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  1. Vysotsky says:

    Nice! I like the new manifesto, but …

    “I’ve noticed that people are more calm if they’ve had sex recently. Lack of sex appears directly to correlate with anger, anxiety and even a sense of hopelessness in the long term. …”

    “Lack of social contact appears to correlate with anxiety and depression. …”

    Actually, Sleazy wrote just the opposite of this:

    “… I was a very happy person when I was a virgin. If anything, women introduce chaos into your life, and this may or may not affect your happiness. In fact, there is research showing that the least sociable people are the most consistently happy subgroup of all.”

    “However, once you have had sex, you realized that it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Sure, it’s nice, but it’s hardly a step up from masturbation. I’d argue it’s different, but not better or worse.
    Sorry, that wasn’t quite right. Sex can be worse than rubbing one out. I’ve had “lays” that were infinitely worse than my worst wank. I don’t think I ever failed pleasing myself, but that’s not something I could say of all the girls I’ve met.”

    “… I completely agree with your view that socializing is just some kind of shared fantasy, where at worst everybody thinks that everybody else is having such a great time. Yet, not many people are really having fun out there. Most are “just there” and merely fill the club. They are the background for the crazies who really want to let off steam. Even in the trendiest clubs I never saw many happy faces. Plenty of people in the “in crowd” just felt they had to be there. …”

    So maybe you’re right and maybe Aaron is right. … Or both of you. 😀

  2. Illuminatus says:

    Hi Vysotsky,

    Sleazy not being too impressed with sex is not going to affect my perception that people generally feel calmer after engaging in it. I highlighted physical touching and acceptance by another as more important in that regard than orgasm itself. What do you think? Are you calmer after having sex?

    Regarding socializing, his comment does seem to pertain to nightclubs, which I am not specifying in my post. In fact, I don’t like nightclubs.

  3. Illuminatus says:

    Also please note my article is about the theme of general drives and how they can be misappropriated, rather than about specific people or situations.

  4. Vysotsky says:

    Thanks for the feedback!

    “Also please note my article is about the theme of general drives and how they can be misappropriated, rather than about specific people or situations.”

    I think he spoke in general terms, too, just my quotes were short.

    Look at his “Compulsive Socializers” article.

    Or this:

    Or here, the last reply: (IMO the club was just an example.)

    It seems to me that Aron wrote about “sex isn’t better than masturbation” as a general rule.

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