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Sleazy Stories by Aaron Sleazy
« on: November 10, 2011, 11:12:09 AM »
Having met Aaron Sleazy in real life, it is in some ways hard to imagine that this mild-mannered German is the same deviant who spends his evenings hanging out (sometimes literally) at club nights whose names range from “Trailer Trash” to “Torture Garden”, trawling for pussy. However, having actually joined him on such nights out and witnessed him perform some of his morally dubious yet sexually ostentatious manoeuvres, I can attest that Sleazy Stories is, for the most part, probably a fairly accurate account of the adventures of the world’s top womanizer.

Sleazy Stories joins author and protagonist Aaron Sleazy on his adventures in London circa 2008, for it was around this time that Aaron Sleazy had discovered the men’s movement known as the “Seduction Community”, a collection of online discussion forums with the sole purpose of sharing knowledge on how to most efficiently pull girls. This was the same Seduction Community that was novelized in Neil Strauss’s popular semi-fictional offering The Game. At this time, it was almost accepted truth in the Seduction Community that the necessary time taken from the moment of meeting a girl to having sex with her was between four and ten hours. When Sleazy arrived on the scene however, he quickly turned this notion on its head when he began releasing field reports describing how he had been able to have sex with women in nightclubs within minutes of meeting them – and sometimes in as little as 30 seconds. Thus, Sleazy changed many people’s perceptions of what was truly possible in seduction forever. These field reports then became the basis for the book Sleazy Stories.

Sleazy Stories is a first-person narrative of Sleazy’s time in London during his university placement at the London School of Economics. Its style is very dry and observational, providing a matter-of-fact account of events rather than the sensationalism found in other Seduction Community-related works such as The Game. The writing style therefore reminds me very much of George Orwell’s Down and Out in Paris and London and, like that book, paints the picture of an impartial observer moving within and trying to make sense of a foreign world.

That is where the similarities end however, as I don’t remember George Orwell getting any blowjobs from 16-year-olds in nightclub toilets. For we must remember that, however stoic in his story writing, Sleazy’s single-minded focus is shagging birds, and in the book this becomes a lens through which he begins to view all of life’s events. The result of matter-of-fact observation combined with the single goal of shagging women can only be described as what romance novels would look like if they were written for men: porn, in other words.

The unambiguously titled stories (“Pulling a cokehead from a gay club” and “Recruiting a masterful cocksucker” to name two at random) range from the straightforward (man meets woman, man dances with woman, man fucks woman in club toilet 2 minutes later) to the bizarre (man meets man at train station, man goes on gay date with man, man hastily leaves after having dinner bought for him at expensive restaurant and being propositioned for sex). The stories also show a charming progression in personal skill throughout the book, from the relative naïveté demonstrated in Sleazy’s cack-handed (and doomed) attempt to fuck his university housemate, through to his total domination at club Trailer Trash, making out with six girls in a row and getting jerked off on the dance floor in front of everyone.

While morally bankrupt for the most part, with egomaniacal scenes such as researching one of his conquests on Facebook to find “she was in a relationship, which amused me”, and another moment gleefully reflecting on a different girl, “I taught her how to give proper blowjobs – other men should be grateful for that”, the book also has heart, as Sleazy is not afraid to describe his several failures and his frustrations in trying to find out what went wrong. Sleazy also deep down cares for the girls he seduces, and many a sad moment is spent in reflection of his girls’ feelings: “When I think back, I consider it a shame because you don’t often meet girls you really like, and I really liked her. She would have deserved to be treated better.”

Sleazy Stories does have some literary weirdness about it. Firstly, Sleazy is a native German speaker, and while American slang is predominantly used throughout the book, at one point he suddenly decides to call somebody a “twat” (a decidedly British insult, thus reflecting his time spent in London). Additionally, some of the sex acts in the book are described with such Teutonic precision as to be almost medical. These quirks of language, although most likely unintentional, are actually rather hilarious in my opinion. Whether they are a point of criticism or whether they add to the flavour of the book, however, is up to the reader to decide. Secondly, due to the repetitive nature of the book (each story essentially being about a dude going to a club to try and fuck somebody), the book is at times best read spaced out over a longer period. Other times however it can be a real page-turner, so it is a bit of a mixed bag.

Sleazy Stories, unlike most books connected to the Seduction Community, is not a self-help book. This book will not tell you step-by-step how to pick up girls. It is a novel about sex, debauchery and breaking social norms. However, it does have merit in the realm of personal development on two points:

1) Through simply looking at the world through the eyes of Aaron Sleazy, you may well start to think, feel and behave like Aaron Sleazy. For example, while on a night out during my time first reading Sleazy Stories, I was in a bar talking to a girl I had met just moments earlier when the thought suddenly crossed my mind: “I should probably finger her now”. The pornographic consequences of the chain of events that followed would be worthy of its own chapter in Sleazy Stories.

2) If you have not yet been exposed to the full extent of the debauchery going on behind the scenes in bars and clubs, or in the sexual sphere in general, this book will go a long way towards showing you “what women are really like”, shattering any preconceptions you may have about “good” and “bad” girls in the process, and showing you that the line between them is blurred if not non-existent.

Sleazy Stories, while not without its flaws, is shocking, hilarious, and will change your reality forever.


Sleazy Stories is available at the following links:

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