Consciousness Predates Matter

Today’s reality tunnel: Consciousness predates matter.

That means consciousness has primacy over matter and energy: material reality arises from consciousness, not the other way around. The standard scientific materialist reality tunnel asserts the opposite: that consciousness emerges from matter and energy as a by-product of neuronal configuration or some other poorly understood mechanism. I am asking you to turn that on its head in this exploration.

This is a follow-on from Belief as the Substrate of Reality. In that post, we explored the idea that belief creates reality. I hope some of you did the exercise.

The exercise worked (for me) because getting all the beliefs down on paper allowed me to look over them and begin to doubt them. I began to believe that the beliefs might be bullshit. So that’s a kind of “meta-belief” (beliefs about beliefs, which are still beliefs and will therefore still create reality). The question is: which belief is stronger?

I doubted those beliefs in a few ways. Some just seemed batshit crazy, when viewed on paper. Others, I knew were suspect because I had had the opposite come true at least once — often several times. Others, I suspected were bullshit because I had seen other people achieve the opposite. “Q. What’s the difference between me and them? A. They BELIEVE they can do it.”

The reality tunnel can be deliciously self-reinforcing in that way (all reality tunnels are inherently self-reinforcing, but this one is beneficial because it is a reality tunnel where the reality tunnel itself can be changed by conscious choice (metaprogramming)).

My belief that those disempowering beliefs were bullshit quickly took hold. I didn’t have to “do” anything at this point. As Robert Anton Wilson says:

What the thinker thinks, the prover proves.

My unconscious was now on board with the idea that those negative beliefs were bullshit, and began bringing evidence to my attention that that was indeed the case.

Anyway, the result of the exercise was that, within only 4 days or so, out of the 20 or so suspect beliefs I had written down and started to doubt, 15 were proved false — and in the most tangible, undeniable form of physical evidence possible, i.e. “Here are all the things you thought you weren’t allowed!”

It was the fastest turnaround I’ve experienced in personal development. So fast, in fact, I’m starting to believe it was a fluke and cannot possibly last. Oh well, that belief goes on the list. It can come to be doubted via the evidence that there are people who consistently get what they want out of life.

Back to today’s reality tunnel: Consciousness predates matter.

This is simply a further drilling-down into the previous “Belief is the substrate of reality” idea.

Consciousness creates reality. But we can split this further into two forms of creation-via-consciousness:

  1. Implicit creation (beliefs; expectations; abstract desires; “unconscious” thoughts/emotions; “vibe” — changes in physical reality flow from beliefs)
  2. Explicit creation (actions; “conscious” thoughts; concrete desires; plans; trying to control or change physical reality directly via actions from the physical body)

Most of us only really think in terms of #2 — “What we want to do”, “What we’re going to do”. Yet #1 has primacy. That means if #2’s thoughts and actions are not in alignment with the underlying beliefs of #1, you will experience a hindered, retarded, conflicted creation process. In my experience, #1 will tend to win out 99% of the time. (Thankfully the 1% success rate in such cases can be used to reprogram beliefs, as per the above exercise.)

Yet if #2 is in alignment with #1, creation happens quickly, easily and seamlessly.

An example is music composition. I used to want to create wonderful, flowing piano pieces (#2) but believed I was too robotic and unintuitive to do it (#1). Consequently the creation process was a frustrated fight and the result was clunky, robotic pieces in line with #1. I forget how I overcame that negative belief exactly, but I think it probably involved drugs, and then just letting my hands do whatever they wanted, and realizing that I could create lovely music if I just believed in it and got out of my own way. In this case, drugs were a kind of key which opened a door to another reality tunnel — a reality tunnel where I could write the music I wanted. That is the real power of drugs — glimpses to other worlds. In this case, I brought the belief back to my “normal” reality tunnel and integrated it, and I can write well all the time, now. Once that seed was planted, it quickly grew into a new belief tree. If you want to learn how to bring back beliefs from drug worlds into your regular world, all the clues are already here in this post: look at the beliefs you have surrounding such matters.

But let’s not make this too much about specific creation, in the sense of creating a specific piece of art. It goes much, much deeper.

If reality is created by consciousness, then it means that everything you experience is brought to you because you expect it (believe that it will happen) on some level. If you are consistently being brought situations you don’t like, examine the underlying themes. Which same 3 threads are those beads strung on?

I believe the majority of experiences we have on a daily basis come from about 3 beliefs. Really, the 3 biggest beliefs you have will tend to generate 90% of your experience. So you should probably make them good ones.

The principle of being able to change one’s reality tunnel by choice is known as metaprogramming (Circuit VI in the Eight-Circuit Model). It appears I’ve stumbled upon a pretty good exercise for achieving it: Belief as the Substrate of Reality

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5 Responses

  1. Arpan says:

    This text reminded me of the post above:

    “[…]It is the one undivided Existence which is taken to be the manifold world which we see, as also others who are in the same state of mind as we. People who have done a little better Karma and get a better state of mind, when they die, look upon it as Svarga and see Indras and so forth. People still higher will see it, the very same thing, as Brahma-Loka, and the perfect ones will neither see the earth nor the heavens, nor any Loka at all. The universe will have vanished, and Brahman will be in its stead[…]”
    – Swami Vivekanand

  2. EH says:

    Here is a belief cluster I’m trying on for size:
    The universe is friendly,
    Life is good (and any transient appearances to the contrary just provide a bit of contrast to keep things interesting)
    The future is a bright, fresh, growing choice of pleasures
    There is a vast conspiracy across all levels of being to make experience infinitely wonderful
    We’re all in it together, (even the baddies in our revolving cast are a part of the entertainment )

    • Illuminatus says:

      Sounds good. Will be interested to see how long it lasts. I found that these things collapse in on themselves before long.

      • James says:

        I’ve found that “seeing how long” I can do something, and having fun with it… makes everything easier and last longer.. then trying to “force” it, with aggressive or rigorous discipline.

        • Arpan says:

          I second that. Though Edd’d POV is valid in my view in the sense that people often build such ‘fantasies’ out of a superficial strand of their nature with no real inner thrust for it even in the present moment.
          But then, realizing and being sincere with respect to what one really aspires for, itself needs significant inner development in case of majority of people.

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