Backing an Underdog

I love backing an underdog. My rule is: “If you’re not drawing conclusions that are the 180° polar opposite of what the mainstream says, you’re not trying hard enough.”

The quickest way to vastly increase the accuracy of your reality map is to adopt the exact opposite viewpoint of what society says on any issue. Society is like a stockbroker who is guaranteed to be wrong every time — he’s still useful, so long as you just buy or sell the exact opposite of whatever he tells you.

Today’s winning underdog is the polar ice cap, who refuses to melt despite decades of wobal glorming climate scientology saying it should be sloshing round our ankles by now: Summer ice cap is thicker and covers 1.7million square kilometres MORE than 2 years ago

The only downside of this news is that it could be a signal that the Holocene is coming to an end = global cooling = new ice age = potential extinction.

In other news, legalizing guns correlates with massive crime rate drop in Chicago, and the MMR vaccine does cause autism after all.


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