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Yawning and Crying
« on: July 03, 2010, 07:31:31 PM »
Lately during meditation I have experienced new cool stuff! But it only happens when I meditate in a certain way. It doesn't happen any time I do that either. Just some times.

I meditate like this, while I experience what I'll you about later:
I start by doing cycles with breathing through one nostril, like this: Breath in left nostril -> breath out right nostril -> Breath in right nostril -> Breath out left nostril -> REPEAT
I have my eyes shut and center them, I do not let them 'wander' but I try to find my consciousness in the center. I keep doing this, I try relaxing my face muscles, then work the way down my body. I repeat this. After a while I breathe very deeply, I have changed to normal breathing through two nostrils at this point already. During this the trance starts. Especially when I focus one more time on letting all muscles relax, especially in my quadriceps which are sometimes tight from pushing the feet a bit into ground. I try have my weight on my hips, where I sit on in the chair.

I start getting in a trance now, I feel sensations in my body. I've had times where I had to push all laughter out with my abs, I started laughing for no reason and just had to push it out with the abs. The feeling is at top of abs.  

Another thing that happened at other times is that I felt my nose sting, at the inside, like when you start crying. I feel getting really relaxed then. And I have tried crying while this happens. I get a feeling shifting from the top of abs to the throat, I want to let it explode there, I can't burst into crying though. The feeling stays there. And the crying is limited to just a few tears, like three maybe. Instead I can only start yawning. The only way of releasing the feeling from the throat is the yawning. I yawn quite a lot for a few minutes, then the trance is over and I'm just calm.

During the trance I inhale with very long and restricted breaths. I keep some tension on my belly and don't expand it fully till the end. Only the upperpart of belly is getting bigger and at end I relax the bottom also. When I breathe out it feels like a warm glow expanding at my body, again at the top part of abs.

I experienced no thoughts related to any of the feelings I described. It was all focus on my body. I have come to several ideas from these experiences.

-Crying is a body mechanism which doesn't really rely on thoughts. It's a body mechanism to relax.
-Yawning is like less intense crying.

Now I've read a bit today about the crying mechanism and some people think it is indeed a mechanism to reduce stress. I haven't read a lot about yawning, I might be wrong, but it seems to me as if it has the same effects on the body but just in smaller proportions.

It's a shame crying is seen as bad in our society.
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Re: Yawning and Crying
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2010, 09:29:03 PM »
Great post!

-Crying is a body mechanism which doesn't really rely on thoughts. It's a body mechanism to relax.

Yes exactly! Try to cry as much as you can. There is something in you that needs to be released, you know this. Try to think what is causing this block, why don't you allow yourself to cry fully.

Why don't you allow yourself to cry fully?

I would at times personally be afraid of being seen crying. But going out into solitude (like into the woods, or just shutting yourself home alone) solves this problem.

Also when the crying feeling starts tensing up try to observe your thoughts / memories. Maybe something will come up. Try to steer your thoughts into feeling this more. If a thought makes the cry more intense move into that direction, hold onto to that thought. If it doesn't try something different.
Hope that helps. Good luck!

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