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Read this forum info
« on: March 18, 2017, 10:20:33 AM »
Hi, I'm Edd a.k.a. Illuminatus, the owner of this site and writer of the blog.

I will contribute to this forum every Saturday (replying to posts, answering questions etc.). I probably won't have time to reply to every post, so I'm sorry if I miss yours. You may have better luck replying as a comment to a blog article.

I will mainly answer meditation questions, followed by drugs questions. I am unlikely to answer questions on social dynamics/ pickup as they are not really part of my life at the moment.

James a.k.a. WetWaterDrop is your forum moderator. Please message him if you need anything!

There aren't many rules here, so you can basically post about whatever you want. Just be helpful to the other posters as your primary attitude and, essentially, "try not to be a cunt". Whether a post is a problem or not is basically up to me or James, so moderation may appear to be arbitrary at times. Oh well, live with it. :)

Have fun, and enjoy the new forum.
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