Anxiety Tip: Tongue Pressure

This is part of my Start Here series of posts aimed at teaching beginners the basics of the human hardware.

This is something I figured out a long time ago but forgot to write up. It is extremely simple and I’m looking forward to hearing your results.

  • Push the tip of the tongue firmly against the gum behind the front two teeth. Maintain this pressure the whole time you are out, except when you need to speak.
  • In especially anxious situations, breathe out through the nose in short, sharp exhales while maintaining the tongue pressure. Each exhale causes a reflexive inhale. This will dissipate anxiety very quickly when it arises.

Pushing the tongue against this area activates nerves which are part of the “positivity circuit”. These nerves being turned on is the origin of both the phrases “stiff upper lip” and “keep your chin up” (as the chin will also rise when doing this). It turns off and directly counteracts the jaw clenching which is part of the strong “negativity circuit” of anxiety and rumination. Mapping the neurological circuits, and how to activate them consciously, is a very important part of being able to consciously control your mood.

Tongue pressure against the front teeth will cause the head to rise and will improve posture dramatically. It will also tend you towards smiling, since that is on the same positivity circuit you are activating. It also keeps the top of the spine active for positive upward energy flow, whereas in the anxiety state lower spine regions (e.g. the adrenal circuit) tend to be more active.

If you find your tongue naturally favouring one “nook” to the left or right of the front two teeth, e.g. between the left and left-middle incisor or right and right-middle incisor, then let it push there instead. This is a natural correction for asymmetrical nerve activity in the face caused by myofascial winding/distortion (but do not worry about that at all while out and about). If the tongue also wants to push against the bottom front teeth at times you should also allow that.

This is insanely simple yet has dramatic, tangible positive results in an almost immediate time frame, with positivity increasing the longer the tongue pressure is applied. Please let me know how it goes!

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16 Responses

  1. Théo Hudry says:

    It works amazing Ed! Thank you! I have a constant jaw clenching and tension in the neck problem, it seems you solved it! It seems to clear my head and “center me in my PFC”, are you ok with me sharing it on my French blog if the benefits persists?

  2. Théo Hudry says:

    Of course, the back link goes without saying ^^

  3. sebster says:

    This works! 🙂

  4. chonghe says:

    Did I do this correctly? I push the tongue to the back of my front teeth and then find difficulty in swallowing saliva. So I have to put back the tongue when swallow saliva? Thanks

    • Illuminatus says:

      You just smile to swallow saliva. 🙂

      The face will cause you to smile and feel good quite quickly — just let it happen. 🙂

      • chonghe says:

        Thanks for replying. I will try.

        So this will be helpful when I am in an anxious situation?

        • Illuminatus says:


          To make it really work the tongue pressure should be continuous, i.e. you start doing it while you are walking to wherever you are going, and continue doing it while there.

          The breath technique of short, sharp exhales is to be done in very anxious situations.

          • chonghe says:

            Thanks for the technique. I will try it next time.

            Something just bugs me, if doing this posture then the mouth has to be closed, or else it looks weird. Problem is I usually left my mouth open..

            • Illuminatus says:

              The mouth SHOULD be closed. There is a variety of reasons for this, including nerve flows (facial expression and mood/cognition have a 1:1 relationship; you should take this very seriously) and myofascial tone (closed mouth, in a smile, lifts the whole body upwards and restores “poise”).

              “Mouth open” is part of what you might call the “uncertainty circuit”. It is literally part of your anxiety. If you pay attention you will also notice that, when your mouth is open, your eyes become more open, especially with the centre of the eyebrows/forehead rising up. This is part of a “despondency” or “helplessness” emotional set.

              Closing the mouth and introducing the tongue pressure I have said causes 1) that centre eyebrow/forehead muscle tone to relax and 2) a smile to form eventually, and all the other things I said in the post.

              You need to trust what I’m saying more and do the technique as I have prescribed, and try it several times, BEFORE creating problems about it.

              I have been doing this stuff a long time. I know things 99.9% of people do not know about themselves. You want to keep your mouth open, and the other things, because these are all HABITS you have acquired. And these habits are a direct part of your ANXIETY. This technique directly counteracts things you have been doing for YEARS. Yes, it will feel strange to go against those habits. But it is what NEEDS TO BE DONE if you want the correct results.

  5. Kautilya says:

    It’s so strange I wanted to ask a question and was gonna go back to an old post of yours.

    Through recent events or possibly change in times I’ve become very worried recently about ‘Game’ and all that it involves. I don’t really like too much if all that sets, conversion, lays stuff……but at the root of it I can’t deny that I want to be able to approach Anyone full of vitality, power and calmness.

    It’s starting to bother me that if I go in holiday for a week will i be able to go to a nightclub, midday or create a social circle. I read a post that said meditation bypasses all the teaching in seduction science anyways. I feel this may have me thinking ‘oh since I haven’t mastered Jhana I can’t do it all until then’ even disrespecting spiritual states.

    Is it wrong that I do care about my primal needs and want success which hasn’t been much for a while – not that I’m some fucking loser – just circumstances were that I haven’t been out for long time and I’m completely lost as to how to go about it now – in actual life.

    Apologies if this is bullshit.

    • Illuminatus says:

      Meditation is nothing to do with picking up girls. The reality is, if you go out, on any given night out, you’re basically on your own. If you want to approach you have to muster the balls to approach and just get on with it. Meditation won’t help you, and is no excuse for not doing X, Y or Z if that’s what you want to do in life.

      Now, in future can you please post questions like this on the forum? That’s what it’s there for. This comment was completely off-topic.

      Also, your English was very poor in this comment — half the sentences literally made no sense. Can you give things a better check before posting please?

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