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Featured Post: ‘Choosing a long term partner’ — by RyanH

Original thread: RyanH is an interesting guy to read simply because of how much he has changed since starting to write on Personal Power Meditation. He is someone dedicated to discovering the way the world works experientially, and is … Continue reading

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Featured Post: ‘The Narrative is Made Up or How Television Tells You What to Think’ — by MannySter

Original post:┬á I did something new today. I decided to watch the football game on mute. As I learn more and more about the intricacies of the game, the more the play-by-play announcers grate on my nerves. Their lack of … Continue reading

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Featured Post: ‘How Boys are Failed by Modern Schooling’ — by Silvertree

In traditional societies, at puberty the boys and girls are separated. The boys become warriors/hunters in training which can last into their early 20s. The girls get promoted to women and move to the bottom of the village management pyramid. … Continue reading

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Featured Post: Mentalities shared by people drawn to personal development — by Zorba

Children develop their values and habits from internalizing the world they grow up in; a child born from carelessness and animal impulse will, in my estimation, be pigeon-holed into the lower-class by the elements of his personality which discourage delayed … Continue reading

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