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Being a woman magnet.
« on: January 03, 2011, 07:14:31 PM »
This will probably be very little new information (maybe even none) for you all but it is just something that me and Illuminatus were speaking about the other night and wanted to share my thoughts on here.

Firstly women are RIGHT all you need to do is "Just be yourself".  Problem is that what is meant by that is often misconstrued.  People get too caught up on personality and looks traits to determine to themselves "who they are". 

What women really mean by that is more like "Just be comfortable being yourself because you are a great person that deserves great things".  Once you get this down you will be one of those guys that just has an "aura" about you.  You will appear more attractive to girls physically than you may necessarily be, girls will come over and find excuses to talk to you and even think they ALREADY know you.  I HAVE BEEN HAVING ALL OF THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO ME IN THE LAST YEAR MUCH TO THE BAMBOOZLEMENT OF A LOT OF MY OLDER FRIENDS.

Unfortunately DOING this is ultimately much more difficult than getting the concept. It is one of these things that is hard to teach really all you actually need is EXPERIENCE.

Basically go out and fuck it all up until you realize the world is actually pretty safe from most things and that in 99% of situations you don't have to filter your behaviour or be scared of anything.  The only issue is calibration to know that most other people are more than slightly fucked up in the same way and know which area's are going to trigger their anxiety/FOF responses and not go there directly. 

It is really is as simple as sort CIRCUIT I out.  AKA switch to PNS as your default state. 

So for a few pointers whilst you are along the journey of fucking stuff up here are a few of the signs of people that have this down:


1) They are less reactive (sometimes even completely un-reactive) to other peoples "state", in fact these people are usually the ones that control other peoples state.
2) They are able to communicate clearly and honestly, not trying to build rapport by just finding common ground and can in fact find disagreement and/or differences equally appealing.
3) These people are able to hold large groups of peoples attention with ease.


1) Stable heart rate that doesn't massively fluctuate due to external stimuli.
2) Relaxed facial features and usually smiling.
3) physical movements are more less frequent more defined, calculated and slower
4) eye contact is made yet is not intense.




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Re: Being a woman magnet.
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2011, 08:41:49 PM »
I don't know if you used to read mASF, but years back there was a poster named Killswitch.  He only posted a few times, but it was killer stuff.  

He was talking about Awareness Radius. (AR)  A measure of how much you are scanning the area and keeping track of your environment.  Basically, high rank people have a low AR.  They are totally secure, so they don't even notice you when you walk into the room unless you get between them and what they are paying attention to.  Like a tiger eating an antelope.  He really doesn't care what the monkeys, rabbits, or birds do, because they are no threat and the antelope is more interesting.

High rank people are the same way.  They focus their attention on what they are doing and are not looking all over the room, scanning for threats or a woman that they could actually get lucky with.

Low rank people are constantly scanning for opportunity because they have little and danger because they are prey and they know it.  Think rabbit, eating while on guard lest he be eaten in his turn.

The whole secure relaxed PNS state radiates that you are the top of the food chain, which makes you a woman magnet.  In sex men look for youth, beauty, and variety.  Women look for the highest rank male they can attract.   Appearing higher rank makes you more attractive.

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Re: Being a woman magnet.
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2011, 04:18:31 AM »
I think this comes naturally with high-ranking people who are in big demand.  When you are in sitatuations or periods in your life when a lot of people approach you, want to talk to to you and take your time, the last thing you want to do is send out a bigger vibe to attract more people.

 It's like the hot chick in high school who says high to the lower class geeky kid, and he builds a world of dreams on that simple thing.

or John Belushi as in NY once with a friend, just after becoming famous, and they were discussing his fame.  Belushi told the guy "watch this" and put his collar up, pulled himself inward sort of, and just walked looking determinedly straight ahead down a super crowded busy street.  No one noticed him.  Then, on the next block, he again said "watch this" and put his collar down, opend himself up, and sauntered down the street.  Half way down he was mobbed by people and couldn't move.


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Re: Being a woman magnet.
« Reply #3 on: January 29, 2011, 01:02:17 AM »
Hahaha, you guys are so right.

I was in gym class today. There is a few chicks that I think are hot, and this alpha male kinda guy. I don't know why he's alpha male, but he gives off that alpha male vibe, the "aura". Anyways, the whole class, I kept on getting urges to look and see what he is doing. It pisses me off. Argh.

Guess thats just how powerful PNS is. Shit, I want it man.


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Re: Being a woman magnet.
« Reply #4 on: March 25, 2011, 12:51:46 AM »
What women really mean by that is more like "Just be comfortable being yourself because you are a great person that deserves great things". 

There's the money. If you believe this about yourself, and I mean really believe this about yourself. EVERYTHING will sort itself out for you socially. This is the golden ticket.