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How to Enjoy Your Life

The following question was posted recently on a seduction community forum in a thread entitled “What are the best 10 tips to enjoy your life more?” (note that the spelling and grammar are the poster’s own): You are ready to … Continue reading

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Nootropics #5: Tramadol

Introduction I had been loath to try opiates during this blog series, following my short and immediate addiction to codeine some years ago whilst taking the drug for a broken foot. I still remember popping that first pill. Waves of nauseating … Continue reading

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The Essence of Circuit V

The ‘Release Technique’ ( has been brought up for discussion on the forum, and opinions asked about it. I don’t need to buy this product to understand what it’s about, and why and how it works.  At its core, beneath the mountains … Continue reading

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Featured Post: Mentalities shared by people drawn to personal development — by Zorba

Children develop their values and habits from internalizing the world they grow up in; a child born from carelessness and animal impulse will, in my estimation, be pigeon-holed into the lower-class by the elements of his personality which discourage delayed … Continue reading

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