Baclofen vs. Phenibut

There’s no real point to this post other than to tick a box.

While buying some modafinil from my usual vendor a few weeks ago, I noticed that they also sold baclofen at a very reasonable price (£13 for 100 x 10mg). I knew baclofen had the same mechanism of action as phenibut and wanted to see how it compared.

Both baclofen and phenibut are agonists at the GABA-B receptor. At high doses of phenibut (in other words: at normal doses of phenibut) some agonism of GABA-A also occurs, which is the benzodiazepine receptor, giving phenibut a slightly more somnolent effect. This effect however is negligible in my experience.

The main benefit of baclofen is the tiny dose required. I took 2 x 10mg pills as a test dose, not realizing how strong they would be. I was also on my standard winter dose of 100mg modafinil at the time, and I’ve known from past experiences with phenibut that modafinil plus GABA-B agonists gives quite a spectacular mental state — kind of like being in a lucid dream. Well, when I came up from this test dose, I was one of the most highs I’ve ever been. I was on the way to the shops at the time, and felt like I was literally floating down the street. I felt like I could pass through objects if I wanted, but luckily I was not quite stoned enough to try.

I would say 2 x 10mg baclofen is equivalent to about 4g phenibut. Considering what a pain phenibut is to measure out into capsules, and that it tastes absolutely awful if you’re not using capsules, baclofen is a hell of a lot more convenient. I would say 1 x 10mg pill would be enough for anyone’s night out. Alcohol has the effect of setting off baclofen hardcore, and all the phenibut considerations still apply.

I would say baclofen’s initial glow lasts longer than phenibut. There is also less of a “come-down glow” from baclofen. On phenibut, I enter a more stimulated yet highly dreamy and visual state during the come-down. I would not even call it a come-down — phenibut instead just seems to have two distinct phases, in my experience, and I often prefer the second phase, during which I can create intense visuals in my mind to the extent that they almost seem real. I have composed some great music while in this state, as scenes in my mind automatically get “soundtracked”. Baclofen however seems to tail off less dramatically without this pronounced second phase.

I will jump in here and point out that only around 20% of people are “responders” to phenibut, meaning they get these kinds of magical experiences from it. The other 80% perceive phenibut more like a typical benzo, or don’t get much from it at all. It would be interesting to see whether the 20% responders are also the same 20% of people who show strong Neanderthal traits. I like putting data together like that, and it often yields interesting results. I think phenibut non-responders also probably won’t get much from baclofen.

So, that is the rough comparison between baclofen and phenibut.

On a side note, since I don’t use phenibut in the day any more, or even much on nights out, since I still had so much lying around I decided to try it for one of its actual marketed purposes: as a sleep aid. I took 3 x size 00 capsules, which is about 1.2g. Man, this stuff knocks you out. I slept straight through 8 hours without even waking up for a toilet break, which I usually do a couple of times a night. I also felt extremely refreshed and happy in the morning. The sleep was largely dreamless, except for a couple of sex dreams which I attribute to phenibut’s indirect boosting of dopamine, and of which I can’t complain. 🙂 Sex dreams repeated consistently on successive experiments. I tried phenibut again the night after the first test and woke up feeling slightly hungover with a light whining noise in my head, which cleared up within an hour or two of getting up. My advice is therefore to use phenibut just once or twice a week, with days in between, and only when you want a particularly deep sleep for whatever reason.

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12 Responses

  1. Very true man, I’m a high phenibut responder, but when I . I needed a bit more, when I hit 75 mg of baclofen I was in a better mood than I’d been in 25 years, immediately accessed a childhood state of happiness. Was the best day I can remember

  2. Haha ya man, I’m a low responder to everything and my tolerance for phenibut is relatively high, alcohol too, I prob have low levels of GABA naturally.

  3. Kelly says:

    I’m a responder to both. But the phenibut seems to have an ugly come down for me. I feel like I have been hit by a train. Body is achy and mind is foggy. But the baclofen (I take 2, 25mg) I feel high as a kite. No anxiety at all. I am very social, and have decreased inhibitions. And the next day I am good. I usually will only take the baclofen twice a week or less. I prefer the baclofen over the phenibut any day.

  4. antonio says:

    Any reputable suppliers you can recommend? Sounds like an interesting substance. Thanks.

  5. Katallus says:

    Hi, UK guy here who has stumbled upon this via Uncle Google’s recommendation. I am currently in the throes of a nasty Phenibut dependency (I am maintaining on a daily dose of 4.5g (6 x .75mg caps – one taken every 4 hours). I have been using Phenibut daily for 3 1/2 months and have binged occasionally on large doses but was generally around 5-8 g’s a day for a couple of months.
    I am awaiting delivery of some Baclofen in the hope I can use it to get off the Phenibut. My current situation is not pleasant and if I don’t dose on the PB within the schedule I begin to get very unpleasant symptoms. I ran out the other day and faced two days with no supply and was in a severe mess by 36 hours and in real pain by 48. I am very nervous about what is to come and would welcome any feedback

    Thanks for reading

    • Illuminatus says:

      Well, that is a nasty phenibut habit you have there. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Personally I would not use baclofen to come off phenibut as, gram for gram, baclofen is far stronger. That’s a bit like tapering off codeine using low-dose heroin, know what I mean? ๐Ÿ˜›

      What I would do is as follows. Taper off phenibut while simultaneously sipping valerian tea. I reviewed it here:

      Valerian targets the GABA-A receptor giving you some sedation while letting GABA-B recovery. Valerian is also far less addictive than phenibut. This would be similar to how opiate addicts can use kratom to taper off.

      To taper off phenibut I would follow this plan. Cut your dose in half immediately. Use valerian to soothe the cravings — they are mostly psychosomatic anyway (from my own experience withdrawing from phenibut, you tend to get a whole day “grace period” before physical symptoms start). Stay on the half dose for 1-2 weeks till symptoms are gone. Then go half again for 1-2 weeks. Then stop taking it and only use the smallest dose required to address symptoms if they arise.

      You can use infinite valerian to sooth cravings, but ONLY in tea form (don’t get the pills since they will just add to your psychological pill complex). I recommend boiling two bags at once then constantly reusing the same bags till they run out of flavour, then you can use two fresh ones if you feel like it. Most of your symptoms WILL be psychological throughout this withdrawal and something hot and drug-tasting like valerian is ideal to sooth them in my experience.

      Next up — and this is important — only take your dose at one time in the day, e.g. wake up at 5am, take the dose, sleep till your normal time so you feel refreshed. Phenibut lasts a long time in the body and does not need constant redose — this is purely a psychological issue, as I have already said. I like the morning system because it’s easier to get up and be happy if you’re already high.

      You ought to aim for a full withdrawal in 6-8 weeks — make a schedule and stick to it. I used to go cold turkey to come off of tramadol and the worst would last around a week, but that was the opioid receptor — GABA is a bit more difficult and I would not advise people to go cold turkey from phenibut.

      Finally, you need a meditation practice to start getting your mind and body under control. You should begin this on DAY ONE regardless of what drugs are in your system and practise it every day FOREVER:

      The energy principles used in that meditation make it far easier to attain pleasure (to replace drug pleasure) than Buddhist mindfulness practices, in my opinion. I reviewed it here:

      You can drop in to update us as you progress, if you like. You could also start a withdrawal journal on the forum (under Addictions):

      • Ryan says:

        This comment is very incorrect. Baclofen is much more mild than phenibut and one of the best ways to come off of it. 25mg is supposed to be equivalent to 2.5 grams of phenibut. Ive found that it is not as effective at curbing withdrawals alone. The dosage would have to be slightly higher than that equivalence.

        • Illuminatus says:

          “Baclofen is much more mild than phenibut” -> Proceeds to say, in the very next sentence, that baclofen is 100 times stronger than phenibut.

          You couldn’t invent the kind of cunts who wind up on this blog.

          Comments for this thread are now closed.

  6. Justme says:

    For me phenibut is 10 times as strong as baclofen. Most addicts will agree to this. Phenibut is a dirty high…..a guessing game on how its going to affect you. Baclofen is more gentle and relaxing tgat is why they use bacloflen to taper off of phenibut. I was prescribed 200mg of baclofen a day for a month for 15gram a day phenibut habit. Baclofen at times helped the withdrawals but not completely. I must admit at times I took 300mg. I would never recommend this myself to anyone. But when stopping the baclofen I never had any withdrawals from baclofen. This is my experience. Baclofen didnt come close to having the same affect as phenibut. Baclofen was a GREAT aid in detox but,never once felt like I was becoming addicted to it like phenibut which can hook you after only a few moderate to high doses.

  7. Justme says:

    That is completely wrong advice for detoxing from phenibut Illuminatus….then and now.Never ever take your your entire dose at once. Split it up half in morning half in the evening when detoxing…and slowing reduce the mg you take…yes mg not grams. Over a week. This may take awhile month or months.Withdrawals will be there at first but, will decrease as you lower your dose. And yes use baclofen by all means if it helps and if your in his state he really should be under a doctors supervision. It makes it ALOT easier knowing that you have a professional watching you. Times have changed in a fews years. Hope this helps anyone out there.

    • Illuminatus says:


      This is simply the difference between my ~3 grams phenibut (TOPS) habit and your 15 GRAMS (!) a day habit.

      Points taken regarding massive dependency and doctor’s supervision. This is not my speciality area.

      BTW this is rather an old post and I haven’t used phenibut (or any other drug) in years. Putting in an hour of meditation a day (minimum) removed anxiety relatively quickly, and I wish I’d spent the early years just meditating rather than fucking around with drugs.