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Consciousness Predates Matter 5

Consciousness Predates Matter

Today’s reality tunnel: Consciousness predates matter. That means consciousness has primacy over matter and energy: material reality arises from consciousness, not the other way around. The standard scientific materialist reality tunnel asserts the opposite: that consciousness...

Belief as the Substrate of Reality 1

Belief as the Substrate of Reality

This is a thought experiment in which you adopt the reality tunnel, “Belief is the foundation of reality”. For those not familiar with the Timothy Leary / Robert Anton Wilson concept, a “reality tunnel” is...

“Memories” can be passed on through DNA 0

“Memories” can be passed on through DNA

I’ve already developed a model explaining how personality (and perhaps even “memory”, depending upon the looseness of one’s definition) can be passed on from parents to children psycho-behaviourally, which I will be expounding on...