Cilla Black’s Autopsy

This is a completely true, and horribly creepy story.

The other week I had my friend John over to show him some music production tips and have a few beers. The thought suddenly struck me that he might like the above clip, which is from Time Trumpet, a show set in 2031 which humorously looks back over (made-up) culture from their past (our future). In the clip they are parodying reality TV’s ever more desperate attempts to claw ratings by presenting its ultimate conclusion: celebrity autopsies. This episode features English ’60s singer and TV presenter Cilla Black.

John liked the clip, and I usually find it hilarious. However, on this occasion it creeped the hell out of me and I could barely watch, and fake-laughed my way through it. We forgot all about it, got on with some music production, then went on a night out.

The next day, I received a text from John: “Did you hear that Cilla Black died?!”

It turns out that at the very moment we were watching the clip, she lay dying in the Spanish sun.


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  1. AnarchistSleeperCell says:

    Poor Cilla 🙁

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