Review: ‘Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls’ by Aaron Sleazy


Minimal Game: The No-Nonsense Guide to Getting Girls is a beginner’s guide for men wishing to learn efficient ways to meet and begin sexual relationships with women. It assumes no prior knowledge of seduction. In fact, it assumes the reader has very little knowledge of many aspects of the social realm, such as basic fashion and common-sense views regarding women and relationships. This is a good thing in my opinion, as many guys who find the seduction community really do have limited knowledge of such things which more socially-savvy people take for granted. This level of hand-holding is often required yet seldom provided.

Minimal Game follows on from Sleazy’s previous work, the free e-book Debunking the Seduction Community, which ended with a short guide on seduction and the promise of an expanded version in the future. Minimal Game delivers that promise. Thankfully, in Minimal Game, Sleazy has not continued the community-bashing which characterized Debunking and many of his more recent writings. Minimal Game is therefore entirely focused on teaching seduction and it achieves this aim very well.

Who is it for?

Minimal Game is for two types of people:

1) Guys who feel confused and misled by the seduction community. If you have all the “pickup knowledge” in the world yet your results don’t quite match up with that self-image, Minimal Game is definitely the book for you in order to make a fresh start. It will help clear out the garbage which has been put in your head by product salesmen and people who are delusional or just plain wrong.

One major message of the book, for example, is that you cannot get every girl to like you. This goes directly against the grain of a seduction industry which, for the last 15 years, has been selling men the idea that they can get any girl they want if they just get their “game” tight enough. Sleazy instead allows you to draw a big sigh of relief by relieving you of this impossible responsibility. He explains that, actually, some girls will already be interested in you (for whatever reason), some will be ambivalent, and some simply won’t be interested in you at all. He calls these groups the “green zone”, “grey zone” and “red zone”, respectively, and explains that there’s nothing much you can do to turn the “red zone” girls around. Your time is therefore better spent on the “green zone” girls who already like you. Sleazy provides ways of determining quickly if this is the case, for example by touching her in an innocuous manner and gauging her reaction. Sleazy’s advice if the girl is not interested is simply to move on and find somebody else. Sleazy places a lot of focus on learning to use your own time efficiently by only pursuing strong leads, as he feels many guys end up wasting a lot of their time on dead ends.

Another major message of this book, which ties strongly into the previous point concerning green-, grey- and red-zone girls, is that your looks do matter. Sleazy explains that “game” is not the great leveller we have been led to believe, and therefore that improving your looks should be made a top priority. Thankfully he goes into great detail on how to do this step-by-step, providing basic steps for fashion and grooming, and solutions to fix common problems with your looks.

2) Guys who are starting out brand new in the area of improving success with women. If someone had come along and handed me this book 10 years ago when I was first typing “how to get girls” into Google, my life would have been very different. The wisdom in this book is so simple, yet so accurate, that it is the sort of thing fathers should be telling to their sons when they come of age.

Sleazy explains the basic attitude one should have toward women and sex. He explains that women are sexual beings and that they enjoy sex as much if not more than men, and that a woman’s interest in you as a man is primarily sexual. He also hammers home the point that plenty of women are out there looking for sex right now and all you have to do is go and meet them. Sex is a numbers game, and if one woman is not interested, there are plenty of others who are. Sleazy highlights some common socially-conditioned beliefs men have about women which may hinder their progress. Even though I have been involved in the seduction community for a long time, Sleazy’s clear descriptions of such beliefs (and his direction to drop them immediately) pull no punches, and even I was caused to sit up a few times with the distinct feeling that someone had just poured cold water down my back. For this reason, even if you have been in the seduction community for some time and are generally doing well with women, you may still benefit from this book.

Sleazy then covers all the foundations of becoming attractive to women, including fashion, grooming and looks, and how to have basic interests in life to talk about which will make you stand out from Average Joe. Sleazy then instructs you in the basics of approaching women and beginning an interaction with them, including the aforementioned methods to ascertain her level of interest. He talks about how to lead an interaction in a sexual direction from the very start via touching and how to go about asking her to leave the venue with you. He also provides a backup plan for taking her contact details and arranging a meet-up if extraction is not possible right away. Finally, Sleazy ends the book with a short guide on how to establish longer-term relationships with women, and talks about the relationship options available to you, including non-traditional arrangements such as “friends with benefits”.

How to read this book

With other personal development books, you may have become accustomed to picking and choosing which bits are of interest to you and pursuing them, whilst ignoring or glossing over the bits you believe you already have handled.

I highly recommend that you do not take this approach when reading Minimal Game. If, as a seduction student, you were to ask me which bits to focus on, I could only reply: “All of it.” The book really is minimal at only 92 pages, and this comes as a result of Sleazy having literally stripped away everything which is not 100% necessary. What you are therefore left with is only things which are essential. Chapters such as “Foundations” for example read as a literal checklist for a man on the basics of becoming attractive.

I therefore urge anyone reading this book, especially newcomers to seduction, to take their time and really consider each point Sleazy discusses. It is all too easy when reading a self-help book to skim a paragraph, think “I’ve already got this area handled”, and move on without really looking into whether or not this is the case. I have to make this point quite clear, because I have met up with several guys from the seduction community in the past and commonly found that each guy has at least one basic area where they are simply not doing what they are told. Fashion is usually the first victim. If you show up wearing Dad’s jumper and trousers, of course you’re not going to pull. Haircut and grooming is another area often overlooked. Yet some guys are either completely unaware of how they look or think that they are somehow special and these rules do not apply to them. As I have already said, nothing in this book should be considered optional. Work through it like a checklist, dedicating time to each point. Even if it takes you 3 months to work through them all (which could happen if, say, you are heavily overweight), you have to do it or you are leaving yourself at an unrecoverable disadvantage, and no amount of “game” is going to help you.

This book is truly minimal, with the consequence that nothing is optional.

What does the book not cover?

Minimal Game is written entirely from the perspective of a single man who has had a lot of experience with women. Therefore the book is almost entirely based on observation and the simple rules Sleazy has learned. By only writing about what he has observed, Sleazy avoids indulgences such as attempting to interpret women’s psychology, or trying to explain behaviour of either sex by invoking biological theories or evolutionary psychology. This will be a breath of fresh air for many readers who are used to would-be Charles Darwins offering pages upon pages of conjecture. There are a few reasons why such opining is unhelpful, in my opinion:

1) Such theories are usually extremely difficult to prove and are conjecture at best, although they are often presented by the writer as fact.
2) The “why” of behaviour is frequently misidentified even by the actor of that behaviour. Therefore even convincing-sounding arguments are often wrong.
3) The “why” of behaviour is unimportant from an operational perspective (despite how badly your brain wishes to apply the rule of cause and effect to every event it experiences), and often only serves to distract and confuse the point.

We are therefore often better off just looking at actions and their consequences and leaving the “why” behind. Minimal Game is written entirely in this vein.

The fact that Minimal Game is based only upon the personal experience of Aaron Sleazy does, however, give rise to an inevitable problem, which is that the book fails to address issues which Sleazy himself has not personally had to face. For example, it is my observation that a significant proportion of men finding the seduction community have problems beyond just their relationships with women: they commonly have issues relating to other people in general, on an emotional level. My idea explaining this is that the seduction community attracts largely an audience of technical- and analytical-minded men who have for various reasons neglected their own emotional growth and are now somewhat out of step with the rest of society (except when dealing with other men who are quite similar to themselves). Sleazy does not address how one can go about cultivating such emotional intelligence which, in my opinion, is fairly essential to have when interacting with women. As a corollary to this issue of basic emotional intelligence, a section on general social skills would also have been welcomed.

Another common issue facing men is anxiety, either specifically around women, or in a broader social context. Sleazy’s proposed solution to anxiety is only to pursue girls who have shown some initial interest in you. The idea behind this is that it is less of a psychological hurdle to approach women who seem interested. In my opinion however this won’t be true for everyone. This solution also does not indicate what to do in situations where a man’s anxiety is literally overwhelming him to the point where he cannot approach. This issue is common enough to fall within the scope of the book, in my opinion.

Again, the reason for the omission of coverage of these issues is that Sleazy himself has not personally had to face them. Sleazy himself has indicated in other materials that he was emotionally balanced and socially capable before beginning his adventures in seduction. It is understandable therefore that he would not want to speculate on solutions to problems he has not faced. In this case however, acknowledgment of the issues followed by directions to further reading may have been a fair solution.


Minimal Game is aimed at men of all skill levels in the field of seduction. However, in my opinion, this book is most suitable for complete beginners, up to an intermediate level.

Men who already know what they are doing with women will find that the book will clarify and consolidate their existing knowledge. It will also improve their ability to teach it to others. However, the book’s lessons are so fundamental, that to get anywhere with women on a consistent basis you would have needed to know the information in the first place.

For beginners to intermediates however, Minimal Game is simply the best start-up guide to seduction I have ever read. If I ever have a son, he will one day become the proud recipient of my by-then dusty and tattered copy of Minimal Game.

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