Amazing Trump Video

Really well edited. I’m not even American but this makes me feel patriotic.

The music is Hybridization of Humanity by Instrumental Core, if you were wondering.

Credit goes to Reddit user trumpeffect for the video. I hope he got a good mark on his film course (though somehow I doubt it).

Get out there on November 8th and vote K-selected! (That’s Trump, if that wasn’t clear.)

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66 Responses

  1. Edenist Whackjob says:

    So, you’re a right-wing America-loving xenophobic sorcerer on drugs. How’s that for a career title 😀

  2. Edenist Whackjob says:

    I was thinking about the difference between r and K.

    I think r’s think that reality MUST be nuanced/complex/gray/hard/difficult/whatever. They can’t just be happy and strong and get things done in a simple way. Things need to be complex, and therefore “populists” are seen as bad. Whereas for a K they are seen as cutting the crap and pointing out obvious corruption.

    So when it comes to overall worldview, K’s are more simplistic. There are good guys and bad guys, it’s possible to win in life of you work hard and do the right thing, good vs evil is a relevant concept, things like that.

    On the other hand, r’s are very fond of low-grade escapism, so they have a very childish quality to them also. On one hand, they are very fond of over-analyzing and talking about how populists are not being nuanced enough, on the other hand they are themselves seeking out a simpler life through blocking out reality and going for constant dopamine hits.

    I’m not explaining this very well, but basically K’s see life as simple and positive – life is its own reward, whereas r’s see life as very complicated and nuanced – and any chance of enjoyment comes through delusion and escapism.

    Thoughts on that?

    • Illuminatus says:

      I think a lot of what you just said is correct.

      I think a fundamental difference between r and K is that ‘r’s develop when resources are abundant (i.e. the wealth the Ks create, mostly, taken from them and redistributed to ‘r’s through government force). There are two types of people in the world: makers and takers. ‘r’s do some creation, mostly in the arts (and mostly badly, though most great musicians are in fact r). Overwhelming, Ks are the makers.

      ‘r’s for the most part don’t understand making. They just think things are “there”. They don’t know what goes into creating a business, for example. Therefore they see someone with wealth, and their only belief is THAT PERSON MUST HAVE STOLEN THAT WEALTH FROM SOMEONE ELSE. This is summed up by Russell Brand’s moronic statement:

      ‘David Cameron says profit isn’t a dirty word, well I say profit is a filthy word. I think the very concept of profit should be very much reduced because wherever there is profit there is also deficit. This system currently doesn’t address these ideas.’

      He doesn’t understand wealth creation. If you go into a forest and build a log cabin, you didn’t steal that from someone else — you made it. You created wealth. But he doesn’t understand that. He sees you in your log cabin and believes that you stole it from the indigenous peoples, or from the land, or whatever. This is the source of all r-selected bizarre economic premises and social policy confusion.

      For the most part, they are not clever enough to create wealth. They can talk about the things they see, and use lots of words to describe it (‘r’s love language). But they fail to connect their concepts to actual events in reality.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        Isn’t masculine/objective vs feminine/subjective a simpler paradigm, with the same explanatory power?

        Ie masculine people are objective and try to change the world to get better output (ie wealth-creation). Feminine people care mostly about their subjective world. They can’t create wealth very well, because they are not concerned with objective reality (nature) but rather with saying and feeling the right things to be in the in-group.


        • Illuminatus says:

          Total trash theory. Neither group — male or female, K- or r-selected — is objective or rational at all. These are ancient genetic programs still playing out as though it’s 100,000 years ago. When you see an animal’s behaviour, it is neither “rational” nor “irrational” — it is arational. It is a blind following of instinct. That is exactly what is still happening now. Both sides believe they are acting completely rationally in line with the world they see.

          One thing I’m going to be writing a post about shortly is worldviews. The tradition is to see two opposed groups and say, “They both see the world in very different ways.” The assumption is that it’s the same world, but the perception is different. Two perspectives on the same thing.

          I do not believe this is the case. I believe each group is literally living in a different world. There is no “world” out there to be perceived. There is no objective reality. There is no “world” out there — planet Earth, or whatever — casting its shadow on different people’s walls. There is JUST the shadow. There is literally nothing behind the curtain. When you see r- and K- you should acknowledge that they literally live in different worlds. Not the same world, perceived differently: actual different worlds. Because there is ONLY the perception. There is nothing behind the perception, projecting itself into perceptions. There is JUST the perception. If you let go of the need for some stable, certain world “actually out there” then ALL these arguments are revealed for what they are: completely different, completely distinct, yet completely interdependent realities.

          Your reality is LITERALLY not my reality. When you want to prove the siddhis and make a public display of it and convince people and all that (which you talk about often) then I believe, if you really want that to happen, you can literally make it happen. You can actually do it. However, understand that over here in “my” reality I might not experience you doing that. Then again, I might.

          The issue is that the realities people experience are almost entirely running on autopilot — a product of cause and effect, known as karma in Buddhism. People mostly don’t know they can break into the cycle of awareness-manifestation and program new karma. By the way, as a side note, you should check out the Buddha’s list of all the types of causality: It covers all the fractal causality and other things I have talked about on this site. He truly was a genius. It puts the Western idea of stable, linear causality (as the “only” “true” causality) to shame. I think I had figured out about half of those. It’s nice to know there are people who have been on the same page as me in the past.

          • Edenist Whackjob says:

            OK then. I want to learn, so I welcome your criticism.

            Yes, I want to prove siddhis. I guess it will be enough for me to have “proven” them in my world (which is more of a Western-science kind of world than yours).

            • Illuminatus says:

              If you really want to do it, I believe you can. It’s not a bad goal. I don’t think much about either way. It is just as arbitrary as any other goal. Goals are fairly arbitrary, if you think about it. They are just an exercise of creative will. “I want to experience X”. Why not live in a world where siddhis are completely accepted as normal? You could even have “siddhi schools” where things like telekinesis are trained, like the Oracle’s house from The Matrix.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        I feel that people like Russell Brand are kind of “limited” in their thinking. They are locked into seeing the world as scarce and zero-sum (ironically, given how they want free resources also). They can’t fathom wealth-creation, as you say, because there must always be someone getting fucked.

        I think there are many interesting K-tells – liking science fiction would be one. An r-person would say “we are fucking the Earth, it’s so terrible, we must kill all the rich people” whereas a K would say “OK, so the resources here are limited and we may be polluting too much, obviously we need to get to Mars and colonize the solar system”.

        Ie r’s are very reactive and addicted to their gloom, K’s recognize when things are shitty but believe they can be turned around. They are more proactive.


    • Illuminatus says:

      By the way, I do not think humanity can continue with this constant cycling between r- and K-selection. We need a third option. My current lofty goal is to use siddhis to create that third type. It will be equivalent to global Circuit V awakening, or whatever.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        I think this ties into hemispheres somehow. I feel very much that the goal of intelligence must be whole-brain thinking. Sci Fi Da Vinci stuff.

        • Illuminatus says:

          I don’t think there’s a “goal” of intelligence. That’s a fallacy that creates the illusion of a timeline we are somehow set to follow, e.g. some global catastrophe followed by an “enlightenment” then colonization of the stars, i.e. the Star Trek universe. There is some deep assumption people have that that is where all this is heading. I think Gene Roddenberry really pulled a number on us with that narrative, as it’s now very dominant. I think it comes from the idea that the sun will eventually explode so we need to get out of here. But following that through to its conclusion, won’t eventually all suns explode? Isn’t the universe ever-expanding so eventually there will be no place to go?

          But the universe as we know it is just a product of mind. We could stabilize it by changing the mental formations that create it. We could make Earth awesome and stay here forever. Or we could let the whole thing blow up and start again with a new world with a new set of permutations and see how that plays out. There are infinite possibilities because there is infinite creativity.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        So what you’re saying is that both r and K is trapped in the lower 4, and we need some beyond-paradigm thing that makes it irrelevant?

  3. James says:

    Have you read scott adams (the creator of the dilbert comic strip) blog where he address how trump uses persuasive tactics?

    • Illuminatus says:

      I’ve read some of his posts recently but not specifically about Trump’s use of persuasion. I’ve also seen Scott Adams on Stefan Molyneux’s show and think he’s a bit of a crank. He’s okay, quite interesting at times, but I don’t see him as any kind of authority on anything.

      I’m quite good at mapping some elements of persuasion as they are happening. Trump has an intentional rhythm and cadence in his voice which is simply brilliant. Calming yet simultaneously assertive, like he’s telling you things you already know. He also repeats the main point at the end of each sentence. So he’ll say, “We have the best people down here in Ohio, the best people.” He does it literally every other sentence. It’s amazing, and totally soothing and reassuring. He also uses really simple words. Everyone understands Trump.

      I use a lot of things like that in my writing and in my actual speech. I didn’t study it though; it’s just a natural talent which I’m very grateful for. I find it very easy to map people’s speech patterns and steal the best bits for myself. “Mimicry”, I think would best describe it. Interestingly though I’m appalling at learning to speak foreign languages (though reading and writing is okay).

      • James says:

        He called trump winning the election before anyone else, on his blog he talks about the persuasive tactics both partys use to try and one up each other.

        But yes, you’ve broken down a bit of what trump does, simple, repetitive. Further more he uses the “kill shots” of “Crooked Hilary” and “lyin’ ted” “Drain the Swamp” etc…

        Plus, his Anti-PC rhetoric is just about as American as it gets.

        This is the first election I’ve ever voted in, MAGA 😀

  4. Pat says:

    All the stuff coming out about pedophilia reminds me of what you told me about Operation Yewtree. Why are so many of these people in upper levels of society/government pedophiles? Does r/k explain it? Is a kind of power trip for them?

    • James says:

      Absolute power corrupts absolutely… Just a guess.

    • Illuminatus says:

      Political power increases dopamine. So much so, it is said to be more addictive than cocaine. Increased dopamine is known to cause sexual fetishes. So there’s one possible reason.

      • Pat says:

        Interesting explanation. I’ve heard that connection between dopamine and fetishes talked about by people into the whole “no fap” thing.

  5. sevens! says:

    Anyone that truly deserves to be a part of the new world doesn’t need a leader. They won’t vote for a father/mother figure to watch over them like a child. The robotic idiotic left/right is not ready for the emerging situation on this planet. They will not survive if they don’t adapt.

    • Illuminatus says:

      What are your views on the emerging situation?

      • sevens! says:

        I’d wager to say that a large part of the 18-34 demographic in this country will not vote. They just don’t care. They don’t care because they can get on YouTube and pull up carefully curated videos of political figures lying through their teeth in five seconds. They don’t care because they know neither of them will legalize pot or reform the justice system or whatever. These among many other personal and political reasons.

        Being anti-establishment is mainstream now. Apathy is at an all-time high. You’ve never had as many people dropping out of society in America. Even in the 60s. There’s just no central movement label on it today. That’s why Occupy Wall Street failed. Even on Facebook, the bottom rung of the creative Internet, it is of an overwhelming opinion that the 2016 race is an embarrassment with the winner being irrelevant. We all lose, you could say.

        The ever-accelerating speed of information and progress of technology has far outpaced the political climate nearly all of the planet continues to operate under. Some of these people in public office are aware; some aren’t. Many of them want to “win” the game of life so that their blood is preserved or they go to heaven with their God if nukes fall or whatever. This is dangerously stupid bullshit that has to be curtailed in a better world.

        As far as what will happen in the future to radically change the planet, I don’t know. I would hope the pendulum swings further towards joy and abundance, but it could really go either way. Meanwhile, more and more people every day are sending energy towards the shift. They’re
        “seeing the fnords,” even if they lack the self-awareness to know that that’s what they’re actually doing. Only when they know, however, can they adapt. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you feel about Georgia Guidstones Tenet #1), most of them likely won’t. They’re too entangled in their lives.

        P.S. One thing I found sublimely comical in one of the presidential debates (keep in mind, social media has been unprecedentedly HUGE in the election this year, despite actual support for either candidate being pretty much IN THE FRINGE): Hilary had plugged a website that claims to fact-check her opponent in real time. Donald immediately butted in with “You can check mine too” and plugged his website. The premise is almost too absurd to have actually happened. Here I hold an iPhone capable of accessing almost all the information ever aggregated at a few thumb movements. I laughed about it, but they plugged their websites because they know that, as an authority figure, many people will only trust information validated or outright disseminated by them or their peers. Once again, if you dig objectively, it won’t take you long to see they’re both lying to you.

  6. Edenist Whackjob says:

    Now that he won, how do you feel?

    The amygdala release is pretty big for me.

    • Edenist Whackjob says:

      I have this theory that macro-politics affect individual sanity.

      My life has been on an uptick since 2015, which is also when Swedish politics got more right-wing (aka acknowledning of reality). Prior to that, I spent years in brain fog. The past couple of days have been interesting – I’ve felt myself feeling rage and anger for the first time in a long time.

      Must be something going on with the old amygdala.

    • sevens! says:


      And a question for Edd, if he’s still around: how is voting Trump k-selected if k is a staggering minority? They don’t let true outsiders run for president dude. No one would vote for them. If anything, they’d want to kill them. The president doesn’t do anything. They promise the world to the American people when they win and proceed to spend 4-8 years butting heads with the government and taking dumb photos.

      I don’t know, this post really bugged me. It’s like if I started talking about voting for Brexit having never lived in Britain or assimilated within their culture. And, admittedly, reading little about what it is and what will result.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        The media is linked globally. Mindshare change in US affects us all.

      • Illuminatus says:

        “And a question for Edd, if he’s still around: how is voting Trump k-selected if k is a staggering minority? They don’t let true outsiders run for president dude. No one would vote for them. If anything, they’d want to kill them. The president doesn’t do anything. They promise the world to the American people when they win and proceed to spend 4-8 years butting heads with the government and taking dumb photos.”

        I’ll try to boil that down:

        – “And a question for Edd, if he’s still around: how is voting Trump k-selected if k is a staggering minority?”

        I don’t think K is a “staggering minority”. The K set seems to be able to be triggered by certain events. Also, r just happens to be culturally dominant in terms of celebrities, TV etc. As a result there are plenty of Ks who just keep their beliefs to themselves since they have the impression that their voice is not wanted. They are still K. 52% of Brits voted Brexit; yet only 2 people in my entire office are willing to admit that they did (I’m one of them). Conclusion: There’s plenty of K left around, they just have smaller mouths than r.

        – “They don’t let true outsiders run for president dude.” = Giving all your power away to a secretive shadowy elite. The statement is that you have no power because there is a “they” who you cannot contravene.

        I don’t like that. I also don’t believe it.

        I believe in a magickal world where intent drives everything. If there is a big enough intent to draw power away from those few psychopaths who will do anything to wield it, then it will happen.

        If you don’t believe that your intent counts, then that is a bigger personal problem for you, in my opinion. No offence, I just see this as you lavishly disempowering yourself in a kind of learned helplessness fashion.

        – “I don’t know, this post really bugged me. It’s like if I started talking about voting for Brexit having never lived in Britain or assimilated within their culture. And, admittedly, reading little about what it is and what will result.”

        That means you view Brexit as a local phenomenon, rather than part of an emerging global pattern.
        We have pattern-matched it differently. I see interdependence everywhere. Brexit is potentially a symbol of a turning tide.
        If you had commented on Brexit I would have welcomed it. I don’t care where you’re from. All that matters is how you read the tea leaves. If you see Brexit as irrelevant, that’s fine too!

        • Illuminatus says:

          P.S. How I’m getting that a vote for Brexit or Trump is a vote for K is because strong in-group preference is one of the strongest-defining K characteristics. So, rejection of immigrants/ other cultures, and a strong sense of nationalism, are K.

          By the way, as I said earlier, I am not banking on K being a viable future for humanity. I think we can replace r/K with something better.

          But a swing to K just buys us some time to work on that. With ‘r’, it’s too many rabbits grazing on an increasingly barren field.

        • sevens! says:

          “They don’t let true outsiders run for president dude. No one would vote for them. If anything, they’d want to kill them. ”

          What I meant by that is that “they” is a majority of the world, not a secret cabal; the “90% of sleepwalking people in a nightmare” that Gurdjieff referred to. Anyone with different ideas is immediately rejected by the hive; the overwhelming majority of people who need to buy new television sets on Black Friday, need to reproduce and protect their children, and need to be represented by somebody other than themselves. To be perfectly clear, the idea of a Trump presidency excited me much more than a Clinton one. And not because I particularly like the guy or because I believe in him, but because of the utterly chaotic discourse that has already begun to take hold. 8 years of Obama proved that a really cool guy makes a boring president.

          It’s not that I don’t believe my intent counts. I personally believe that if you want to cause any real change in the world, and you’re the kind of person that would be interested in (or, run) websites like this one, you’d better do it away from the public eye because it is the natural reflex of the majority of people to reject new ideas. I’m a creative, and I have more than a few good ideas after years of observation. Though I’ll admit that I’m a bit lazy.

          I have a lot of trouble applying the r/K model because it doesn’t seem real to me. I don’t like this narrative that anyone who voted Trump is fighting the establishment, because he is the establishment. He’s made friends out of many people that his supporters are supposed to hate.

          • sevens! says:

            My favorite part of this election was this dumb hat I found at a bus station in perfect, unworn condition. The design is garbage so it’s unclear whether it’s a pro-trump or an anti-trump hat. It simply reads TRUMP, with the “U” replaced with a middle finger. The unintentional ambiguity rather delighted me so I picked it up and kept it. I’ve been wearing it around and enjoying all kinds of people reacting to it and looking at me like I’m on “their side” or the opposite. I think I retired it last night, or at least until he starts building the wall or something.


          • BabaFella says:

            the r/K model for me is also very weird, and not really applicable to the experiences I had in my life, I just feel it is very limited. The way Illuminatus then further relates that model to politics and what happens in the world is even sillier to me. It feels very forced, and I don’t enjoy the fetishizing of Donald Trump. It ironically feels very cult-like, with Illuminatus’s sheep following him in that fetishization . Maybe Illuminatus is right and it’s about having a different reality tunnel and I’m not “K-selected” or whatever and that is why I feel weirded out by all this. But whatever, I just enjoy this blog anyway and the invaluable tips Illuminatus is giving, plus I enjoy his writing. Can’t wait for the new jhana and kundalini guide!

            • Mayath says:

              Agreed. Don’t understand and don’t care about the Trump fetishisation or the politics either.

              I don’t see any evidence for the R/K model either and it just seems like pseudoscience. It doesn’t past the gut feeling test or seem to appear anywhere but on conservative websites? I’ve tried researching it but there’s hardly anything worth reading on it unless you want to buy into a particular brand of politics. Stefan Molyneux seems to be regarded as a crazy person and I get those vibes from his videos. Doesn’t help that a lot of the people on his own forums seems to think that too. So he seems easily discreditable.

              Before anyone jumps on me and says I’m a social justice warrior, those guys irritate the fuck out of me but they are largely the same as the alt right to me. Same personality types using their ideologies to explain their own inadequacies and insecurities.

              If I’m going to talk about politics which I rarely do, I’d rather talk about something real and substantial, rather than constructing elaborate theories on people and that I cant see having any practical purposes in my life. Maybe some people on this site need social theories to guide their social interaction or political worldview but it’s just seems like a pointless bit of labelling and I don’t need it personally.

              I also don’t see how using the r/K model is transcending so called survival modes and belief systems. It just seems to be another belief system, another model and narrative to me, which seems like a contradiction, when there’s talk about transcending so-called models.

              My own disinterest in politics is purely pragmatic, I can’t do anything right now to effect real change so I don’t concern myself with it, unless it’s an issue, right up in my face, fucking up my life.

              The presidency? America is in its decline stage and we’re all unfortunately along for the ride. Most reasonable people know both candidates were shit but things are so bad for so many ordinary Americans that they’d rather take a risk with chaos than continue on with ‘more of the same’ if they voted Hilary.

              Globalisation is the real issue and it’s too far gone for America to do anything about it. Their society is too divided. In the long run I think most Americans would be better off if the union split because they are too politically and culturally divided to ever work cohesively. We might see that in our own lifetime.

              Who’ll replace America as top dog? Russia? China? Who knows. Between them they have most of the natural resources in the world so probably. Historically they don’t get along but America’s actions in recent years has made them better pals. Future historians will probably determine Americas actions that lead to Russia and China becoming more allied as the biggest mistake Foreign policy mistake in history.

              From friends who live in China, Chinese ascendancy sounds like it’ll be really crap and disorganised. There even more uneducated than red necks.

              Unfortunately for humanity, multiculturalism doesn’t work and we don’t really play with with others. Multiculturalism only really works, I think anyway, in situations where the cultures aren’t too different from each other. For example, like in my own country with Eastern Europeans and Irish people. We both have strong links with Catholicism and were colonised people so the psychology is similiar on some levels. That might change too though. Right now, there’s no real racial or cultural tension in Ireland but that could change in the future. I’m ignoring Northern Ireland btw. No one wants that glorified county Council. Don’t make us take it back Brexiteers. The republic is pretty centre left socially and centre-right economically.

              When multiculturalism doesn’t work is when you have one group, extreme Muslims for example and a pretty liberal western society on the other, that have two world views that will never ever make sense if you mixed together.You have that with the extreme right in American and the left in the states right now too.

              Anyway, not a buyer of the r/k selection theory. It’s even a bit simplistic to describe people as “left-brained” or right brained because even though they process attention differently and see the world differently, we are always using both hemispheres at the same time, it just which one we are using more at any given time. I have never heard a Psychologist or Neuroscientist describe people in these terms. The hemisphere split is still useful to use, particularly when talking about how the Left-Brain is “the interpreter” and “narrator” of our experience. It’s useful when talking about meditation. Not so sure when it comes to personality.

              Of course if you distrust mainstream academia or science about these things that’s an individual own choice. Then pick your own models. It’s the Internet. I don’t care what you think and I’m not interested in changing minds because it never works online.

              Personally, I would rather if the blog stuck to meditation advice and technique talk but it’s Illuminatus’s blog so he can do what he wants. I don’t come here for politics or for world views and I’m not going to ask him to stop writing what he wants. He can do want he wants as far I’m concerned. To be honest it’s interesting to see these viewpoints that I don’t normally come across anyway even if I don’t buy some of them. I like chewing over different ideas.

              I know why I come here, which is for the humour, the talk about technique and the Magick/Siddi stuff. The other stuff I ignore. If your concerned about anything I would just tune it out or ignore it and follow your instincts. Basically the advice I’d give for concentration meditation haha.

              Looking forward to the Kundalini guide too!

              • Bishop says:

                It actually kind of makes sense if you look at it as more of a spectrum where the majority of people falling on either r or k. I also like reading Illuminatus’s opinion because we get a idea of where he is coming from. This all makes him come across as human and relatable… atleast in his humaness. Just my opinion FWIW

    • Illuminatus says:

      I am basically running laps right now.

      One thing I did not talk about much is that I have spent months using every magickal means at my disposal to make this happen. Daily brahmaviharas. Maybe it did nothing, but I like to think it helped.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        I never understood why people cheer for football teams and such. Waking up this morning and feeling happy for an external reason outside of my direct control really hammers it home.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        Now we just need to make it happen in Sweden. My country is fucked otherwise.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        “I am basically running laps right now.”

        I know it’s irrational, but I have this feeling now that “my side won”, and now I finally have “permission” to fully ignore the mainstream media and people whose opinions I don’t share in general. Like I’m not a heretic anymore.


      • Pat says:

        Edd, thanks for all your wizardry from America! I can’t wait to go to school and see all the nervous breakdowns. The tears are delicious.

  7. James says:

    First election I Ever voted in, I’m batting a 100% 😀

  8. Illuminatus says:

    As a celebration I’m releasing a kundalini guide early — hopefully next week. This will be part of the $30 membership and will make up part of the jhana guide. The guide was getting so big I’ve decided to turn it into a complete meditation guide (not just jhana) and release each section as its own post. It’s a lot more fun to write it this way, too.

  9. James says:

    You moving to America ? 😀 😀 😀

    • Illuminatus says:

      Maybe. What state are you in, and how K-selected is it?

      I had a dream the other night suggesting I move to Australia.

      • James says:

        I’m in Alabama in a college town, its fairly mixed with people because of the university, a person born here tends to be more K selected but a lot of uni behaviors are R.

        If you moved I wouldn’t move to alabama. I personally plan to go somewhere like washington state. The less laws the better for me.

        America does tend to have a problem with online gambling too, that hasn’t been a problem for me but you it might be 😀

      • Pat says:

        The area where I live is relatively K-selected (though that could be just because the western world is so r-selected at the moment) provided you stay out of the city. In general, I’ve heard that the south is more conservative/k-selected, though I assume for your kind of work you would want to be near a city, or at least around smart people, which rules out the “toothless country” areas of the south.

  10. Edenist Whackjob says:


    I wonder WHY those billionaires are so keen on proving the simulation hypothesis? As high-IQ people with a high Associative Horizon, maybe they have experienced non-causal effects and don’t know what label to apply – “we’re living in a simulation” is the only thing they can conceptualize it.

    • Illuminatus says:

      More to the point, where do they think they “go” if they do “break out”? Mind-bogglingly lame.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        Peter Thiel is one of those people who’s both high-networth and a bit of a loose cannon. I suggested to the Eden folks that they try to court his attention. Stranger things have happened.

  11. Illuminatus says:

    I am not interested in convincing anyone of the validity of r/K theory (nor any other reality tunnel for that matter — in terms of raw experience they are all equally valid). However I will explain a little bit about how I got there.

    I had unconsciously been searching for explanations as to why I was different for some time. A guy called Koanic ( reviewed my book one day and I found his site from there. He was referring to me as a “full Neanderthal” which I took offensively at first until I read the rest of his site and found out he had created his own version of human evolution (“Edenism”) and this was actually a compliment to me. So, now I had an explanation as to why I was different — I was running a genetic program passed down from Neanderthal interbreeding with humans. This program includes: high intelligence, high empathy, high spirituality (religious or philosophical or both), high morality (for me this means wanting everyone to stick to “the rules” and not screw anyone over; treat people fairly etc.). His theory was on shaky evidential grounds and he showed signs of being a crackpot (e.g. he would erratically revise his whole theory based on one new bit of information, which itself was usually something he’d just read on some fringe archaeology site — the whole thing was mostly based on fringe conjecture). He also showed no signs of improving his tone and friendliness or reducing his haughtiness as time went by, leading me to assume his self-change methods sucked (since we all have to learn to get along with other humans). However, I stuck with that reality tunnel for a while, and even wrote a few articles about it here (do a search for “Neanderthal”).

    Eventually Koanic revised his entire site one night after he read an article by a biologist who claimed humans are the result of a pig fucking a monkey. He began referring to what was previously “Neanderthal” people as “Barbary macaques”, which was now firmly in “you couldn’t make it up” territory. By that point however I had already lost interest some months beforehand.

    The main reason I stopped pursuing Edenism (the Neanderthal theory) is that I had come across too many “outliers” — people who didn’t really fit any of the categories he had laid out, and people who flat-out contradicted the theory. Three principles I had absorbed from his site however were 1) IQ points and why they matter, 2) 4D:2D ratio (ring finger to index finger length, indicating testosterone level) and 3) r/K-selection theory. I kept these three factors in mind as they appeared to explain people very well. For example, if you spot a woman with a long ring finger compared to index finger, you might find that she is high IQ, feminist, socialist, atheist, social justice warrior, bisexual, has a slightly manly gait or jawline, wears glasses (myopia), and behaves very much in accordance with the descriptions of the left brain’s modality as described by Ramachandran and McGilchrist.

    I would not have stuck with the model so long if it didn’t produce such highly repeatable results. After I watched Stefan Molyneux’s presentation ( and was introduced to the Cycle of History and how r/K determines likely political beliefs, I was “sold”. (Quotes indicate I am never “sold” on any reality tunnel as reflecting objective reality, because I don’t believe objective reality exists. This is yet another reality tunnel, and one I have already indicated in this thread I will be leaving shortly, as it is too limiting. Side note: I really endorse adopting reality tunnel thinking as it is the easiest way to cope with the changes required for metaprogramming, a.k.a. self-transformation.) While the majority of people do seem to be easily placed on the “hard K” or “hard r” ends of the spectrum, I have met quite a few people who don’t easily fit on this spectrum at all. Where the model’s explanatory powers start to fray, that is usually the point where I will look to leave the reality tunnel.

    Finding r/K theory — and seeing it living and breathing in the world around me — marked a strong turning point for me on a personal level. By identifying as “K”, I was able to stop fighting myself in terms of some of the factors of my personality I had been suppressing in order to “fit in”. So, I stopped suppressing disgust. I stopped pretending that the low standards of art, intelligence and virtue that most humans hold themselves to were “good enough”. I mean, have you heard modern music? I stopped pretending these things were okay, and started calling them out. This was massively liberating. And, it turns out, people generally respect honesty (perhaps because they can’t quite be that honest about many things?). At worst they find it highly amusing — “What will he say next?” This can be outrageously fun. Overall, I stopped suppressing my values just because people around me didn’t appear to share them. Instead I started owning those values. So, r/K, even though it’s a fundamentally limiting model, led to massive liberation and self-acceptance, and acceptance of others (since everyone is just on some epigenetic track that they cannot even see). The Buddhist maxim of compassion was increased as a result of this latter point.

    So, that’s my personal story of r/K, and why it will always have a special place in my heart.

    • Edenist Whackjob says:

      Good comment. My notes:

      -Edenism: I respect Koanic, Tex as highly creative crackpots who often are right. I respect Aeoli as a cognitively similar and honest person. Ultimately, I ended up leaving because the whole thing was detrimental to my sanity and personal effectiveness. While highly interesting as a movement, it made me feel schizophrenic and took up all my bandwidth.

      -Edenism point #2: their phrenology is on to SOMETHING. There is a Thal look, Melons do exist in some form, etc. I’ve often noticed that some of the patterns hold true: I meet engineers with deep sockets and know they are logical and trustworthy, I meet people with huge parietals and know they are egomaniacs, etc. But sure, there are also outliers. I myself am one.

      -Macroevolution aka pigs fucking monkey: I believe he retracted that theory, or at least is not promoting it very much.

      -r/K: personally, I believe human castes are very real, and I’ll often go around thinking “hmm, that guy would have been a noble”, “that guy is a merchant”, “that guy is a priest”, things like that. r/K is similar to this in that it divides humanity into qualitative “types”.

      -Reality tunnels: I agree that they are a good tool. Personally, I am highly wedded to the “proving things and making them work” reality-tunnel. I find this much more satisfactory, it might just be a matter of personal taste. I usually come out as INTJ in those astrology tests, which would indicate I value real-world effectiveness and evidence.

      • Illuminatus says:

        I come out as INFP. One site predicted my career types eerily accurately, recommending graphic design, teacher, and spiritual nutcase/ cult leader.

        My type has changed over the years though, several times. I was INTJ at one point, if I recall. These kinds of practices I do really can change certain aspects of one’s personality.

        • Edenist Whackjob says:

          The notion that one can’t change their type is akin to religious dogma.

          I mean, if it’s actually based on brain structures, then obviously it can change. To claim otherwise is pretty extraordinary. And in fact, do so is akin to astrology since then you have a type which is “set” at birth.

          You should look into Dario Nardi, if you’re interested in this. He’s the only I’ve seen who actually connects the system to neuroscience.

    • Mayath says:

      That’s cool. I see where your coming from. I also have no interests in changing anyone’s mind here. Edenism still seems like a load of shite to me and ascribing personality traits or intelligence to looks, while really really tempting, I also feel like it would be too easy to fall into confirmation bias with.

      But, that said I can’t dismiss personality type, facial type and intelligence, making up categories of people completely out of hand. Chavs and thugs tend to have similiar facial features and I’ve heard about the 4D:2D thing before. Apparently it works for seeing if males are Straight or Gay. The problem with categorising physical features with the above is, it just brings out the racists who want to use it as a weapon or it brings out the social justice warriors who see racism in everything. It’s something with some validity but it’s messy and got too many outliers for me to make use of it.

      I’ve heard the pig fucking Monkey thing before! But it was on UFO site, that a bit more left than here. Basically the throry there is that Aliens either made the pig fuck the monkey and along came humans. Or it might have been aliens spliced monkey Dna with Pig DNA in some twist of the Ancient Astronaut theory.

      Some of the things you are describing as r/K I would describe as personality traits on the Big Five personality scale. Someone high in Conscientousness and Neuroticism would find a lot of their environment and the people in it highly disturbing and disgusting but would have high standards for themselves and others.

      I could just see a lot of the r/K traits being broken down into the big five.

      I know for myself, accepting that I was someone high on the neuroticism scale and that I was just programmed to see the world as inherently depressing and stressful was a big turning point. Mindfulness has basically rewired and queitened that predisposition and given me a way to deal with it, but it’s still in the back of my mind that a part of me is driven to be more sensitive to suffering than some other people.

      Mindfulness also helped me become more Conscientousness and less goddamn lazy. My extroverticsm( it’s more about tendency to positive emotion than socializing in this model) was always middling when I wasn’t being manic as fuck but Jhana has made it very high.

      My openness to experience is as high as you can get. If someone wants to increase their chances of switching their reality tunnels and making it a more intuitive thing, then cultivating this personality trait would be a given. It’s also associated with intelligence and creativity. The only downside is your more prone to Scitzopherenia and Scizotypal thinking. But people are always trying to pathologize creativity :P.

      There’s no types in the Big Five which makes it less fun though.

      On the Myers Briggs scale, I’ve flipped all around. I was an INFP when I was younger, than an INTP and then an ENTP and now I’m probably back to being an INTP or INTJ.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        “Apparently it works for seeing if males are Straight or Gay.”

        Heck, you can even tell pedophiles by their ear-lobes.

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        Racism: the same ethnic preferentialism/nepotism/categorization done to heavy degrees by everyone, done mildly or moderately by Whites.

        This is why it’s called “reverse racism” when done by non-whites (but no one really cares, because it’s expected).

      • Edenist Whackjob says:

        “I know for myself, accepting that I was someone high on the neuroticism scale and that I was just programmed to see the world as inherently depressing and stressful was a big turning point. ”

        See Worrier/Warrior gene.

  12. Edenist Whackjob says:

    Illuminatus, have you been following Pavlina’s recent reality-tunnel experiment?

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