3,4-CTMP for Narcolepsy

A good friend of mine has mild narcolepsy. He falls asleep randomly during the day, but incidences are very infrequent so he does not take meds for it.

However, if he has just a few alcoholic drinks he will fall asleep regularly, which can be a bit of a nightmare at times during nights out.

Since I was dabbling with modafinil at the time and modafinil is a prescription narcolepsy drug, I began offering him a pill before each night out. This certainly extended his wakefulness but he would still fall asleep like clockwork at 2am no matter where we were (he has even been spotted asleep stood upright in nightclubs in the past).

What changed was when I offered him 3,4-CTMP, back when it was legal before the UK phenidate ban earlier this year. Now, to anyone who has tried 3,4-CTMP and found it to be less than inspiring, I want to mention that the pill form of 3,4-CTMP was severely underpowered compared to the pure powder form. I think they were cutting the pills or something, because a 10mg pill was absolutely nothing compared to 10mg of pure powder (which would easily keep anybody up for 2 days – literally).

The problem with buying the pure powder was that 3,4-CTMP is active in the 5mg range, meaning you need a sensitive microscale to actually weigh out a dose. To put into perspective how powerful this powder was, 5mg is a line roughly 1-2mm long, and that could literally keep you up for 2 days. Not many people own a microscale, and eyeballing a dose of pure 3,4-CTMP powder is a recipe for disaster. So I believe most people were taking the crummy pills, hence its underwhelming reputation and trip reports.

One night I offered my friend a tiny line of 3,4-CTMP in the 5-10mg range, which he insufflated. It kept him fully awake and fully cognizant for the entirety of the night out – no matter how many alcoholic drinks he had. And this is England, so that was going to be a lot. This worked consistently every time we tried it, which was 4 or 5 times – until they made it illegal at which point I couldn’t get it any more. The saddest part is that we had found the cure for his narcolepsy, he had just started loving nights out again, and then they went and banned it.

The point of this post is simple. I think it’s an important finding and I’d like the medical community to hear about it so they can research 3,4-CTMP as a potential treatment for narcolepsy. If you know anyone who could use this information, please pass it on to them.

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