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Author Topic: [News story] A Monk in an MRI  (Read 1042 times)  Share 


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[News story] A Monk in an MRI
« on: July 30, 2012, 10:03:11 PM »

This is very long. It's also written in a rather sensationalist way, but try to focus instead on the factual content.

Although Öser showed not a ripple of movement in any facial muscles while in the open state, his physiological measures, (including heart rate, sweating and blood pressure) showed the increase typical of the startle reflex. From Ekman’s perspective, the strongest overall muting came during the intense focus of the one-pointedness meditation. During the one-pointedness meditation, instead of the inevitable jump, there was a decrease in Öser’s heart rate, blood pressure and so on. On the other hand, his facial muscles did reflect a bit of the typical startle pattern; the movements “were very small, but they were present,” Ekman observed. “And he did one unusual thing. In all others we’ve tested, the eyebrows go down. In Öser they go up.”

I was reminded of my post here, regarding allowing the eyes to open up when stimulated:

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