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Featured Post: Mentalities shared by people drawn to personal development — by Zorba

Children develop their values and habits from internalizing the world they grow up in; a child born from carelessness and animal impulse will, in my estimation, be pigeon-holed into the lower-class by the elements of his personality which discourage delayed … Continue reading

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Nootropics #2: Dipping Tobacco

“Dip” is a highly concentrated form of tobacco, supplied in resin block form, and sometimes mixed with menthol for flavouring and because of menthol’s chemical effect of lengthening the metabolism of nicotine, leading to a prolonged high. You simply pull … Continue reading

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Nootropics #1: Khat Update

Last weekend I went and got some more khat, and tried a new way to administer it by making tea from it. I cut up about 10 stems into very small pieces using a pair of scissors, put them in … Continue reading

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