Is the population becoming more infantile?

This is a pattern I’ve noticed recently here in the UK. I wonder if you’ve noticed the same?

The population is becoming, and being encouraged to become, more infantile.


  • Onesies. WTF?! Yes, full-grown men and women are wearing animal outfits designed for babies.
  • On adverts, notice the plethora of CGI fluffy animals used for advertising absolutely anything regardless of relevance to the product. Also notice how children themselves are featured prominently as authority figures in many adverts, talking down to adults who comply without question.
  • Notice how newsreaders, advertisers and other public voice artists now speak to their audience. It is now slow, painfully enunciated, and completely dumbed-down.
  • Signs everywhere! I cannot leave the house without being told-off at least 500 hundred times. I need to be reminded not to commit violence against staff because… I’m 2?
  • A million nannying laws protecting me from myself — the government interfering in every aspect of my life, like an over-coddling parent.

So I just noticed that nannying is not just in the government — it’s in the media, in our fashions, in our culture writ large.

The Cycle of History

The cycle of history seems to be:

  • Growth, prosperity, decadence then entitlement, then learned helplessness and dependence upon the state, followed by…
  • Some catastrophic event (e.g. war) which forces people to rediscover their sense of initiative, autonomy, community and self-reliance, which leads to…
  • Growth, prosperity…

And where in the cycle are we, at the moment?

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