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The End of Social Anxiety by Edward Cottrill
« on: July 12, 2011, 02:57:26 PM »
The End of Social Anxiety - REVIEW

So I have never really had social anxiety, certainly not more than 1% of the time.  So why would I buy a book on ending Social Anxiety?  Simply this knowing Edd or Illuminatus very well in real life,  I know what a talent he has for breaking the most complicated of human emotion and behaviour into something that not only makes sense but also is undeniably honest.  I bought this book out of curiosity and also knowing that it would cement in and "fine tune" what I already knew.  In fact I am fairly confident that some of what is written in this book has been observed from his observations of my own behaviours so this feels strangely personal to me. 

Immediately upon reading this book it becomes clear that Edd doesn't fall inline with the average self-help guru's jargon there are no lofty statements, no stretching of the truth, no spiritualistic waffle.  It is also clear that he is honest with himself about where he is on his own journey dealing with social anxiety which is ultimately refreshing.

The content of this book is clear, concise, cohesive and to the point.  It is accessible to everyone and even those without problems with social anxiety like myself will benefit from it.  It is as effective as a blueprint for being "happy" as it is about removing social anxiety.  Whilst reading I even shortlisted a group of 5-10 people I personally knew that would if they allowed themselves to do the exercises would find this book an invaluable tool to change their lives.

I know that these techniques will work to remove social anxiety. How? Well not only was a lucky enough to have been raised in such a way that the world is predominantly "safe" to me and that many of the feelings Edd describes as the results of these meditations I feel naturally. But also throughout the creation of this book and years before I have used most of these techniques in my lowest moments on Edd's advice (and also some of my own techniques) to ground myself, get myself back in the present and see situations objectively rather than ruled by what the book describes as "overlays". 

There is really nothing that I can find fault with this book, even feeling like I had little to gain from reading it upon finishing I still felt parts of my brain was de-cluttered.  This is testament to both the writing and the editing of this ebook.

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