with the feeling till it is stable even while thinking of those people.

4) If any body discomfort or negative emotion arises, say "love" and direct it at that discomfort until it too gets "washed out" by the love feeling and disappears.

5) Go out into the world and direct the love feeling at any object appearing in reality (love the trees, love the cars, love the idea of going to work, love the idea of things I don't usually like, love bad things, love good things, etc.).

By the time #5 is reached, the practice is identical to "loving all" method here:

I will mention here that this is the best, most fulfilling, and most useful meditation I have ever practised, and is one of the few that has never "stopped working" or showed any signs of decreasing in effectiveness or my becoming bored by or indifferent to it.

I am happy that all my previous years of trying other methods eventually led me to this one. I would be happy only having this method if I had to make that choice.

Regarding the question in the title of your post, "Is metta supposed to spiral out of control?" -- I am not sure what you mean by this exactly but YES. You are supposed to end up loving all aspects of your experience, which would certainly qualify as "out of control" by the ego's standards. :)